Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy hands are happy hands!

Ok so I decided I needed a new project....needed in this case equates to wanted to do really bad!  When I watch TV, I always manage to spot the crocheted items, Daughter says I'm a weirdo because I do that, but of course since I belong to Ravelry there are more like me :)  I saw this blanket while I was watching my True Blood DVD and thought it was very cool and of course forgot about it because well that's how I am!  Thank goodness for Ravelry though because as I said there are others out there that pay attention AND act upon these spottings, like you know, writing out a pattern for such things!  Much happiness ensued when I happened to accidently run across the True Blood blanket I saw and loved right here 
Square 1 of many
This is a Red Hear Super Saver blanket as well and it just so happens that JoAnn's is having a sale this week so I was able to pick up all but 1 skein of the light blue (I bought what they had) and already had the other colors in my stash.  So not only do I love the look of the blanket, but the cost is minimal!  Really I do believe this is the 1st time I've ever bought all the yarn I need for such a large project, I tend to buy here and there as needed.  I am cheap remember and I hate putting out the lump of cash and having the yarn just sit around waiting to be used.  Katlyn did say though that I am not allowed to buy anymore yarn for a new project until this is done :)  I love that this is portable and great to do while watching TV, so this is my big summer project, let's hope it gets completed!

I did take some pictures of the costly yarn that Alysha bought for a purse, I nearly forgot that I have to make this!  I tried to get some decent pictures to capture just how pretty the colors are in this, but it's was a difficult task for some reason.  It's really gorgeous, with it's greens, turquoise and purples, very rich colors and the texture is funky which should work up fun.  I have to ball it and see just how tricky it is going to be!  It is Be Sweet, Magic Ball in Forest Fruits.  I am planning on doing just the front and the flap of the bag so as to conservatively use this fancy yarn and using the fancy black yarn she bought to pair up with it.  I just figured out that the cost of this 95 yard hank is the same as my entire True blood blanket :)  The black is very pretty as well, it has a lovely sheen to it and I will be using it for the handle and the back of the purse and for a black flower that she requested.  I better get working on this too!
In the shade
In the sunshine
The black is Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend
Sunday morning rolls around and the dogs figure that if the sun is up, they should be as matter that it's 6:30 in the morning.  On a Sunday.  Sigh, up I get and going back to bed after the walking of said dogs is not an option because then I get this look:

Really going back to bed when I haven't had breakfast?
Fine, I'm up!  Just puttered around the house all day mostly.  Got the normal chores done and watched the cats playing on the balcony.
Chibi....old lady cat that she is, still likes to get up and eat my plants.
Katlyn and I have decided we are going to create a jungle on the balcony and went to Lowe's on Saturday for some plants.  I went for some small plants to put into my candle holding bird cages thingy that I was going to get rid of because I don't burn candle like that and it's always in the way but decided to keep because it's cute and I like it on the patio.  Just needed some plants.  So for now we got a staked Star Jasmine (Katlyn's favorite) and a French Lavender (my favorite) and we will be looking for a new plant stand and pots for the both of them.  The current cart I have is a bit crowded.
front middle is the Lavender and the front right is the Jasmine

Bird cage thingy with new succulents 
I work on this one tiny project when I am sitting at the table waiting for something to load usually.  I will hopefully be a sweet little pin cushion.  I keep the tiny balls of yarn in a cereal bowl and am currently close to finishing the back side of this.  You can see at the bottom of the bowl, the 4 granny's already done.

Almost done.
In between everything else I did work on getting the pink inside flowers for my TB blanket.  I need 35 of the pink and then 28 of white and then on with the green.  I will be weaving in all ends as I go so that when the last square is done I can whip them together without the dread of end weaving!
16 pink flowers, only 18 more of these to go!
Whew, see busy weekend.  Didn't get to the beach and we really should do that....there's always next weekend, so we'll see what happens!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Things around the house

I am cheap or frugal if you prefer, but I don't mind being called cheap.  If I pay for something I expect to get everything I paid for from that product.  I use Jergens lotion every single day, the original just like my Grandma had when I was a kid.  I get the pump bottles first because it's just easy peazy and second because  being a bigger size the cost is a better bargain.  I problem is at the end getting the last of the lotion out is tricky!  I stand them upside down on the counter, down some banging and pounding but I always know there is still some in there.  Well I generally move on to the next bottle and have been stashing the "empty" ones in my bathroom cabinet until I can come up with some clever scheme to get those bottles to give up the goods!  So guess what I did on Saturday??  I was on the last bits of a bottle and hadn't purchased another yet and was hard pressed to get lotion out of the damn bottle after my shower, so I gathered all that I had and headed for the kitchen.  Grabbed a knife, funnel and spatula and got down to business!  Bottles cut in half, scooped out and refilled the lotion container that I keep on the sink, but never fill because it's such a pain to fill! 
They are empty now!
Got more then I expected!
So on my list of to dos this past weekend I put crochet, I have been neglecting my hooks lately for no good reason, just nothing holding my interest I guess and I didn't want to start a new project with others still unfinished.  The new One Piece collection came in the mail on Friday so that meant DVD viewing, which  meant crocheting on the couch.  I pulled out my pillow cover to finish up the back panel.  Got it done and sewn together while watching the last of the DVD set yesterday afternoon and ta-da! Love it!

There are now buttons to hold it together :)
Rounded up some buttons to close it up and it's all finished and on the couch, though Kid did think it was a giant toy for him so I am hoping that the buttons are still attached to it when I get home!
Also played around with some beads.  Decided I needed a cute summer anklet and got to looking through my beads and thread.  Loaded the thread with the beads and crocheted around them and made 2 with simple button/loop closures.  Used things that I already had which makes my cheap side very happy and will definitely be making more!
Has to go to Target on Sunday to get dog food and a couple of other things and had put Washi Tape on my list so I would remember to check for it there.  I found a roll in black with white dots for $2.99 in the scrapbook section which I was going to get and continued around to the next aisle of stationary and found the motherlode!  Ok not really, but they had 4 packs for $4 in 3 different color choices (though checking around the internet,  they actually carry 4 different color choices...sweet mercy!)  I got the turquoise/green combo pack and you can bet there are more colors in my future, I have a serious love for this stuff!   
The coolness that is tape!
So today is Monday and I am going to work on getting things done this week.  I have a new purse to start for Alysha with some really crazy expensive yarn she bought at the yarn shop when I was in Santa Rosa, I mean I'm scared to use it expensive, but that's what she picked and bought!  I will get picture of the yarn when I get home, I have it all wrapped in the bag out of cat and dog reach!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back from the North

Got no crocheting done while up in Santa Rosa, was pretty busy with the girl.  I did manage to get to my most favorite yarn  store  while there though and pick up some yarn for my Sister (we are doing a little swap this month) and just enjoyed all the lovely yarns they have.  Miss Brooke kept me busy and we had a great time hanging out.  She had a jumping party on Saturday and then we had a BBQ where I got to hangout with all 4 of my kids at the same time!  
Stopped jumping for a minute so I could take a picture.
We went to the river on Sunday so Brooke could play in the water.  Really such a pleasant trip this time.  Well other then my car not starting again after stopping at the rest area in Buttonwillow.  Good times I tell you!  Me and 2 dogs stuck in 112 miles from home and 300 miles from my Sons....good time to panic but I did not in fact didn't even cry (which surprised me) and after calling people for a bit of knowledge as to what I could do, I found a nice man that had jumper cables and I was on the road again.  Of course I couldn't turn off my car until I arrived in Santa Rosa which made getting gas a scary experience and not being able to pee for 300 miles meant no drinking or eating!  Oh how I love roadtrips!  Got there fine without an other incidents and parked my car until Saturday when my Son took me to buy a battery before the jumping party.  Buy battery, install battery car starts right up BUT won't stay running!  Oh lord, this is not going well.  Ok we decided, return the battery and get the car back to his house and see what's up.  Car won't stay running unless you keep your foot on the gas at all times, really makes for an amusing ride home!  Get to his house and think it's best to back in the driveway for easy access, car dies in the middle of the street, sideways and then won't start again!  Hilarious!  So we attempt to push the car by ourselves into the driveway, a bit uphill mind you...yeah never gonna happen!  It's hot outside, we are sweating like crazy and have to be at a party in like a minute!  New plan, let;s just park it on the street against the fence on the wrong side of the street, it should be fine we are only going to be away for 2 hours.  Push and maneuver my crazy heavy vehicle against the fence with much laughing from the both of us! Whew!  Later in the day with the help of a few others my car was up and running, apparently a small but important part was clogged up and by changing the battery made that small but important part stopped working!  Did get a new battery again on Sunday and get home without any issues at all!

River time
So that's it from my weekend and haven;t picked up a hook in days, well actually I did get a couple of squares done on the ride home for Brooke's blanket that I started last year.  I need to get settled down and get some crocheting done!

So with that I will get back to work!

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Long time no see~

Things I been up too.  Not a whole heck of a lot I must say.  The girl leaves town and I do nothing, sad I tell you.  I decided to use up the super saver yarn I bought the day Katlyn flew out of town by making a pillow cover.  I didn't take pictures of it (that came out anyway) before it was turned into a big granny.  I am now in the process of making the back for it in the turquoise yarn you see in the picture.  It's a great project to work on while watching True Blood Season 4.  Yes, I am a year behind because I don't have HBO and wait for the DVD to come out and then am always sad that I don't have HBO!!!  Hurts even worse that Game of Thrones is also on HBO but I have to refuse to give my cable company anymore of my money!  So I just live with being a year behind other people and try really hard to avoid spoilers.  I am reading Game of Thrones right now, before watching any of the series but I have heard spoilers and am a bit disappointed.   I read spoilers for Doctor Who and fretted through all of the tenth doctor because of it.  Funny that I never knew that about myself before Doctor Who, I always liked knowing how things would turn out but then found that I was rushing through the episodes waiting for the spoilers that I knew about, not really that enjoyable.  Interesting to note, I don't consider reading the book first to be a spoiler.  Does that make any sense?  Of course it does, I read the book and then enjoy seeing how they turn it into a show.  The books are always better :)
Work in progress
How I've spent my nights lately.
 Now I have this pair of sandals, I bought them a couple of years ago and wore them for the summer and then the cold came I away they went never to be worn again.  While cleaning my closets a few weeks ago I ran across them and tossed them in the not keeping pile.  They hung around that pile for a good long time, with Kid dragging them out to play with and me just picking them up and moving them yet again.  I didn't think they were up to standard for the goodwill pile when I packed up those boxes and put them in my car. There they sat waiting to hit the dumpster when I got this idea.....hmmmm.  Yarn to match, check.  Cutely hooked up, check.  Attach to shoes....check!
A new pair of sandals, though after looking hard at them I think I should have gone with a bold turquoise or hot pink but them turned out pretty cute.

Dogs not caring about sandal crisis!
And there it is, my week past and now Monday is here again.  It's all good though, I have a 4 day week and leaving for Santa Rosa on Friday at the buttcrack of dawn!  Get to see my boys, bring my girl home and play with my most favorite granddaughter!  Yay me!  Pictures of all that goodness will surely follow!

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