Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quicky scarf update

Quick like a bunny this will be, I changed the fringe on my rainbow scarf and I like it so much better and even Katlyn said how much better it looked.  The only picture I got was a really bad phone shot yesterday afternoon whilst in the middle of switching the fringe but I think you can see what a huge difference it makes!  I will try to get a good outdoors shot with the colors showing off better than in office florescent lighting!  
fringe redo
 I got a little bit more done on Katlyn's striped scarf last night, was having issues with finding something to watch while working on it so I kept setting it down to look for good crochet viewing material.  Up to 10 colors now and hopefully can get the last 6 on tonight, though I have an HOA meeting at 7...maybe it will be quick meeting!
10 colors
 Just a closer shot of the last 5 colors on.  The bottom one (under the orange) is funny in how it photographs, it looks blue in the above shot and a bit purpleier in the below shot, it is actually a deep eggplantly purple, so kind of a cross between the 2.  I can see that this is going to need blocking, not that I have ever in my life blocked a scarf so it should prove an interesting learning experience!  
So there it is, a very quick update of the scarf progress!

Listening to: Don't Misunderstand Me by Rossington Collins Band

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