Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Where's the hump?

It's Wednesday but why do I feel like it's still Monday?  I feel like I've done nothing all week and yet I know that I have.  Weird....
Progress on the bunny so far, got the head done Monday night, no mouth yet, want to wait until it's all together and see what kind of mouth I want it to have.  This yarn doesn't work up like worsted weight yarn, it feels a bit light, and as you can see but the picture of the head, there is a definite wave in the stitches.  Again....weird.  I don't know if it's so noticeable because of the yarn coloring or it's just wonky from being stuffed.   It really doesn't matter much, just something I noticed, I'm sure Brooke won't care at all.
Bunny head
 Got the legs done last night and started on the body, probably would have finished the whole body, but I was watching the last 2 episodes of Doctor Who with the ninth doctor and there were tears impeding my ability to crochet :)  I am hoping to finish this up tonight though and already told Katlyn we need to go back to watching the 11th doctor so I can get it done.  I don't have an attachment to the 11th doctor, making crocheting while watching a whole lot easier!
got the legs done and the body started
 Went to JoAnn's last night looking for wooden beads in pretty colors (which I found) and found that there were purse handles on clearance, yay!  I got some that are bigger than the bamboo ones I used on my granny bag and so the next bag will be able to go up on my shoulder!  They didn't have many and I got a pair and am going to look online for some more.
Got these in dark brown.
 And just because, I have include some bath time pictures.  Probably should have taken these not using Hipstamatic or at least checked the film I was using, but nonetheless my wet boys getting clean!  Neither are fond of bath time and poor Max looks like a malnourished dog when he's soaked!
Wet Kid

Wet Max
Ugh, I suppose I best get to doing some work, though the phones have been a bit crazy this morning already and that's work in itself!

Listening to:  Electric Blue by Icehouse
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