Thursday, February 14, 2013


Here we are back at Thursday only 1 more day until a 3 day weekend!  Really I shouldn't complain because I was off yesterday so that Katlyn and I could go to Disneyland.  We haven't been since gets in the way and having Brandon living with us know I felt a bit bad that he couldn't go (seriously it's really expensive, I can't afford it and he still is unemployed!)  but since Katlyn and I have annual passes we decided we were going to go to the happiest place on Earth for the day!  Always fun at Disneyland and the weather was gorgeous!
Ears packed!
Katlyn laughs that I still want to take pictures everytime we go but she's usually a good sport about it.
Starting the day
Took a bit of doing for her to do our normal posing with the statues, but she agreed after we had gotten a couple of rides out of our system!
She decided on the White Rabbit

I always stick with Donald
I took yarn to keep me busy in lines, though the lines weren't all that bad so didn't get much work done on the scarf I was working on.
While waiting
We each got a new pins last night as well, I found Lumiere, how cool is he!  Watched Beauty and The Beast before bed even!
That's all I've got for this update.  Oh but I will leave you with a picture of Kid sleeping all snuggled up on my pillows!
Yes, he's comfy!
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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Here we are, another week gone and another week of not much yarn play!  I mean I have been working on my second skinny Doctor scarf, but not nearly with as much enthusiasm as the first one!  Oh well it shall get done and then I can get other things moving along.

Watched Pride & Prejudice to celebrate the 200th anniversary.  Ok, I really do not need a reason to watch Pride & Prejudice!
200 Years Strong
I love comfort foods, my favorite being mashed potatoes and since you need something other then just mashed potatoes to make a meal I whip up a lovely gravy which just so happens to include ground beef...Hamburger Gravy we call it around home with a side of corn and just a happy dinner every time!  Doesn't really photograph all that well, but it is delicious!
Comfort Food
Superbowl was this past Sunday and we always like our football and food!  I made some Deviled Eggs and decorated them with green onion laces.
Football Eggs
I also made some corn muffins with hotdogs baked in them.  They are kind of corn dogs I suppose.  Not too bad.
Wiener Surprise
My 6 year Niece was there with my Brother and she quite enjoys crochet and since I of course brought a bag of yarn with me, she was thrilled to play with it and asked me if I could make a Barbie jacket for her....ummm well I've never actually made a Barbie anything before, yikes!  Ok I do like a challenge and picked up a hook and started making a jacket (sort of) just made it all up as I went and low and behold it worked out!  Of course she required a matching hat as well and really who am I to argue!  So food and crochet during the Superbowl!
Whipped up a jacket and hat
I have been searching for nail glitter nail polish that reminds me of a starlit sky and finally found some close to what I had in mind on Etsy.  Put it over a nice deep blue and I love it.  Well until I have to remove it then I will probably not be so happy with it and swear at never using it again!  
New sparkle
So while watching the Superbowl on Sunday and not watching my Niece while she played with my yarn, this is what happens...a tangled mess of purple yarn!  I should be happy that it was only the purple considering that there were 6 other skeins in the same bag! 
Tangled mess
Got that sorted while watching Netflix, but what a mess!  Took well over an hour to work it out.  Now there you have it, all my thrilling news from the past week, woo-hoo!

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