Monday, April 30, 2012

The start of a new week

Yep, it's Monday again!  Man how is it that the 5 days before the weekend drag along and the weekend just flies!
On with the show.  Wrapped up the week long blogging challenge and now it's just me again!  I did a few things this weekend, finished up the Sgt. Frog hat for Katlyn, worked on the striped scarf some and made a list of things to do.  Of course I always make a list so that I remember what I want to get done on my weekends, but this time I added projects:
Sgt. Frog hat....checked off
Striped scarf.....worked on, but not quite done
Pincushion.......pulled out some mini skeins to use those and in a project bag!
Swatch made for baby blanket..........not yet, but I will get to it soon.
Sgt. Frog done and hanging out on the doggy treats
The pincushion is something I really want to do, sweet and simple and I can keep it out on the table.  Funny that I don't have one.  The baby blanket is for a friend of my daughter's that is having a boy in October, so I have some time there, I just need to come up with a nice solid stitch that I can applique onto, but I don't want to do just single crochet for the whole thing, how boring!  Let's give it some texture too!
The makings of a pincushion
Got all updates done and out of the way now and once I get these projects wrapped up I can start on a garment....eeek!

Listening to:  Remedy by Seether
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