Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's Thursday and gloomy

One more day until friday. I really can't wait to sleep and not have to wake up to the alarm. I never sleep that late but I always wish I could sleep later every moring when the alarms goes off. The weather here is "sunny" California can't seem to make up it's mind...rainy, sunny...which is it going to be? I't's wet and chilly right now yet by Saturday/Sunday it's supposed to be in the high eighties which means ninties in the valley! grrrr

Anyway finished the baby blanket and have 5 of 16 inside squares done for my new blanket. I really need to get going on a shawl for my daughter for Christmas. Last year I made everyone scarves so I don't think that I'll be making anything for anyone else besides here this her. If I could figure out the beanies I could make them for my boys but I don't know if I can get them figured out!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

try this

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I have no idea what I'm doing!!!!

Ok I read other blogs...How is it that they are all fancy? I have no clue as to how to change mine around and until I do this will be here for me only to look at because I can't send a link to something so silly that I'm just rambling about!!! What's a girl to do???

Started the border on the baby blanket...only 1 round to go and it's done!! I also did another inside square #2 of 16..looking good so far!!

I really wnated to make this little space of mine fancier so I guess that will be something to investigate!

Do you need a computer to have internet access? Good son wants Xbox live but we don't have a computer, which poses the problem of how do we set it up? Something else for me to investigate!

Better get crackin'

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mimosas...mmm good!

I think that I could drink mimosas all day is just a happy drink that doesn't fill me up the way that beer does and makes me pretty darn happy! Just a thought, but I guees the problem with that is that I would have to stay home ALL of the time because I can't drive if I'm happy on mimosas..drat! Oh well, plus it's kind of hard to crochet well.

I have one cute baby blanket almost done and 1 inside square (of 16) for my new couch throw. Now I need to finish my daughters afghan & my mothers & the one I started for my youngest son (which I might just start over anyway...not much done on it and I want to do a different stitch.) 5 wips...not too bad. I made some stich markers over the weekend and that was fun. They turned out really cute and my daughter wanted to wear them as earrings.

I really need to get some pictures of everything so I can post up my finished projects, because I actually, occasionally really do finish something!

Friday, November 04, 2005

My first post

Ok here we go...a journey into something new! I guess I'll start with my WIP...too many to name...not a good idea right now.

I will be posting up some pictures soon so that I can share with anyone who happens along!

I have a new love (obsession) with crochet blogs! I have a bunch on my favorites and check them daily...crazy I know. I love the Crochet Dude, I had to hunt down the 2006 pattern-a-day calander so that I can attempt to start his Flying Afghan! Just what I need is more yarn! It's Friday so I can go through my massive stash over the weekend and come up with my newest afghan that I want to make for my new sofa that comes the end of this month!!

I better get something down now so I can go home.