Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh happy day

So Southern California heat is not the most conducive for crocheting at times!  This scarf is a smallish project but nearly all wool and that can be a challenge when one is sweating!  This morning has been fine as it's still relatively cool, only 84 degrees right now....but last night after being out in traffic on the ride home from work, even inside an air conditioned car it was hot, hot, hot!  I came home, dropped off Max and checked to see if Katlyn wanted to go to JoAnn's with me (she didn't) and then went on my merry way to JoAnn's to get some straight pins for blocking this scarf.  I of course had coupons with me and with coupons it means I usually can get a good deal on the yarn I want (not really supposed to be buying for myself, but I did have coupons!) Actually the 2 yarns I did buy are for gift making so kinda doesn't count...right?  I bought another skein of Treasure in Portrait to make a handbag for my Sister's birthday, the colors should work for her.  Black, gray, a bit of brown and pink.  
40% off :)
Now the Cotton Ease I bought because I really want to try and make this Dolce & Gabbana bag that I saw online for $1252.00!  Seriously?  I saw it a few weeks ago and thought I'd give it a go, but couldn't find the right brown in cotton, everything was just too chocolatey.  I even bought a skein of Shine in Mongoose from Knit Picks thinking it would work ok, but it seems like it's a bit too floppy for a bag, now maybe it's not, truth be told I haven't used it yet....but I do like the color of the Cotton Ease Taupe better, it's more the muted tone I was looking for.  
muted tone and 50% off!
See the difference in tones
Original D&G bag
The buttons are perfect for a fingerless glove idea I have and only .97 cents!  The pins were 50% off too  without a coupon, now they had the cute flower topped ones and I actually had butterfly topped ones in my hand because they were cheaper then the flowers and cute, but then I found a wall of pins and these were cheaper and had 120 pins in a pack whereas the butterflies were only a 50 pack and I like these balls just fine!  I picked up the ribbons for adding beads to the bags, they were only .50 cents each, so all in all I'd say I did good, everything for less than $13!
Buttons clearance .97 and pins I needed and some ribbons
Now here the scarf as of this morning, outside of the patio for some lovely lighting! Almost through the second round of colors and it's getting pretty long. I will have Katlyn try it on when I complete all of the colors again.   
yeah, sunshine makes for much better lighting
Friday's office update
Starbucks has mini cherry pies people!  Just thought you should know!
Mini Cherry Pies....yep
So I think that's it for me today!  I think I will go find a cool place to hang out like the dogs are doing except Max is on Katlyn's bathroom floor and I don't want to hang out there!

Listening to:  American Woman by Lenny Kravitz
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