Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Here comes Fall, albeit rather slowly

I really need the weather to hurry up and become cooler!  I am so tired of hot!  I have never run my A/C more then I have this year.  At least being inside the air conditioned house I was able to deal with crocheting and having a blanket that needed to get completed by my Mom's birthday on the 27th.  Worked and worked and got it done!  Whew!  Don't have a full spread out looking lovely shot of the blanket, but have it in my lap while working on it and done a folded up with Max laying on top of it before I washed and wrapped it.
working hard!
A twin sized blanket which makes for a nice a snuggly lap blanket when sitting in her new chair while watching TV.  I used Red Heart Super Saver in Dark Orchid, Orchid and Soft White.  The pattern is from an old book of afghans I have had for years (which I cannot recall the name of said book) the pattern is called Coral Waves, (which is probably because of the colors they used) and super simple though looks fabulous!
Max likes it!
Brandon's requested scarf of many colors is coming along.  It's super easy peasy and portable for when I'm hanging out at my Sister's.  I just grab random yarns and toss them into my bag and crochet a stripe for a bit and then switch colors.  Just have to be mindful of yarn weight because even though I grab worsted weight when picking colors, they are not all the same when worked up and throws the scarf into a wonky spin of which I do not care for and have to rip out rows of work.  Normally not a huge deal but when I have a certain yarn I used waaaayyy back at the beginning and I thought I could get over it.....yeah nope couldn't and have to get rather creative with my ripping skills and then again with my repairing skills! 
progress so far
thought he didn't like me
Katlyn and I went to Disneyland
back at the happiest place on Earth
Halloween time again.  Enjoyed ourselves and the sights!
Halloween time again! 
This time we wandered around Downtown Disney and checked out the stores which we haven't done in the past.  Katlyn wanted to visit the Lego store that is there and she found Gandalf....this made her very happy.
Found Lego Gandalf
My Sister asked me to make her a large flower for a baby blanket she did.  She hands me the yarn and says make it big.  Done!
big fluffy flower
Working on Christmas gift ideas, Katlyn thinks I'm silly but hey everyone needs bath poufs and scrubbies right!  I was thinking and pouf, a couple of scrubbies and a couple of washclothes and a lovely bar soap all wrapped up together. I thought it was a great idea, but everyone made fun of the pouf so well then I'm not sure about this idea anymore.
Pouf (Katlyn says it looks like a brain)
Made a new dinner dish.  Chili and pasta bake!  Holy nuts!  So easy and so delicious!  Best of all I used chili that I stored in the freezer from when I made a batch 2 months ago!  Excellent usage of leftovers and tasty!
So we have come to the end of my ramblings for now.  I expect there will be more frequent ramblings with the cool weather least I hope it's coming, bringing out the need to play with yarn!  I'll leave off with my favorite weekend reading picture.  
 morning reading time
Listening to: Irreplacable by Beyonce