Monday, April 30, 2007

Hola Peeps!

Hey all...what's new? Nothing too exciting on this end. Had two boys go to Prom over the weekend so that was a bit of a challenge! I decided to make the necessary corsages to save a bit of money (actually quite a bit) but not a bit of my sanity! I have never made a corsage but figured "how hard can it be??" Well long story short, it's not all that hard just a bit of a challenge to hide the parts that you don't want to be seen. Here are the pictures of the 2 wrist corsages and 1 boutonniere:

and a close up of the pink one.

Everyone was happy and after much running around trying to get pictures of both of them and their dates all was successful! Here are pictures of both of them with their dates!

And on top of all this...Andrew (on the top) is a Senior but his girlfriend is only a Junior and Christopher is still a Junior, so that means I will be doing this all over again with the two of them next year!
Good news is that I can probably make money making corsages and boutonnieres next year!

Okay on to crochet related news...nothing much to report. I'm still working on the amigurami pig for Denise. I stuffed the head and the body and tried something new by putting lavender in the middle of the stuffing so that it has a lovely scent to it as well!

I will leave you with a picture of the first blanket I ever made! It's not perfect, the ends of each row are either a bit short or way too long but I still have it have it after 27 years or so.

That's it for now!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Madness

Well here I am again! I am ridiculously busy and not in a good way. I am busy with my jobs, busy with my kids and just going non-stop! I haven't much time to sit and crochet! I am working on an amigurami pig for my son's girlfriend right now and I had to pull out my sewing machine because one of my other sons decided it would be fun to take apart two pair of pants and then put half of each together! So I had to sew a red pant leg and a black pant leg together to make up a brand new pair of pants. I need to take a picture of the finished product on that but he is not here at the moment and is wearing them! Here's a picture of my work space:

That's my desk and sewing center! I'll get the other picture posted tomorrow (maybe) and will get the pig done so I will have more pictures and projects to show off. I did buy some Softee Chunky in cream to make this guy! I love him and I think I will make a couple of them to send off to my niece and nephew as well!

That's it for now, I hope to be back soon!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Finally an update!!

Okay, while I haven't really worked on anything, I did get over to the Goodwill this past weekend and picked up THREE 100% Cashmere sweaters to recycle. I also got a bulky cotton sweater to practice my taking apart skills with! I'm pretty excited with the process so far, it's kind of fun to do! Here are some pictures of my practice sweater:

The before and after. I really liked the greens and will be making beanies for my boys with some of it (there is quite a lot!) I still have to wash it to help get those kinks out! My children think I am crazy for doing this, well not so much my daughter as she was helping me find the sweaters , my boys are trying to figure out why I just don't go out and buy the yarn! I asked them if they had any idea how much Cashmere costs, they of course said no. Oh well I am very happy with my project!
That's my update for now!

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