Thursday, June 28, 2007

Therapy Thursday

Not really too much therapy going on, except for crocheting! I sent off my exchange squares one of them being this guy I saw this over at the Granny Along and loved it. The pattern is over there in the comments. Super easy to make and perfect for my square exchange.
My Ripple has been coming along, not too fast but I'm making a little progress Row 26
I have also taken pictures of the exchange squares I have received so far.
I think that I will put them together with black when I have enough of them.
I have a new love for Flickr. I am finding the most wonderful pictures there and just fascinated with all of the shots. I have taken some of my pictures and am playing with them in Photoshop as well and finding that could be a new hobby as well, just what I need. I do believe I can combine my love of yarn and my love of photography somehow though!
That ends Therapy Thursday for today, thanks for playing!
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday morning

Well here I am to update you would think I could do better at this updating thing! I just got a new phone and have been playing with that trying to figure out all of it's features and I seem to work A LOT!
Ok, have pictures! First up is the progress shot:
this is row 21, color 11. This is going to be a very large project! Everyone is in love with it as well, so there will be a battle as to who will be getting it!!
Here we have my fish Krull the Warrior King. This is his first Internet appearance, I hope it doesn't go to his head!
I did get another of Katlyn's squares done and I am now on number 9. I also am working on some fancier squares for my granny exchange over at Crochet Partners. I have a bunch of squares that I have already received as well that I need to take pictures of and post them for everyone to enjoy! I love getting squares from all over.
That's it for today! I'm out and off to the market so I can feed this large household!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How is it Wednesday again?

I don't even know where the time goes anymore! I have been working on 3 different projects and that means there's not a lot of progress on any on but at least they are all getting worked on. Here are some shots of each project!
Ripple #2 row 15! I've changed the color of this row twice now, even after semi planning the first 10 colors. I didn't like the green/purple variegated that I had picked out, the green didn't have enough blue tone to it and it didn't really look right. I went to my stash and found this darker variegated and hopefully it will balance out. I need to match a solid to it now!
Here's ripple #1, almost to the 3rd repeat. It's not going to be very big even when I get more yarn for it. I believe the yarn that came in the kit was intended for 4 repeats and that really doesn't make it very big. We'll see how it ends up after the the 3rd row of the bulky green variegated, that will tell me how mush more yarn I will need and how big it will actually be.
Last but not least is Katlyn's stack of squares! They are grower, slow and steady! I actually have number 8 almost done. I work on these while on breaks at work and when I'm in the car (not the driver) and much to my children's dismay, when I am standing in any line (like waiting to enroll 2 of them in summer school) for more then 5 minutes. They are very portable and I keep the container in my car at all times!
So that's my update for today, I am working on my exchange squares as well in between all of these projects and getting everything ready for the fair!

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Friday, June 15, 2007


Well here we are at the end of the week. I don't believe that I will be getting my first ripple done in time for the fair, oh well I should have thought of it sooner. I do have my animals to enter though so they will at least get a shot and I will have to work the blanket for next year. Denise's pig will be there and maybe Momo I just need to fix his eyes. I might enter some of my scarves as well because I believe there is a category for that.
Anyway I have made progress on my variegated ripple, it is quite exciting to work on because each color is only two rows so you are always working with a new color yarn. The problem that I am having is that right now the weather has turned very warm and the blanket is pretty good size (width wise anyway) and the more colors I add equal a lot more blanket to work with! It's going to be difficult soon! I will be going back to making a lot of some projects for the summer months! Here's the picture I love the colors so far!
My Daughter lets me know her opinion as well, she's not loving the latest add on, but I told here to wait and see if it works with the next color and if not I'll redo it.
that's it for me I'm off to work!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well I have no will power! I went ahead and started a new ripple right in the middle of trying to finish the first one! I just couldn't resist that fabulous Banana Berry colorway! DRATS...Anyway I did work on number 1 as well, so I am making progress. I started the variegated with 250 beginning chains so it's a good size and will become a monster to work with as it gets hotter outside, so it will definitely not be my summer time project. I went through my stash yesterday and matched up variegateds and solids and think that I have a pattern. I'll post as I go. I am using my new book "200 Ripple Stitches" and am using number 28 or 29 or 30 (they are all the same stitch just different color variations and names), pretty basic with nice deep V's.
I so love the colors!
I have also gotten another square done for Katlyn's blanket! I will be working on my first ripple this evening so I will be that much closer to knowing if I will have enough yarn to complete it in time for the fair or not. I will have to order more yarn if not but I don't know if that will give me enough time... Knitpicks is having a fabulous sale this week and I am ordering stuff already, why because it's on sale and with the ripple I'm doing I will be using up quite a bit of yarn and really why am I justifying???
Ok I'm off to crochet now..there just doesn't seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done that I want to!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Monday!

Well here I am again. I got another of Katlyn's squares done, I'm now up to 6 (and a half). I bought some yarn, we made cupcakes and I got a bunch more rows done on my ripple. Oh yeah and I bought a new book!
Here's the yarn I LOVE the colors in the variegated! It's called Banana Berry and got the Spring Green to go with it. I have doodled up a color scheme for a new will be rows of variegated yarns (all different) with a solid in between each couple of rows. I haven't decided if the solid will be just one color through out of matching up to each variegated row though! I have numerous skeins, both used and new, of variegated so I thought this would make a great stash buster blanket! I really can't wait to start it!
Now on with the book, I got it at Joann's with my 40% coupon yesterday. After going through it I believe that I have been doing the Soft Waves pattern for my in progress ripple this whole time! All the writing and swatching was for naught! The pattern I am doing looks exactly the same! How does one come up with and new pattern if there are so many out there already??? Anyway back to the book, it has beautiful pictures but I don't know about 200 patterns...I think it should be called 200 colors variations with a couple of stitch patterns, BUT that's just my opinion!
Yesterday was my Dad's birthday, he passed away in 2000, but we always make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting every year for his birthday. This year we did cupcakes as I don't know what happened to my cake pans! I don't think he would mind because seriously, what are cupcakes but tiny little cakes anyway! Katlyn cheated by making some with Vanilla frosting!
Here is the progress of my ripple It's looking great and I really love the yarns. There are 100% wools and Alpaca blends and they are all soft and toasty. It's not going to be a huge throw, but it work out for watching TV on a cool night.
I'm off today so I can get some more done on it and see how the yarn usage is going to work out!
That's about all I've got for today, the boys are out and about for awhile and that leaves just me and the girl so I do believe I will take her to lunch! Happy note, Christopher started his first official job today! He's very excited about that! He'll be 18 in a month too! Where oh where did that time go!?!
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Short Stack

I have 5 of Katlyn's 20 squares done. Almost done with number 6 too! I've gotten to the repeat of colors on my ripple and I am concerned about the amount of yarn that they provided in this kit. I know that I changed the pattern, but I am not really using the yarn too much differently. Some of the yarns are definitely going to come up short and that will bad simply for the fact that I am trying to get this completed in time for the fair! Maybe I shot too high this time! We'll see what happens after this repeat and then I'll decide if it will get into the fair or not. If not then I will just be entering smaller items. There's always next year!
here's the short stack!
I have also com to the realization that Christmas is coming fast and I have BIG plans for making everyone's gifts again. Brandon's being the biggest as his is going to be a graph afghan! I best get crackin'
That's all I have on this fabulous Friday morning! I'll get some pictures up over the weekend!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Well I have pictures today of my progress of the ripple for the fair and the yarn that I dyed on Sunday. I also got another square done for Katlyn's blanket. When I get this ripple done I am going to only work on getting her blanket done! (Yeah cuz that will happen) I now have other people outside of my kids requesting things from me, hats, blankets, pigs, does one crochet a shark?
Anyway here is the yarn that I kool-aid dyed I love the colors! I went Kool-Aid shopping on Monday and neither one of the markets I went to had any Blue, Green or Pink Kool-Aid! I'm going to have to call my Sister in SoCal and have her send it up to me...I know they carry it at the market down there!
Here is my progress shot of the ripple Only a billion more rows to go and then it's off to the fair!
I'm off to do the fun stuff...laundry, dishes, before going to work!
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Monday, June 04, 2007

A new week

I have been busy! I love when I actually have time to be creative. I finished the number crunching and swatching and finally sat down to start on my new ripple that I want to have done in time for the Sonoma County Fair! Here's the progress so far:
The only problem with a wavy pattern is that I tend to have more problems with the rows coming out to the same number each time! I don't have that problem with the more pointy ripples! Oh well, it will make this blanket more interesting.
I got another square done for Katlyn's blanket over the weekend to. I take her squares to work and in the car so when I'm waiting for something or on a break at work, I can work on them. They are much more portable then the above mentioned blanket will become.
Last night I decided that I needed a Kool-Aid fix as well. so I dyed some more yarn.
My son thought it would be fun to dye his hair as well.
That didn't work out for him though!
I'll post pictures of the finished skein later on. Let's see what else I can get done today!

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