Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hats & things

Ok I have some updates on the whole hat thing. I really love the pattern I used, it really is so easy, I mean insanely simple, I did 3 hats in about a week!
So now on with the pictures, though I have someone popping up talking to me on Facebook and I hate that flashing thing so I have to make it go away!
here is the Simply Soft one, dark sage I think the color is, I've had it for a long time and I was originally going to be making her a Legend of Zelda type of hat so this color suited that and I just picked it up when I made this hat.
ok here is the one that is in the basket of my last post, 21 different colors of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, this one came out great, she loves it and wears it a lot in fact! Still really easy, just lots of changing colors and of course the dreaded weaving in of the ends!
#3 well this one she loved the yarn when we went to Jo-Ann's and so I bought it and whipped up a hat. This yarn is Bernat, Mosaic in Optimistic, really super soft and works up lovely. I love how the colors just change up. I think I will go check out what other colors they have, Girly is gone for a few days dog watching at my sisters so maybe I can whip up another hat for her!
I have loads of cotton to work up into dishcloths and potholders, and I need to finish my Niece's blanket for her birthday and finish up a baby blanket for Andrew's baby and well I do have lots of fabulous yarns to turn into scarves...sigh so little time. I really should just glue a hook to my hand! Of course right now it's mid August in Southern California and surface of the sun hot outside and well crocheting just comes up a bit short!

I did dye 2 skeins of yarn last weekend and I am going to get some more Kool-Aid tonight to do some more this weekend, I am using a crock-pot this time and wow, it is super easy and super fast! I did take pictures and will have to pull the files off of my phone to upload here, but really so much fun! I forgot how much fun it is to do and the colors are great too, now I just have to figure out what to do with the yarn!

Ok back to work, need to gather some files for the boss and clean off my desk!

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Friday, August 05, 2011

At last~

Just an FYI, if you hit enter after typing your title it posts to you blog! ugh!

Anyway back to the post I was about to type!
I made a hat =) I have yet to take pictures of the hat because my Daughter whipped it away as soon as it was finished! She wanted a slouchy hat, I found a very simple pattern here and whipped it up in a weekend using Simply Soft yarn in a dark green. Now she wants one using a bunch of colors like my Lucy bag that I never posted here, so I can't show you the picture of it, but I do have a picture of the WIP
oh how I love a basket full of yarn! It's all Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. I like to go to the website and pick out random colors and then get a package of yarn in the mail! Simple joys really!
Should be done with it this evening or tomorrow sometime and will post a picture of the finished product along with the green one. I might get creative and do a pokeball too!
So that is what I am working on at the moment, plus the potholders, plus blankets. The blankets don't get much work done to them when it's 100 degrees outside though! I do want to dye some yarn with Kool-Aid though, so I might be doing that as well, haven't done that in ages! I do plan on taking out my real camera and taking better quality photos though because these iPhone shots are really not doing my yarn any justice at all and you really should get to enjoy the pretty colors as best as you can!

Ok that's it for today, I should get some work done around here being as I am at work!!
Happy Friday!

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