Monday, June 26, 2017

Busy June post

I'm back and this is loaded with pictures.  Busy June indeed!  Started off crazy and is just now settling and it's the end of the month! First I'll start off with the other 2 mouse ears that I did for my Granddaughter and Daughter-in-law.  I didn't want my Son to feel left out so I whipped up a mickey head pin in camo to wear on his hat.  He was less than impressed.
Headband #3
Headband #4

Manly Mickey ears
Day one of vacation had us at Disneyland and of course Katlyn and I took a selfie while on the tram (with our ears of course)
Day 1 vacation
Lines were long since our vacation coincided with Grad Night which apparently runs during the day as well, who knew!
Happy family time
The weather was wonderful though so we just smiled and enjoyed ourselves.
Christopher and Katlyn in Toon Town
Katlyn and Brooke
Day 2 we were at California Adventure, still lines because again Grad Night but still great weather!
Day 2 - Brooke and I on Heimlich's ride 

Always in a line

That's Brooke and Alysha's car (top right)
All four sets of ears held up beautifully even being stuffed into backpacks during rides throughout the 2 days.
Parade time at California Adventure
Day 3 we headed to Universal Studios and Harry Potter!!  So much happiness there!  Brooke got picked in the wand ceremony so that was special for her and here she is learning some spells with her new wand.
The wand chooses the wizard...
Katlyn and I got passes because he price for 1 day vs. lots of day was reasonable, so we will be venturing back soon.

Day 3 - At Hogwarts 
Day 4 is Magic Mountain.  Fortunately the closest to home and opened the latest so there was sleeping in time because let me just say I was dragging!  Disneyland is about 90 minutes away so that's a lot of traveling as well as walking.  My Fitbit was very happy with my steps!
I can honestly say I am officially too old for Magic Mountain!  While I love roller coasters, some were just a bit jarring to my poor head and the hike around the park is insane!
Day 4 - bye-bye Magic Mountain (forever)
Day 5 of vacation was the road trip up North.  I drove, Katlyn and the dogs slept!  
Sure they get to sleep
Saturday the Balloon Festival which normally runs right over the house made a change and the balloons went in the opposite direction which I was pretty bummed about.  Got this guy when he was getting air.  It was pretty windy so I thinking that's the reason for the changes.  Sunday I didn't even hear them going up so they may have been grounded with the wind.
Cute Bee Balloon
Katlyn and Christopher went to Beerfest
screenshot of Katlyn's snapchat
The rest of vacation was hanging out with my Grandkids and just enjoying not walking 10's of thousands of steps!
Kasyn is a nut
We watched movies and I worked on Kasyn's Eater of Yarns blanket.
Eater of Yarns
Tuesday was Brooke's 9th birthday (yikes!) and she wanted to spend it at the beach so off we went.
my birthday girl enjoying her day
Kasyn loved the beach as well
Birthday dinner at Applebee's (Brooke's favorite)
Kasyn's ketchup face
Then cake and presents at her other Grandparents house
I can't believe she's 9 already
Home Wednesday!  Worked on my temperature blanket a bit after unpacking and getting laundry done for work.
Temp blanket
Whew!  Busy busy!  All of this plus packing offices at work for the big move in July.  Crazy month and I'm not going to freakout that I will be unemployed around September....sigh.