Friday, April 27, 2012

3KCBWWC - Perfect Craft Day

So today I am skipping over the whole "Something Different" topic today since I really am not feeling all that creative.  Pretty sure all creativity has disappeared from my head!  I am hoping that this being Friday, the weekend shall bring it back!  Now on with today alternative post of my Perfect Craft Day!

I'm thinking that my perfect craft day will have to start out shopping....horrible as that sounds to me, because I loath shopping UNLESS it's craft shopping!  So I would head out to my favorite yarn store because there's nothing more perfect than that.  They have comfy sofas and tea and friendly staff to chat with and of course yarn that is simply delicious.  Normally when I go to my favorite yarn shop, I have people in tow (which I don't mind), but I am not able to just hang out in the store loving each yarn type and color for as long as I would truly like too.  On this my perfect craft day though, I will be hanging out and learning to knit!  Something I really want to try and where better to learn than a shop full of yarn!  I get to pick out yarn and have someone visually help me with this whole creating with 2 sticks thing....yep my kind of day and perfect.

It may be short in words, but honestly a few hours of yarn shop happiness by myself is all it takes to make my perfect day absolutely perfect!

how could hanging here not be perfect!

Well that's my day, now back to the reality of my job....sigh

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