Sunday, November 25, 2007

Star update

I am up to round 12 on my Baby Star! It's nice to work on in the evenings, not that it keeps me warm but it's very easy to work on while watching tv.

I did 9 rounds in the multi and then 3 rounds in white. I am going back to multi again for I don't know how many rounds yet, it's random at this moment. Just what ever looks good I guess.

Now on to my ripple! Row 88 is done and it is huge now. I believe that leaves 16 more rows to go!
That is Katlyn's hamster in the middle of Daughter said she needed her picture taken! I will add the next color's cold and it's a football day so it works out nicely!
Ok my mind is a blank right now, so this is all I got to write, sorry, I have issues!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday crocheting

I have gotten my baby star to resemble a star!
It's coming along nicely and fairly simple to do while watching TV so that is nice. I don't know how many more rounds I'll put on in the Multi before changing to White...I'm kind of playing it by ear with the whole color scheme. Just doing what tickles my fancy!
I am going to work on my ripple tonight and then take new pictures of that becasue I haven't had any updates on that in a long time!
Tomorrows my day off and I will be running errands and getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. I'm not going anywhere this year so I invited everyone over! I don't have to make the turkey, just everything else...I can't wait! I usually go to my Sister's house and just help out there (though I will miss that like crazy!!!) This is the first Thanksgiving in about 7 years that I've done. It should be fun...I have plenty of beer if things go wrong though!
Ok that's it for now, I'm off to work on my ripple!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I see stars...

Ok I've started my next blanket. I've gotten a few rounds done anyway, which at the beginning of this blanket doesn't take too much! Anyway I'm using Red Heart Soft Baby in Powder Blue Twinkle.

Just different angles of the same thing. It really does look like a star now! That was taken last night. I've gotten a couple more rounds done that I will photographer tomorrow. I'm sleepy now and don't feel like pulling out the camera and then taking the right picture and then uploading it and well you get the idea!

Haven't pulled out the ripple yet but it's coming out tomorrow to get some much needed fresh air!

I'll leave you with a picture that I took on my way home from work today! AAAHHH! Great day to be alive!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Finally done with Katlyn's blanket. Yay~ I can now finish my ripple! Plus I am a starting a baby blanket using Beth's Little Star pattern with Red Hearts Soft Baby in a print multi and white. I think that I will finish up my Baby Snow Dragon that I am currently stalled on and get the multi colored one done and give them to my Niece and Nephew for Christmas be cause with it being November 12th already (I started typing last night), there is no way I will ever get their blankets done by Christmas! I have had a bad crocheting year! I had SOOOO many more projects done this time last year. I also had many projects lined up for this year! I just don't seem to have a desire to get anything done! I was very excited for my ripple and now that is sitting in it's bag a little over half done and neglected! Ok well that I blame on myself for not getting Katlyn's done in a timely manner in the first place so I did banish it to it's bag until Katlyn's was finished but there really is no good reason that Katlyn's took so long in the first place! Well now that I have rambled a lovely rant over my lack of enthusiasm for crocheting right now, I will give you some pictures!
I added a slight shell border just to girly it up a bit more then the boys ones that I had done previously. And honestly to say it is done 100% is a bit of a stretch because I ran out of yarn will 4 inches to go on the border! FOUR INCHES!!! I have to go and buy a skein of Grey Heather Simply Soft for 4 inches! I searched all of my yarn stashes last night thinking that I had put aside the bits leftover for each square but NOOOO. Ok that's the whole truth now! When I am done with this post I am off to the shower and then off to Joann's to get the blasted yarn and finish this off! Anywooo... This is the pile of yarns that was left after the weaving and snipping! That is a lot of weaving and snipping I tell you!
That's the end of my tale for the time being! I wll get pictures of the starting of the Star (which I don't really need until June, but am VERY excited about) and hopefully make some progress on the ripple as it is very cold here lately and having the ripple on my lap will keep me toasty!


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Monday, November 05, 2007

need a different life

I have pictures to prove that I have been working on Katlyn's blanket. All of the squares are put together and now I am weaving the never ending ends before putting the border around it! Yay! I have gotten one panel of ends done but I still have a long way to go!!! I will be working on it this evening while watching tv.
Here it is! Look at all those ends. It is nice and warm so working on it is not a problem but the last week or 2 has been crazy busy with birthdays and Halloween and such! I really need to get my act together and get some stuff done!
Here are some cute Halloween pictures of our trick or treating adventures. Work! We know how to have fun!

See, these are the reasons I haven't been blogging!

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