Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Oh dear, where have I been?

Yeah it would be great to say I've been off on some exotic vacation but no that is sadly not the case.  Actually I have been doing nothing, well other then work and life.  I did finish the striped scarf but in all honesty that is really it.
 Scarf blocking, will be all done today, had to do it in sections because there is a puppy that runs wild in my house and pinning a wet scarf to my bed for a few hours was not really an option!
tis a sad picture!
 I made a little bow, really just playing around because I wanted to make a ring.  I like it, now I just need to turn it into a ring.  Tricky part that is though.  I think I will make some pairs and attach them to clips for hair accessories.
Cupcake was made for my Sister's birthday.  I just kinda whipped it up.  Nothing special, just thought a cute little something would be fun.

So there it is, my whole lot of nothingness of late...pretty sad if you think about it but I cannot seem to find my motivation for anything at all.

Listening to: Long Time by Boston
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