Monday, November 10, 2014

November updates

Trying to get back into things.  Working on it slowly and getting things finished up.  Of course the time change has now happened and that makes me very sleepy, very early in the evening....I can't wait to adjust to it so I am not going to bed at 9pm!  So now on with the few things I am doing or have done.
Seems innocent enough
unless there's yarn around

Katlyn and Kid (good thing she doesn't follow this blog)
The girl got a job and she's adjusting to standing on her feet for 8 hours at a time.
I'm kidding, she's really not a napper.  She's working hard though and loving having a steady paycheck.

I got to finishing up a couple of things recently.  After 3 (or was it 4) tries, I finally got the fox ears done well enough to satisfy Katlyn.  
Fox ears done and ready for attachment
I was asked by Katlyn to make a bunny hat for my Niece, not just a regular bunny hat mind you, but a very specific one.  A Louise from Bob's Burger hot pink bunny hat!  
Louise Belcher
 This was for Halloween and Katlyn picked the yarn and I got to making the hat.  Easy peasy of course, well except the yarn was a bit annoying.  Much too splity for me to hook with any decent speed.  
Vicki Howell's Sheepish in Hot Pink(ish)
in production
on the hook
Now that Katlyn has her fox scoodie, she wondered if I could make some fingerless gloves with paw prints to match.  Great except I didn't have enough yarn for 2 gloves.  Joann's didn't have any of the Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky I used for the scoodie, but we found Bernat Roving that matched nicely enough that it all worked out.  Too bad I never took a picture of the finished project!  
finished 1 glove, but ran out of yarn and had to start over
Bunny hat base done.
Christopher sent my a picture of Brooke carving her pumpkin.  I really missed not being there for Halloween this year!
She even drew a sketch!
I bought Katlyn her favorite wrestler for her birthday this year, ok not him exactly but a life-sized cut out and when they say life-sized they aren't kidding!  Dean Ambrose is 6'4" in real life, this cutout is 6'3" and is huge! And while Katlyn loves it, the dogs do not! 
Not his permanent home!
Kids is growling and Max is getting ready to bark
Now the ear portion of the bunny hat.  I thought I could do these, I really did.  I bought pipe cleaners (chenille stems) to use in the making of them since they were so tall.  Took a lot of finagling but got them done. 
getting them done
nothing bothers him
almost there
So got them done and worked on attaching them and guess what??? They don't stand up!!!  Nothing I do will make them stand up!  Never have I failed to badly with a project, I was so very close to tears when I gave up, of course this giving up in the day before Halloween and it is now too late to do anything about getting a replacement.  Katlyn comes home and asks me how I'm going to fix them, to which I reply "I'm sure you 2 can figure something out" she wasn't thrilled with that answer, so we think it over and come up with a possible fix. We have buuny ears from ages ago when she was a bunny and those ears stand up just fine, maybe I can do something with them!  Of course I work on Halloween, so I guess I shall haul everything in with me!
the ears...ugh!!
I get to cutting off the offending ears and trying to figure out what in the world I am going to do to get this done all in time for the girls to go out in costume! (while at work!!)
cut and remove
So guess what?  I got everything to come together and ears to stand up and FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!! I am the worst!  Anyway, did a bit a crochet magic and basically did covers for the bunny ear headband.  I folded the headband ears, taped them so they stayed and slipped a hot pink bunny ear ever the entire ear, times 2!  Halloween successful! (except for the lack of pictures, maybe the girls have photos...)

That's it for now, I have 2 other finished hats (with photos) ready to blog about and a couple of little things done.  Will work on getting another post very soon.

Listening to: Hella Good by No Doubt