Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 ended

I've had a pretty busy last few months.  I made many, many things for Christmas gifts but unfortunately, didn't take nearly enough pictures!  Everything I made was well received though (I think so anyway) so lets' get on with what I do have pictures of.

Up first is my Nephew's Rainbow Dash inspired pony hat. No pattern, just me winging it.  He loved it and wore it all day when i gave it to him, so a success! 
Riley's pony hat
Next is Katlyn's super secret project that I worked on like a mad woman.  64 2x2 squares into the Minecraft face of Nilesy, a favorite of hers from the Yogscast.  I didn't get the whole thing completed by Christmas as it will be a pillow soon, but got it the front and most important part done for her to open.  Others in the room had zero idea what in the world it actually was, but Katlyn knew and was pleased.  Can't wait to get it put together for a completed photo!
Now we have a beanie that I actually made for myself.  It is based on another Yogscast member, Sjin this time and I am very pleased with it.  I have other ideas for other members waiting in the wings.  Sjin just happens to be my favorite, well and Rythian but I could only do one at a time.
Sjin beanie
Katlyn needed a case for her iPad, so I whipped this up for her to use.  Man we really are geeks at my house!  
Zelda themed iPad case, waiting for buttons
I did an Advent for Katlyn this year in which I gave her a present for the daily until Christmas.  This Pokeball scarf was one of the gifts.  My Sister-in-law also requested one for my Niece so I made a total of 2 of these cute scarves.
Pokeball scarf #1
All those flowers I made turned into this scarf for a friends Christmas present.  Just attached them to a love olive yarn and done!
Not the best pic, but all flowers included
Now 2 scarves I finished, but did not get completed pictures of were for my Sister and Mother.  Same scarf, just different yarns.  The one pictured is my Sister's.  My Mom's is done in teals and purples.  Silly me for not getting pictures.  
scarf semi complete

So I think that about gets everything caught up for now.  I am working on the back of Katlyn's pillow with quite a few projects in the works....and by works, I mean my headspace!  

Friday, January 10, 2014