Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday, Monday

I am now half way done with Katlyn's 20 square blanket, I got all 3 exchange squares done, an am working on a solid row of my ripple! Yeah for me! I don't have any pictures right now because both cameras need batteries. My Daughter has been taking a lot of pictures!!! So today I am cleaning and going through the WIPS I have around the house and figuring which is next on the list to finish up so I can get going on Christmas stuff! Nothing too exciting to report but I hate going too long without a post! I'll come back later and update the day!
this is a new square that I will be using for Sam's blanket. I like the green background and I used the same orange for the middle as I will be using for the solid squares.

Thursday, July 26, 2007 update of sorts!

Finally, something done! I have gotten back to Row 48 again on my ripple. Not as much fun the second time around I tell you! I didn't have the same enthusiasm for each row this time and with the new Harry Potter book in the middle of it all, well it took me quite a bit of time to get back to where I was before. I have also been working on exchange squares for my Crochet Partners group, they are getting Daisy squares! Here's a partial square
It still needs a couple of rounds to get it to 7 inches, but it will continue in the same color (which is has lovelier shade of purples then the picture shows!)
I have no other pictures but will get some more up soon!

Edit: The colorway is unknown to me at this time as the skein was one from my stash and I don't believe the wrapper was with it. I am still trying to find out though, possibly Red Heart Grape Ivy, of course a discontinued colorway.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday today!

Well I'm not done with my book yet. So that means not as much crocheting. I have gotten a bit done on my ripple but still not quite back to where I was before the frogging incident! It's so frustrating that I lost all of that time and energy simply because I didn't count....grrrrr. I have housecleaning to do today because not only have I neglected my hooks, I have also not done too much in the way of housework! I will make the time today to crochet so I can get back to where I was and then I can get some pictures posted, because I do not like having a picture less post!

Ok I have now finished my book! Only it's 100 degrees outside and I can't have a giant blanket on my lap at this moment!!! I guess when the sun goes down a bit then I will be able to get some work done on it...We'll see what happens!
Wish me luck!!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Break!

I'm off reading this weekend...will be back on Monday!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Froggin' along...

I have taken a giant step backward! I had to rip out 6 rows of my ripple! :( I was happily crocheted along and then realized that I had 12 stitches instead of 11, I look at the previous chevron and CRAP there's 10 and 12 there too instead of 11 and 11...grrr. I stop and check which row I had made an error in and it's down in row 44. I tried oh so hard to ignore it and just make some adjustments to get it back in order BUT knowing that it was there prevented any progress at all! So on with the ripping!!! I am now back to the beginning of row 45, so no pictures, no progress, no nothing!!!

Wait I did get my Daughter to do a teeny, tiny bit of crocheting That's it though, she gives up after a short time and gets mad because it's not coming out correctly. I told her she needs to have patience and count her stitches but she just says forget it! How does one become interested in a hobby???
I done back to the ripple and try to get back to where I was before!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Purple People Eater

I was looking for a tote yesterday in which to put my ever growing ripple and found this I started a purple variegated and white blanket for my Mom some 15 years ago. I frogged it a couple of times, as I didn't like the pattern I was using or something like that. I figured one giant granny would be simple enough...hate this blanket, I always have and I think that's why I can't complete it! I don't even know why I hate it so much, I think it's the colors. Anyway it was in a tote bag that I am now using for above mentioned ripple! I think that I will finish off the yarn that I have with this blanket and send it off as a snuggly. It's good size, so it will work for her when she's watching TV in the evenings. That's the story of Mom Big Purple Monster!

On with the rippling! Of course right now I am in the middle of a purple crisis with this as well! I actually had to go and buy a skein of yarn yesterday because I have nothing to match the variegated that I am currently using and naturally the color I had to buy was yet another purple! That makes 3 solid purples. I'm afraid I could be stuck after that because I don't think I have another variegated purple and even if I do what am I going to use to get out of the purple rut?
Here we are in the tote and with the purples! I guess we will see what happens next or if I am truly stuck in a rut! Here is the big picture of of the ripple! Row 48 completed!
I'm off to stash dive and see what I can come up with!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Order of The Ripple

Well I went to the movies this morning and saw Harry Potter! Can't wait until next weekend for the new book. I took the whole weekend off to read it. Geek...yeah, but I love Harry!

Anyway I have been working on my ripple #2 and am up to row 45. I started a color the other day for row 42 but hated it and had to go back to me stash and figure out some new color scheme! It's getting a bit tougher to get the colors to flow together without looking too garish! Here is the picture of row 45 It's getting harder to photograph as well! I really am liking the purples and the variegated between them. It's Monet by Red Heart. I've used it on exchange squares and really like the colors in it and how they are so tranquil.
Ok that's it for me so far today! I did get another square done for Katlyn's blanket done as well. I am really going to have to hunker down and get it done so I can start on my Christmas gifts!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here we are...

Ok got the test squares done for my Niece. We went to Wal-Mart on Sunday and got Simply Soft Brites in Mango to go with the Watermelon. My Daughter really likes the orange and pink together so I guess that's which way we're headed! I haven't decided how to put them together yet, I was thinking of outlining them in dark brown but my Daughter said "ewww" so we'll do some experimenting and see what looks best!
Pictures not good, sorry, the batteries died and I have to go get more!
On with the ripples! I am at row 39, color 20. I am really loving the way it is turning out. So far no color repeats and have only purchased 3 skeins for it and I really didn't need those, just liked the variegateds!
Not getting done very quickly, but it's not really being made for anyone in particular so I'm in no rush. I do like working on it though, I am just easily distracted by other thoughts and projects. AND my Daughter and I discovered that there are 95 Snoopy statues around the city here in Santa Rosa so on my days off we went around taking pictures of them. I think we are up to 34!
That's it for now, I am going to try to finish row 39 and 40 before work!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

A day off

Well we are back to Sunday again. I've worked on both ripples and Katlyn's squares and have designed a blanket for my Nieces Christmas gift! I will be making her a blanket using the Daisy squares and intermingling those with solid squares, done in pinks. The colors are not final yet, as I have one idea and my Daughter has her own idea to the color scheme! I am going to do a couple of test squares and see which colors work best together for an 8 year old and Little Miss Katlyn will also have a choice as well. I am also going to make a ripple for my Nephews Christmas gift. His is going to be Camo and Black. Very boy and he will love it! He's 5 and really loves anything I make him anyway! I also have Brandon's Confederate Flag graph ghan to do for Christmas as well! Looks like I'm in for a busy few months! Ok well now there's my list of to dos and here's the pictures of the dones!
Here is row 36 done:

Here's a daisy with the first test color.
I think I will try it with light pink solids and with a green solid! I'm going to go to the yarn store today and see what other Simply Soft Brites as well. I was also thinking orange! I'll post the differences.
That's it, I'm off to go buy milk for my son so he can have cereal!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Day After

July 4th is over and I have a major sunburn to prove it! We went out to the beach for a couple of hours yesterday to have a bbq with camping relatives and while I was taking pictures and just hanging about, I stupidly forgot to sunblock myself! My children covered but me NOOOO! After 45 years you would think I would know better! Anywooo
I did get some yarn time in as I wasn't doing the driving. I took the ball of Noro that I made a square with the other day and this is what I ended up with this is the Noro Kureyon in #156 I got most of the way through another square but ran out with half of the last round to go!
I also did these this is my new Noro in color #214. Now after working these up and realizing that I can only get 5 squares from each ball I am rethinking the whole blanket of Noro squares! It will cost me a fortune if I do the whole thing in Noro. I haven't decided quite yet what I will do, but I do love the Noro and how the colors evolve with each round! I could just make this a long term project and pick up balls of Noro when I can or I could mix the squares with other non acrylic yarns that I have!
Anyway that about sums me up for now. Didn't get in any work on my ripples because they just don't travel as well as squares! Will work on ripples today! I now have to go to work with a sunburn and suffer through that!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok I went shopping. I didn't go too crazy, I only ended up getting 4 things of yarn. Not too bad considering how much yarn my LYS has! Here's the pictures of today's presents to myself!

This is Noro Kureyon color #166

This is Noro Kureyon color #214
I can't wait to see how the squares come out with these!
I also got these super soft yarns!
Misti Alpaca in Spring Touch
Misti Alpaca in Garden Glance
These will be used for a new ripple I think! I haven't quite decided, but it was so lovely that I couldn't pass it up!
That's it for today! I'm off to play with yarn!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

One more day...

Well it's here, my 45th birthday is tomorrow. uugghh! I think I will just curl up with my yarn and forget the rest of the day! Maybe I'll go yarn shopping...hmmm, I like that idea, yarn therapy!
I have a new square Someone posted their squares made with a ball of Noro Kureyon over at the Granny Along and I couldn't believe how wonderful they came out and since I've had these 2 balls of Noro for over a year just waiting for something to be done with them, I grabbed one and made a square. I love the color variations and can not believe I never thought of a square before! I was so sure I was going to use it for felting that I guess I just stayed in that direction. I can't wait to see how the other squares come out. Seriously, the Granny Along blog does not help my crochet ADD at all! First the Easy Daisy Square and now Noro squares! Too. Many. Ideas. Here's my ball before the first square: The colors of the squares are going to be so fun. I think maybe this will be the yarn I buy.
I have a progress photo of Ripple #2 Row 31. I have to now figure out what color will be next as this my last "planned" color. Stash diving today!
That's it, I'm off to do some errands and stash dive!

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