Friday, September 18, 2015

Hodge-Podge of photos

VooDoo in the making

calming creativity

slow growing

favorite things

shawl start

coming along

loving the growth


kind of rockstarish voodoo

roadtrip working

Sharkbait yarn at the beach!

sassy girl at the beach

found the Tardis in Sebastopol

My new 26 year old

sign at the beer brewing store

gotta love Northern California

beer brewing

Baby Shower kids contest

Baby Shower adults contest


She's still a big kid

loving the view

less then 30 minutes....ugh

start of a strawberry

strawberry hat complete

top of a strawberry

working up monster pants

enjoying a burger!

monster pants progress

super secret project yarn

here we go!!

what did I get myself into??

Santa square c2c

Santa square c2c

the progress is slow

Monster pants done