Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It is now Tuesday and I have completed nothing at all but have started another 2 projects!  Oh dear, what is wrong with me?  I pulled out my basket of goodies...ok one of my baskets of goodies, this one being the one that I was hoping had eyeballs in it (it didn't!) but it did have a lot of buttons to use as eyes so that worked out fine.  Spread things out and wow, just too many things going at once!
purse that needs assembling, bird that needs repairs, scarf that needs more yarn, etc.
I of course started the doll for my Niece and worked on the head a bit.  I have added the eyes and need to do the mouth and stuff it, but I seem to have lost the excitement for it, I do hope it doesn't end up abandoned in the above basket.

Head started
Had lovely sunshine on Saturday and did a bit of playing in my tiny garden, my flowers are blooming and the poor things that had been neglected while Brandon was living with me are now thriving and getting ready to bloom once again!
My little yellow Primrose
Saturday night, I was watching Merlin and Kid came up to snuggle with me...on my lap, under the blanket!

silly boy
While walking the dogs on Sunday afternoon I passed this mirror that someone had discarded....very common in my neighborhood, people get rid of their furniture by leaving on the sidewalk, really quite ridiculous but the mirror was good sized and unbroken so I collected it for my wall!
Great size and reflects the light beautifully
It's heavy and large and the frame is in great condition, although I am not a fan of gold I can eventually repaint the frame.  I do like free things!
a close up of the frame
Next up the other project I started.  I started this because I had a headache and making dolls requires much more concentration then a simple scarf.  This is a scarf that my Mother has requested from me, red and white  stripes.  Simple and easy peasy for working on while watching Merlin in the evenings.  

Now let's see where this week ends up!  Daughter has a driving test in the morning for her license, New Who on Saturday and Easter is Sunday! 

Listening to:  Should've Known Better by Cinder Road

Friday, March 22, 2013


Friday...yay and updates...yay.

Crochet and Merlin
Actually have finished Katlyn's Sherlock scarf this past week, though finished really means I used up all of the yarn and Katlyn thinks it's too short...great!  It needs to be blocked to help even it out and hopefully that will stretch it long enough and if not I will either try to get more yarn for it or keep it for myself. 

Nothing terribly exciting going on of course, as I have said before my life is pretty boring so the filler pictures are generally food and pets!  Up first will be food.
thought these looked pretty 
and then onto the pets

Max was quite comfy!
Oh yes and drinks....went to my Sister's for dinner last Friday and she made this fantastic little drink for me.  Pink Lemonade, sorbet, lemon-lime soda and vodka! Delicious.

no name, just tasty
Got myself a new printer at the office on Wednesday and can now print all things!  I was printing to the copier, but couldn't print envelopes on it which then entailed using my Sister's computer to print envelopes to her printer and it got to be much of a hassle!

installing process
I designed a doll for my Niece's birthday this weekend and hopefully I can get it done, strapped for cash this week and I like making gifts anyway!

I do love my artsy drawings!
Now I really did intend to work on the above drawing last night but I had to wind the yarn into a ball from a hank that I had kool-aid dyed and it was going along nicely...just watching Merlin and making a lovely center pull ball when Kid decided he needed to get in the middle of everything and my hank is now knocked off kilter!  Sigh, I will get this started tonight though, off at 4 today and then home!

These gloves I have had started for a while and worked on them Wednesday night added 3 new bands of color.  They still have a couple bits to go but I brought them into the office to have my Sister try them on and see how they worked on another hand besides mine.  Took a couple of photos while I had it out.  Got a new lens and film pak from Hipstamatic today and wanted to try it out, I like it!

That's me done now, back to clearing off my desk before quitting time rolls around!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Highway Star

And here we are another quick and random update of sorts.  Friday night was chilly and it really called for tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  Of course with everything looking so tasty and pretty I whipped out my phone to get a picture of it before filling my belly!

Now considering it is National Crochet Month I am really not getting much crocheting done at all. in fact hardly picked up my hook at all and I really need to get working on something!  I seem to be easily distracted of late and must work to remedy that!
Saturday morning I awoke to the sight below....I carefully reached over a grabbed my phone to get a picture, really hard to get a decent photo at such a close range and the fact that everything was blurring considering I had just woken up!

View from my pillow

While doing laundry on Sunday I happened to notice that the shelves behind me on the weird built in hall not closet thing,  needed a good dusting and the knick knacks needed a bit of sprucing as well.  As I was cleaning everything off this idea came to me...washi tape?  hmmm.... maybe it will fit....it did!  I was pretty darn happy with myself and now my weird built in not closet thing is cheerier then ever on yes and I have too many knick knacks!

a close up on the tape
So there we go, nothing exciting at all and the weather that was cold and rainy is now hot and sunny....ugh!  Now I'm hoping that I can finally get Katlyn's Sherlock scarf done just in time for the hot weather!  Ha, no not really but I need to get it done and off my hook!
Between this blog and a friend of mine asking how my weekend was I can see that I lead a most extraordinarily boring life!
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Friday, March 08, 2013


Well here it is Friday at last, ready to Spring forward this weekend and it's pouring rain outside!  The weather in Southern California is so weird!  If it rains all weekend I think I shall be curling up with Netflix and yarn....yep I do like that idea a lot!
Really hard to crochet like this!
So pictures of the Sherlock scarf, really nothing "Sherlock" about it, other then the dark blue and even that's stretching it a bit since really he wears different scarves and none of them being crocheted...so I guess it will be Sherlock inspired...there that's better.
scarf so far
Hard to get the color right in a photo, maybe if the sun comes out over the weekend I can get something better.
a close up
I also have the second season of Game of Thrones to watch so I will be sitting down with that for sure!

My Sister asked me to see if I had any nickel sized buttons and well since I have a ginormous collection of buttons I figured I could come up with something for her to use.  I did and then felt the need to play with the buttons I had pulled out.

Now I completed this hat for a friend way back January and of course promptly struck it in a bag and forgot about sending it off to England!  I am a great friend!  Anyway, I never got a pictures of it with the gold flowers I did for it, so here is a picture and I now have to take it to the post office to ship out!
little golden flowers
Yesterday while waiting for Katlyn's class to end I added buttons to my crocheted flowers that I had added to my purse I made last year...just jazzing it up a teensy bit!

And there you have it, all done for the week and oh so ready to start the weekend!  Still have 2 hours and 15 minutes left in my work day though...not that I'm clock watching or anything!

Listening to:  Loser by Beck

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Into the night

Ok catch up time....
Brandon moved back up to Santa Rosa a week and a half ago and I have been busily getting my house back to normal.  My living room is now boy free and clean again.  Now I love my youngest Son, but the boy is a bit of a slob.  This is the first time I've really seen the top of my coffee table since November!
Katlyn and I got set up to watch the Academy Awards last Sunday, made sure that we were all comfy on the Daybed that used to in Katlyn's room but switched out the sofa for it when she got a new bigger bed and Brandon got to sleep on  mattress instead of a sofa....run on sentence there!  Well we no longer have the sofa since I hated it and now we are using the daybed as our sitting space, weird I know....but it works well enough.  ANYWAY.......while settling in for the show the animals congregated around and on Katlyn :)

So my time has been spent cleaning and working lately, I am working on Katlyn's Sherlock inspired scarf which I have now started and frogged a total of 3 times before finally settling on a pattern and really making progress!  I need to get pictures of it though.  Been working on it while watching the first season of Downton Abbey.

Silly pictures while at work
Sometimes I do have creative ideas and they actually work out just as I envision them, always a plus!  So I thought of a penny and a pictures and well it worked!  First try too!

Along with my cleaning I decided I needed color out on the balcony so Saturday morning I went to Lowe's and found a couple of flowers that don't require much sun since I get zero direct sunshine on my balcony.  Got my hands dirty and enjoyed a gorgeous day outside!

Now I have a bit of color.  Got 2 different Primroses, some lovely pink Impatiens to match my hair, a small Ivy plant that will hopefully live and a small succulent to replace one that died a tragic death!  I told Katlyn yesterday if these flowers don't live I am switching to cactus!  Pictures are a small circle around my balcony after the planting.

Tall cactus doesn't belong here, but it was windy last week

The bedrooms get all the sunshine and that's where the dogs like to be during the day.

Kid enjoys the sunshine....on my pillows!
Now I finally got the fringe done on the Katlyn's Skinny Doctor scarf.  Really procrastinated on it, but Sunday morning I pulled it out and finished it up!  Done and on Katlyn's neck this morning!

I think that really all I have in my catch up time, sorry that's a bit wonky and all over the place and really in no particular order of anything...oh yes and random pictures!  Apparently this is my thought process lately!  It's Tuesday and I'm at work so I really must get back to doing that!  the boss does like when I work!

Listening to: A Place To Die by Five Finger Death Punch