Friday, January 09, 2015

New Year

December was a busy hooking month!  Not just gifts either, I actually got a bit selfish and made things for myself.  Now there is a lot of pictures to showoff the silly things I whipped up, so away we go!
First up, a simple beanie that my mother requested for her rides in my sister's convertible, don't want to mess the hair when taking a trip to Vegas. 
basic beanie
Next up I decided I needed a new cowl.  Ok.... I actually really wanted to use some fancy yarn I had on hand.  I have a lot of miscellaneous fancy yarns but with most of it, I only have 1 hank which of course isn't really a lot of yardage generally.  Which leaves me the problem of what to do with these lovely yarns.  So driving home from work I was thinking about colors, something I do often...random color combos pop into my head I I go from there.  I had this hank of Noro Tanabata (middle in the photo) which had lovely oranges throughout so I thought it would look great with this super rich orange hank of Mulberry Merino by Plymouth Yarn Co.  Get home and pull them out...instant love.  what to do with them?  A simple cowl!  Just needed another color so I grabbed the Olive Green Lamb's Pride that was a giant mess of tangled yarn thanks to Stein and got to work...well first I have to untangled the green and then ball the hanks of the other 2 colors and then I got to pick up a hook!

just starting
The Noro had so many different color come out as I worked it up, a lot of pink and green along with the orange.
so bright and cheery
As you can see with the tree in the background, it's December....I did mention this was a look back post, right?
It's Christmas time!
Got it done and was able to wear it even though the sun was shining bright and I'm wearing short sleeves....Damn Southern California weather!
The nights were cold for awhile, hot chocolate was necessary! 
so tasty
Really the weather did get quite chilly for a couple of weeks and I made another cowl.  This time I did pink and gray.  I used Bernat Bamboo in Lotus, Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in gray (or color 15524 as stated on the label) and Sensations Beautiful in Pink.  Made it a bit shorter and I like it!  The yarns are all super soft and the colors are sweet.

another one
So at this point in the month I really, really should have been working on Christmas gifts, but lately just don't feel as if anyone gives a rats behind for handmade gifts anymore, so I decided to just be crafty for myself.  I wanted a snowman....I made a snowman.  Wasn't hard, just took a bit of creativity and out popped a snowman!

snowman #1
Katlyn felt Snowman #1 needed a hat, another comment after posted his photo was he needed a nose....ok let's try again.  Started making Snowman #2 while preparing dinner, so his head took a break.

waiting for a body
This time I did a nose and a hat along with the scarf.
Snowman #3
He was better received, having all the added parts.  I still wanted more, I liked the idea of the different colored scarves for them so I did another with a blue scarf and this time a fabulous complimentary blue beanie.  He's the favorite.  

Snowman #3
Friends of mine are having a baby girl in February so I did up a chunky baby hat and added a large button.   I really need to get a blanket done for them!
baby hat
Just a Saturday morning photo from my pillow of Kid, he wants to go for a walk which requires me to be awake.

view from my pillow
Ok Christmas gifts up next.  First up black and gray beanie for Chandler, pink and gray beanie with a darker Gray flower for Annabelle, black and pink coffee cozy Shaunna and an olive and gray cozy for Kiana.  I got the girl Starbucks gift cards to go along with the cozies and Chandler a Playstation gift car to go along with his beanie.

Chandler's beanie

Annabelle's beanie

Shaunna's cozy

Kiana's cozy
Cookies were up next, I got everything bought and ready and worked hard on Christmas Eve!  Dozens of cookies baked and ready to be eaten.

the beginning
I also whipped up some last minute gifts for the adults.  Votive candle cozies.  4 sets done, I even added candles.  

candle cozies
Katlyn had to go into work at 10 am on Christmas, so we went to my Sister's early so the kids could do presents.  Facetiming with Brooke so we could share Christmas together and a knock at the door reveals my Christmas surprise....Brandon and his girlfriend!  Yay!  Did I mention I love Christmas!
Brandon in his Grandmother's sunglasses
We had a great 5 days with Brandon and Patryce.  I love hanging with my boy.  
Katlyn has been wanting a viking hat for a long time and since I was done with Christmas and in need for something on my hook, a viking hat it is!  
shy viking
We are now in January and haven't had the desire to make much on my long list of things, so I started small, with Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy.  Twinkiechan has the pattern on her blog and it's adorable and easy.

Groot head
I have this Japanese yarn from Motoko's stash but know nothing about it, so I decided to play with it and make up a bracelet.  I will have to get a completed picture.  The yarn is lovely, but even after a google search I still don't know anything about it!  
unknown Japanese yarn
So that about covers it for now,  I though I had a gray hair growth picture for the month, but not sure were it went to but I am still sticking with it!  Some days not sure why!
That's me out....

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