Friday, April 06, 2012

Flying Bunny

The bunny is done and off in the mail, it won't make it there before Easter, but oh well I got her done!

The bunny went mouthless, I tried a couple of different mouths and they looked so out of place and Katlyn said that she liked it better without a mouth, so there you go.  Approval of a 17 year old, for a 3 year old!  She said it looks like one of those bunnies that little girls drag around by the arm everywhere they go without the mouth and with the mouth it looked creepy.  Added a bow tie (bow ties are cool) and a little ruffle around the bottom of the body and waalaa....all done!  Heading to Santa Rosa as I type.  

Toni got her monster yesterday and was very happy with it.  She posted a picture for me :)
She was pleased~
and also posted a picture of Steven wearing his Bender beanie!  I love them, they are fabulous and I am completely sad too!  While everyone loves their presents (I'm fairly certain Brooke will too) all 3 of these last things I've made have gone 400 miles away and that is putting me in a serious funkified mood.  I miss my boys and I miss my Granddaughter.  Katlyn thinks it's because we haven't been visiting since Thanksgiving and I do suppose she's right, but hell, the price of gasoline right now is killing me....sigh.

Well enough of this downer crapola, it is after all Friday and Good Friday at that and it's National Tartan Day!  Katlyn and I will be dying eggs tomorrow or maybe tonight since she's very excited to do it, she is going to tie-dyed ones...should be messy!  Messy is always fun!

I have to start another project too and I haven't decided what that will be yet, though Katlyn expressed an interest in her own bunny..hmmmmmm.

Listening to: Shakin' My Cage by Joe Perry
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