Saturday, September 07, 2013

so many things

Well now I have many have been things going on lately I'm not sure where to go with this post.  The weather here is hot so a lot of pool time, but a bit hot for too much handling of yarn.  I of course am reading a lot.  Trying to keep up with all the book I actually have on my Kindle.  Which is near impossible!  I have gone over my Amazon wish list and cut off books that I wasn't a fan of the writing.  I like that you can read the first chapters in order to get a better feel for the writing, even though that doesn't always work.  I have purchased 2 books of late that I just couldn't finish.  I read the synopsis, I read the first chapters before purchasing and yet the books fell apart horribly.  I really tried to get through them both, but just not going to happen.  I actually feel a bit guilty not finishing a book once I start it, but I damn, life is too short to read bad books.  Anyway...enough of that, let's move on to yarn and things.
I have a bag full of squares, miscellaneous squares that I had gotten from a square exchange, years ago and a few that I had sampled up.  They have been bagged up for a good long time and really needed something done with them.  Idea...let's make a bag for my daily work stuff.  Grabbed a skein of pink yarn (just a random color) and started with a single crochet around all the squares I had chosen.  Hopefully it will turn out ok.  I will be lining it as well in order for it to hold it's shape better and so that small items don't drop out.  It is going to be a wild & colorful creation!
new bag
Katlyn's phone case turned out cute, well at least I think so...she isn't overjoyed with it, but she does use it.

anchor button added
So pool time includes poll drinks!  Yes indeedy!  Hot days, cold drinks in the pool, usually accompanied by a book while relaxing in the water!
poolside drinking
Home time with the pets.  Katlyn went out to sushi with my Sister and brought home a bit of leftovers.  While chatting with me and finishing off the bits of fish (yuck) Kid decided he needed to try some!  So Kid got a taste with chopsticks.
Kid uses chopsticks
The girl and I finally made it to the closest Barnes and Noble to us these days.  Gotta love a bookstore and the smell of new books!
So. Many. Books.
Christopher, Alysha and Brooke came down last weekend for a visit!  We had a great the mall, in the pool, at the store, out to eat.  Just fun all around!
I like when I have visitors!
We bought new poolside cups that amused the heck out of us! 
My fancy cup!
Hanging out in the pool, on a dolphin!
happiness in a pool
Christopher also picked up his new puppy while he was visiting.  Brooke was quite pleased!
new puppy - Navi
So shopping was adventurous and prosperous!  Alysha and Chris bought me a new 46" smart TV...oh yeah baby!  It is awesome....really just so much happiness in a TV!!  Getting it home was the adventure because there were 5 of Christopher's car, which is an Acura TL...not an SUV.  good thing I live fairly close to the store!  
new television!
Alysha asked for a phone case in purple, black and white, really the least I could do...of course I had already planned and bought the yarn for it, but still.
phone case
Home Goods on Monday...Alysha wanted to visit and buy a feeding dish for Navi that she had seen on a previous visit to the store near her.  They have some very cool stuff in that store, I mean come on, who doesn't need a ceramic head planter??
shouldn't everyone have one?
Brooke is now in Kindergarten and so smart and of course most adorable!
my pretty princess
I got Christopher's taco chicken finished for him to hang in his car!  Even managed to include the T-Rex charm!
taco chicken for Christopher
Got Alysha's phone case finished up, she chose a button and used it happily.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product though and had to have her send a shot to me.  It really is not crooked, not sue what's up with the picture she took! 
Alysha's case
And for the final bit of the weekend...we got a new bunny.  Pet store + Katlyn + Brooke = no hope of bunny escape for me!  But seriously though...look at that face!
That's it, yes a bit much, but that's what's up!

Listening to:  Le Disko by Shiny Toy guns