Monday, April 02, 2012

Head of a monster

Yes it started as just a head and I went on from there.  Now I had a monster in mind, but this has a little smile that is making it not very scary at all!  I guess I should have done a meaner face, but since I am making this up as I go, it is what it is.  
Hello Sweetie!
The legs I had a bit of trouble with.  I had an idea in my mind and I was having a problem getting that idea into crochet form, so a couple of starts and ripouts later, I managed them ok.  I worked the body from the legs up, again winging this whole thing because the only other amigurumis I have done were all parts put together individually.  I did the legs Saturday and then settled myself on the couch after dinner with my yarn and The Doctor and got busy with the body.  I really didn't take any other pictures though during the process...silly me, but in my defense it was nighttime and I was snuggled in!  Seriously, I didn't even want to get up to get cardboard to make the pom-pom and instead used my ipod that was right in front of me on the coffee table :)

The start of the body and the last picture until completion.
I just worked away on this until I was done, sat there on the couch watching The Doctor (revisited 9 while Katlyn was watching One Piece, in Japanese, in her room) until 1 am.  Katlyn found that amusing because I am so not a late night kinda girl, but I was on a roll and here she is....all done!

Now I like her just fine, but really felt she was missing just a little something, and so last night I gave her a little bling!  She got earrings and a belly button ring!  Well there she is all done up and I like her and can only hope that Toni does too.  She didn't turn out exactly as I planned, but I think that she is great!

Quick picture before shipping off the Toni!
I started a bunny last night for Brooke.  I am using yarn that I dyed with Kool-Aid which is a lovely pink/yellow combination.  Again I am not using a pattern for this, just going by a drawing I did, but should be fairly simple after the monster, bunny needs a head, a body, legs, arms and ears, oh yes and a pom-pom tail....yep easy peasy!

Bunny head in progress!
So that's it for my weekend, I stayed pretty busy which is always a good thing!  Going to do some work now, the boss is out all day and his secretary called in as well, ahhh, the peace and quiet!

Listening to: Night Songs by Cinderella

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