Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3KCBWDAY2 - Photography Challenge Day

So today's challenge is a photography challenge, I thought yay, pretty easy...I take tons of photos and love to have fun with them..........apparently I lied to myself!  I got nothing, nothing I tell you!  Ok I do have pictures, but clever...hardly.  So I will go with some start to finish shots, I even got a bit fancy with the bunny ones!

I dyed the yarn with Kool-Aid, pink lemonade and lemonade to be exact for a prettyish pink/yellow combo.  You can see in the top picture I have added the kool-aid to the yarn in the crock pot, about an hour later the draining and rinsing stage and the laid out neatly on a towel getting ready to hang for drying and at last the finished product!  A bunny for Brooke!
Kool-Aid dying to bunny
Next up a short series (4 whole pictures) from idea to completion of a hat for my son.  I drew a silly little sketch so I didn't forget what I wanted to do and started the beanie part...and now skipping along...ta-da done hat and Son wearing hat :)
My fabulous drawing!
hooking in the car!

all done and ready for shipping
and he loves it :)
Next up just some pictures at home, I have a lovely collection of knitting needles and not a clue how to use them, but they look nice on the bookshelf where I keep some of my yarn!

one of these things is not like the other
getting creative with focus
more creativity here...right?
A quick picture of Katlyn's striped scarf on Sunday morning, rolled up it's much easier to work with, especially with a crazy puppy running around!
third time around for the colors
This last picture is just a large vase I have hanging about for collecting the bits and pieces I cut off after the weaving in,  pretty colors to look and and functional when a need for stuffing small items arises!
ahhhh the memories!
And there you have my photographs for today!  Thanks for looking and if you want to see more photos from others participating in this week long fun challenge, simply perform a Google search for the tag 3KCBWDAY2  Loads of pages come up!  I'm off to do just that right now!

Listening to: Left in the Dark by Barbara Streisand
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