Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New yarn

Oh dear, I found a fabulous yarn store while visiting Santa Rosa for Brandon's graduation! Just such a great little shop, I loved how it was set up and the ladies were friendly and the yarn, oh the yarn! Just yummy! I bought 3 hanks, when I was only going to buy 2 but I'm telling you it's hard to resist when presented with such gorgeous colors and glorious softness!! So here they are for you to gaze at and really just so soft and beautiful...did I say that already?
Malabrigo, Silky Merino in Atardecer. The colors in this are just stunning! 51% Silk 49% Merino Wool...just 150 yards of goodness I say!
Malabrigo, Worsted in Mariposa,
the first yarn I laid my eyes on and it was instant love! I am working on a scarf in this right now!

Malabrigo, Worsted in Lime Blue.

Do you see a trend happening? Yes I do have a new found love for Malabrigo yarns! It's not even crazy expensive and I can't wait to go back to Santa Rosa and visit my sweet yarn store there again. Really you should visit if you're in the area, Cast Away in Santa Rosa, California on 4th street! I will be taking some pictures of the store front next time, it was raining on Saturday when I went so didn't want to stand outside in th rain taking pictures!

Here's the scarf....a simple stitch and very light and airy. Ok the picture is mostly about the yarn, but you can see a bit of the scarf. I am thinking of adding some flowers to it as well, haven't worked out the details just yet, was very excited to get started on something with my new yarny goodness!

Ok, off to work on my scarf now!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UGH!! Well at least it's my Friday!

My week has been insane, I am going to Santa Rosa tomorrow for Brandon's graduation!! YAY! I am so happy and will have loads of pictures from said event! Anyway in all of this business that means my crocheting gets pushed aside a bit, though not entirely because I am working on potholders and I carry that in my purse and get a few stitches in on a break at work.
These are coming along slowly, but at least it is a very portable project! I do love the bright color of the cotton for these, though I was told that they were too girly. I did reply that they could easily be pink so don't criticize the girl with the hook...he changed his mind and thinks the color is fab now =)
So anyway I will have these on hand to work on in Santa Rosa and will be taking Brooke's new blanket yarn and working on those squares, though I don't think I have posted a picture of those here...let me check.
Nope not posted yet,
just small squares in purple, lilac, green and yellow all bordered in white. Just random colors put together, I will have to get some pictures of it spread out when I get home. Brooke likes it so far, she saw it last trip up when I had a couple of squares done, she was very excited that it was going to be for her. I have Steven's new square done for a 20 square blanket since I never did complete the one I started for him in Lime green and Purple, I have a bunch of squares done and I will do something with it eventually I'm sure! Brooke might love it =)
Anyway I better get some work done here so I can go home with a clear conscience while I'm away. I still have to pack and go to the store and get a few things for the animals before we leave at o'dark hundred!!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Headache Saturday

Blah, blah day, I haven't felt 100% all day, worked a bit on my ripple and will do some more after dinner if this blasted headache would just go away. Took the dog for a walk to get some air, didn't help. Well he was happy though. Really need to curl up on the couch and crochet, that usually helps. Going to make dinner and see if that helps! I will post a picture after that!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a tired Tuesday

I work 2 jobs, now only 1 of those jobs full time and the other is 1 night a week...Monday night to be exact, but it's still a long day for me and when I get up on Tuesday morning my poor feet give me a hollar about having to be stood on for 5 hours straight the night before! Anyway that means no crocheting done or at least any measurable amount, I did get a tiny bit done on the ripple yesterday (Monday) morning while waiting for Katlyn to get ready for school and got a row done on a potholder today, so a teensy bit going on. I do have the ripple in my lap as I type, but have only done about 10 stitches on it tonight. Tonight I have a board meeting and before that I had to feed Katlyn and myself but since I was crazy starving from lack of food intake yesterday and not much today I ran to Jack in the Box and we ate fast food! Oh yes and Sheldon got a new jumbo sized tank so we set that up as well before the meeting. Crazy 2 nights so far, I'm pretty tried and really think I shall crawl into bed after pushing the publish button on this!

Oh yes, most important news, Katlyn passed her California High School Exit Exam!! Her first time taking it too and so now that is done and out of the way!! WooHoo!!

That's all folks, short and sassy!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eeeeek, I have pictures

Well only one picture, but that counts...right?

I have made it to row 101 on this ginormous ripple. It's not that big really, it does fit nicely on a queen sized bed though. Only 21 more rows to go and then the weaving in of the ends, the most fun of any thing I make! I will be happy when this is done because I have so many other projects in the works and have had 2 people (not family) ask me about price to make one! I have a list!!

I went to my storage unit that I have had since moving up to Northern California in 2007, sadly I have not really had a place to keep everything. When I moved back down to So-Cal I stayed with my Sister for a few months and had no place to keep my things.
Then when I moved I moved into a friends house that was fully furnished, so I had yet again no place to put my stuff. Gradually I did retrieve a few things but when he decided that the house needed to be sold, my stuff was again packed up and banished to storage. (not my yarn, that goes where I go...all 8 giant plastic bins of it!) So in October I inherited a permanent address! Finally a place for my stuff, but alas it has not been so yet, I moved into a 987 sq foot condo that was completely furnished, head to toe. I have spent the last few months going through everything, donating things and packing up the things that my Sister is taking to her new place whenever she moves! So in the mean time I have full cupboards, and boxes filled in the dining room and cabinets stuffed with things that are not going to be staying here. I have plans for my stuff, for painting the walls and renovating quite a bit, but for now I am resigned to simply going over to storage every once in a while and grabbing a couple of boxes and then bringing them home! Oh joys of seeing you stuff that you haven't seen....I forgot all about having a Lava Lamp =) It is now on and doing it's thing and gives me a smile! I am downsizing as I go too,
and I do donate quite a bit to the local Goodwill store, but it's great to unpack all of my family pictures and get this place to look like home!!

ummmm, yeah this was supposed to be a crocheting post, but it turned into another rambling of my life....no vomit was mentioned so I think I'm doing good!!

PICTURE time: row 101 is the blue one one the left!
Thanks for looking!!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nothing at all to do with crochet...well maybe somewhere in the rambles

I have been crocheting and will break out my camera soon, though I have posted some pictures on Facebook using my iPhone. Anyway I have things in my head running around and they seem to need an escape. I shall type them out of my head and then get back to regularly scheduled programming.

I am very grateful for all I have in my life, let me say that right off, that doesn't mean I will not complain about things though. I have a car and am grateful that I do, but other drivers can drive me crazy! Really please I am not a speed demon, I do not need to speed from one light to the next, but please for the love of everything, drive the speed limit!! Nothing will send me over the crazy edge faster then a person driving on a clear road 10 miles under the speed limit. I don't care that we will meet up at the next red light, I just want to drive the speed limit. Can you tell I drive surface streets a lot! Complete venting needed over this and again I'm not complaining because I am grateful that I have a vehicle to drive.

Ok driving down, next...

Saturday morning....ahhh the weekend I can sleep in, wait what's that noise I hear.......oh yes it's Max and he wants to go outside, sigh. Throw back the blankets, shuffle to the bathroom, get my jacket on, open Katlyn's bedroom door to let both Max and Prue out and of course turn off her TV and Wii. Proceed down the hall to see the Moo wants food (she is a piggy bunny) and then seeing that one of the other cats has left me a nice pile of vomit, ugh...step over that for the moment because little dog is bouncing around to go pee, get a plastic bag from the kitchen, step over the vomit again grab the leash and my keys, slide on my outside slippers (I have inside ones too) and leash up little dog...away we go all before 7 am on a Saturday! Ok he does his business and we trudge back upstairs, vomit staring me in the face basically telling me no more sleep for me. I brush my teeth (I do nothing besides walk the dog with my teeth unbrushed!) make my bed...ditto for the bed making and head out to the living room to clean up vomit, oh wait bunny needs food...fill her bowl and give her hay, turn on Sheldon's basking light (didn't mention the lizard yet did I?) grab some paper towels and on the way out of the kitchen notice 2 more spots of vomit...sigh! Clean up aisle 3, 4 AND 5!!
Done with the clean up, fill the kettle with water, measure the coffee into the press, turn on the water to clean Sheldon's dishes, do a couple of dishes, turn off water and realize I don't hear kettle making noise...yep forgot to turn it on, flip the switch, get Sheldon's greens out of the frig, gather what's left of crickets, stop and write a not to self to buy more crickets today, feed Sheldon crickets, chop his veggies, feed him veggies, water's now done, pour into coffee press and flip on computer while waiting........whew!! Make a list for my day ahead even though Katlyn has shopping plans which will include me driving her, but that's ok I need to get crickets =)
Wow, doesn't my life sound fabulous in type!! I actually love it, not the vomit part of course because well that's nasty and stains the carpet! I mean seriously, steam cleaning doesn't get the stain of cat vomit out! (wondering how many times I have said vomit in this entry) I do indeed love my life, it works rather nicely for me and I have learned that there is no use whatsoever in worrying about the things you have no control over. I still worry of course, I am human and have a tiny bit of a heart. I live in a zoo by the way if you haven't figured that out yet. 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 bunny, 1 hamster & 1 bearded dragon.

Ok I will stop typing now and pick up my hook as I can see it sitting there sticking out of the blanket I am working on waiting for me this one, remember it???

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am doing a bit of revamping in my life and getting my self more organized. I am hoping this will get back on track as well since I am doing quite a few new projects right now and posting them at Ravelry and on Facebook.

So please watch this space!!

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(funny song for the moment!)