Thursday, December 27, 2012


Well this here shall be a Christmas-y post!  Still recovering from the Christmas goodies, really entirely too many sweets!
Got the bacon scarf finished up before Christmas Eve and only had to weave in the ends before wrapping it. For some crazy, insane reason I wait until the last minute to shop and bake and wrap.  Drives me mad every year, but I still do it.
Working on the bacon scarf at work

Working on the bacon scarf while watching Netflix

Goldfish tree at work
So now onto Christmas Eve and the work I did!  Made a spinach lasagna, made quite a few dozen cookies, shopped and wrapped all gifts.

Pasta prep
Wrapping station

Christmas crowns
By the time Christmas morning rolled around all kids were bouncing and happy!
Brandon got a harmonica for Christmas

My Nephew and his bacon scarf

Katlyn got a Chopper hat 
Christmas is over now and we are getting back into normal life again, which of course includes work and making dinner!  Katlyn got me a lovely bamboo cutting board and I was able to put it to use for last nights dinner!

new cutting board in action!
Really a wonderful Christmas this year, everyone had a great time and got all kinds of goodies!  I really thought Brandon was going to burst from happiness!  So now back into routine and back to my crochet projects that had to sit out for little bit, while I got the bacon scarf completed.   My Sister is planning a craft fair for February in her home so I need to get cracking on making things for that!  Maybe some extra cash to be had or maybe just some new contacts, either way a good thing indeed!

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Monday, December 17, 2012


Another week gone by and another week closer to Christmas.  I have done next to nothing in regards to shopping for said holiday.  I have a few gifts bought and still so many to go...9 days left, no wait 8 days left, good grief this could be a challenge!
Got the Christmas tree on Thursday night.  Went with my sister and my Niece and Nephew and of course Brandon and Katlyn, a nice family evening of hunting out the perfect tree!
Katlyn in hunter mode
Got the tree situated on or in our vehicles and decided to go to dinner.  My Sister had promised my kids sushi a couple of week ago and so off we went.  My children were very happy...I ate chicken!
sushi bar with the family
Got the tree into the house and put the lights on leaving the decorating for Friday after work.  Had quite a bit of fun going through boxes of ornaments!
First ornament on the tree :)
Our own weeping angel
Saturday morning went across town to pick up a new (to her) bed for Katlyn!  She was most happy and even happier that she has no classes for the next 2 weeks and can lounge in her new bed for those days now.
securing the load
final bits added
I'vd started working on Riley's bacon scarf.  Which I really need to get busy on if I hope to get it finished in time!

So there we go, no crochet picture though.  I really need to get better with that!  Seriously this blog is just a picture blog lately!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Should've been me

Oh the weekend is over and I am still pooped!  Carpet went in Saturday morning, which meant I was up early to pack up small things and move big things out of the rooms to have carpeting!  Ugh, so much complaining from my son but everything was moved out and ready when the guys got there.  Pretty annoyed that when the guy called on Friday night to confirm, he tells me then that he wants cash only...yeah I was not amused with that information on a Friday at 5 pm. So moved all furniture, piling everything in my room, Katlyn's room, the kitchen and even the balcony!  There are pictures below just to show!  Let's say that making tea was a tricky experience!
Bananas are good

bookshelf was the last to go

just circling the rooms

there's the balcony filled up
dining room
Making tea and coffee over furniture!
just another shot around the rooms
So the walls are in complete need of painting and it glaringly obvious after everything has been emptied out, this is the first time that we have actually emptied the entire living and dining rooms of everything.  We moved into the condo fulling loaded with EVERYTHING and over the past 2 years we have moved and gotten rid of things, but never emptied it out!  It was pretty cool and very saddening to see the horrible couch have to be relocated back into it's place!  

Tea for Katlyn
Tea for me

almost done
my newly carpeted living room!
I was sitting the buffet in the kitchen at this point, leaning up against the frig with my tea and yarn, trying like crazy to get the Santa hat done in time!

Alysha sent me this picture
After the carpeting was in, Katlyn vacuumed and Brandon and I moved things back to the proper spots and later there was a need to start Christmas decorating...Katlyn started with the dog!

Kid all wrapped up in tinsel

Santa dog! 
So we arrive at Saturday night and I have finally finished the Santa hat and added the pom to it and we have Christmas decorations up and we have carpet.....Ahhhhh, what a weekend!
All done and huge!
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Thursday, December 06, 2012

She will be loved

Exciting things this past week! Purged large pieces of furniture that weighed a bloody ton!  Carpet guy came on Saturday to measure and bring by samples...yeah, getting carpet this weekend!  Yes, I didn't want it, but I cannot stand the dust in my house that having no carpet brings!  Maybe when I have less animals I can go with hardwood, but at this point in time just not going to happen!  The carpet is a lovely Hot Chocolatey color and should stand up against the zoo I have in my household!  So than no large wall unit means that I have a HUGE wall (ok I always had the huge wall, but now you can see it!) so up went my birds!  I got Brandon to help with the hanging since I am a wee bit too short to get that far up the wall.  So I popped up the first one and we went from there.
hanging birds
Scattering of birds
My niece requested an oversized Santa hat to fit over her riding helmet for a parade and I have started it, it's quite large!  Need it to be done by Sunday, yikes!
Santa hat in the making!
So now on to the food shots because I seem to take no pictures these day unless it's a silly food shot or an animal!

Donut this morning
I was crocheting last night while watching a very sad Torchwood (why is it they have to kill main characters???) and Kid was snuggled on next to my legs all sprawled and comfy....silly dog!
Kid sleeps
More food and drink.....
Afternoon tea

Carna Asada fries...sinfully good!

So nothing much new other then carpet and hats oh yes and food!

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Over and Over

I really haven't been doing enough in the way of crochet, which is not good considering all of the things I have to get done and on a time limit!  I have been going none stop with other things though, but that doesn't get Christmas gifts done!  My Niece requested a Santa hat for a parade she's going to be in, so I have to get that started...guess what my Sunday is going to entail! Really a good thing though because my Saturday was insane!  I had a carpet guy come out for an estimate and I am now getting carpet again!  Yay, I didn't want carpet, but I cannot live with this dust much longer!  After the carpet guy left, boxes needed to go to Goodwill and we needed to get over to storage.  While at storage it was decided that the giant entertainment unit needed to go (the one at the house)  and the buffet that I had in storage will be the new TV area.  A LOT of craziness after that!  The wall unit was really large and really heavy, thought Brandon was going to kill me yesterday!  So moving and such took up most of the day and finally here we are on Sunday for the clean up and finding new places for everything that was on the entertainment center to be now!  My condo in entirely too small for all that I have...even purging things I still have so much stuff.  ....sigh....
An apple a day....

elevator ride

Going through old photos
So here we are, the actual crocheting part of the story!  I'm making a hat for a friend of mine in England and have to get it done in order to get it in the mail to her hopefully before the Christmas mail rush!

pink hat
She requested pink, beige and many shades of pink to choose from!  I'm going with baby pink, cream and gold.  She said she wanted it to match her beige coat and I think that will work nicely without having to worrying about matching the beige.  I got some Vanna's glamour in gold for the flower that sh asked for and I can't wait to see it finished!  Today is going to be about finishing the hat, doing some Christmas decorating and purging stuff I don't need!
Best get on with it!

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