Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rambling and pictures's a few things I felt like typing up.  Mostly rambling I think and pictures.
Got the baby blanket completed for my Niece.  Here it is with the border, I do love the colors.

All Done
Just a picture of my dog being a dork.

how we hangout
I needed a new work tote but haven't really found one that it the proper size.  Well a trip to JoAnn's found me in the tote aisle and I found a great size that I could spruce up!  The bag is black and I found some adorable bee charms while getting in line so I grabbed them up along with the tote. I worked up a trim in yellow cotton yarn, stitched it around the top of the tote and added a bee! 
black bag with animals....yikes
bee addition
I would definitely get more crocheting done if I stopped reading so much, but I can't seem to stop and my Kindle has entirely too many unread books for me to ever catch up on!  Now I normally buy my books for my Kindle because it just makes it easier for storage and I carry my Kindle everywhere, but when the price of a book is too ridiculous in Kindle version I will get it in print.  This is my newest.  I haven't read it yet because its a trilogy and this is only the 1st of the series, but since I love the authors past series (This Man) and it was out when I went to Target so I picked it up.  Now I just have to wait until November and February for the other 2! 

A new series to read
Ok as a geek and the Mother of a geek, we quite enjoy our anime.  Dragonball Z has always been a favorite and now Funko is coming out with DBZ characters!  Really do I need these little collections hanging around the house for me to dust off?  No, probably not, but dang....they are wicked cool!  I only ordered Vegeta for myself and Piccolo for Katlyn, so not too bad and really only brings my Funko collection up to 2, so not bad at all!

My Sister's friend's Daughter requested a floppy bunny ear hat from me in a thick yarn.  I ordered the yarn, Bernat's Baby Blanket and when it arrived I got to work.  It's terribly bulky to work with and after working up 8 rounds I'm not happy with it at all.  I'm going to rip it out and a rework it. 

hooking while watching Shark Week
I got this idea to make myself a bow ring, so I grabbed a couple of bon-bons and a hook and started working. 
the base
Sat at the table and played with some flowers too and got a bow ring and a flower ring done.  
Roman and Kevin help out
Katlyn and Julie both wanted a flower ring so I had them pick out colors and made them each one. 
Oh wait, I needed one as well!  

Then I though of another easy ring idea, buttons!  
button usage
different view
So now I have loads of ring ideas and if I could just put my Kindle down for a bit, I might be able to get them worked up!

On Sunday Katlyn and Julie left for Santa Rosa so I did housecleaning and while dusting decided my vase of branches needed some repairs.  Cats and branches don't always mix well.  Pulled out broken bits and tightened loose flowers and added a couple of new branches to replace the broken ones.  Added a few more flowers and it now looking lovely again.  I thought I had pictures of the finished product, but I think I just did a snapchat with Katlyn and well those pictures disappear after a few seconds.  I will have to get another shot.
repairing branches
Sunday evening I had Summerslam to watch and got working with some wool to see about a felted ring.  Not too sure about the results, well I'm sure that the felting process is cumbersome and didn't shrink enough for me, so back to the drawing board. 

Summerslam and felting
Oh and now we are at the end.  I guess that's all of my rambling for the time being.  Best get back to work!

Listening to:  Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith