Thursday, March 29, 2012

Something new

This was in my head today.  I looked around yesterday to see if I could find a bunny to make Brooke for Easter and didn't find anything I really loved so I sketched a rough looking bunny and put it in my book and forgot about it last night.  (Damn that Doctor!)  Well this morning while getting ready for work I was thinking that I wish I had know about my Son's girlfriend birthday sooner (it's the 1st) because I could make her something.....this monster idea popped into my head.  I grabbed a skein of a turquoise yarn and popped it into my bag this morning on the way out the door.  I know that everyone has seen them around, but I haven't made one before, so I searched around this morning and again couldn't quite find what I was looking for, I did see someone had made one with a pom-pom on the top of it's head (hair maybe) and the idea sprang from there....had to have a pom-pom haired monster!!  I drew the head a pom-pom hair and added the parts and edited the parts (notice the whiteout bits)  I chose the Cascade because it was on the gloves I was wearing and I knew I had leftovers of it and I like the green bits with the turquoise, so when I picked Katlyn up from class and dropped her at home, I ran in a grabbed the ball of Cascade to add with the turquoise.  So this is an extremely rough draft to the monster I have started, and by started I mean did 6 sc into a magic circle :) 
Mad art skills I tell you!
Color choices!  
The blue yarn is Vanna's Choice Baby in Little Boy Blue and the greeny one is Cascade 220 Quatro.  I can't wait to see how this develops, should be interesting.  I have made Amigurumi things before, so the concept is not new and really after the Bender hat, I am enjoying making things up.  Funny thing about that though is that I am usually a very pattern needing kind of girl, but since the Funky Gloves I made I am liking the freedom of just winging it!  I hope I can get a lot of this done tonight while watching The Doctor, we moved on to the 11th Doctor last night....interesting is all I can say at this point.  Nine is still my favorite :)

I mean come on!!!
That's all I have to say!

Listening to:  The Beat Goes On by Sonny and Cher

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All's quiet today

I am the only one in the office and have been since 9 am, even the phones are quiet.  Oops, just heard the back door shut, someone's here.

I finished up the Cartman beanie for Katlyn, it's a simple hat anyway, I just added a little to it.  I purchased the Strata Beanie pattern awhile ago from Playin' Hooky Designs and have made many hats with it.  The hat comes out very solid and squishy, as my son says.  Solid AND squishy?  How does that make sense?  I guess you have to feel it to understand what I mean, though I'm sure there is a better term to describe it.  So I did that up and then added the yellow band and folded it up and tacked it down (Katlyn asked that I do that)  Next I did the pom-pom, so much fun with a crazy puppy who for some reason finds my scissors fascinating, he didn't care when I was wrapping the yarn around the cardboard so much, but as soon as I started snipping I couldn't keep him off my lap!  He's such a weirdo, the entire time I was shaping the pom-pom, he was sniffing around me and kept sticking he wet nose in the little fuzzy pile of yellow yarn which of course lead to him sporting little yellow bit of fuzzy all over his nose!   So here it is all finished up, I had to take a quick picture this morning and I'm telling you, there is either not enough light or too much.  I think I might need to make my own light box for my finished items.
It's a semi sunshiney day 

She let me take one as we were heading out this morning.
Now what small project can I do next?  I'm sure Katlyn will have more hat ideas and that will keep me busy and I have more fingerless gloves in the queue, so I'll see what tickles my fancy when I get home tonight.  

Ok remember how I said that I like the quiet of no one here, well the problems arises with that when my office which normally has 3 of us pinons in it has only me and I need to pee.....this could be a very long day!   I will be the one sprinting down the hall every couple of hours!  Oh well at least it's quiet and after yesterday I need the peace!  You ever notice how someone elses mood infects you?  I say infect and not affect because really it's contagious.  I wasn't having the greatest day anyway yesterday, but when you share office space with someone who is always angry it can bring you down even more.  I can't understand one's need to be so angry and yet so passive about everything.  You either have to let the anger go or fix it, I don't like the stress of being so angry about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and it doesn't do you good healthwise either!  I am ranting again, oops!  

I'm off to get some work done now, in my quiet, happy place....well I am at work, so not super happy when I could be crocheting, but alas the bills do need to get paid!

Listening to:  Bully by Shinedown

Monday, March 26, 2012

Many things and rain

I finished Bender last night and left him on the table with the blanket I am frogging.  This morning at the crack of dawn Max wants to go out, ok fine, I drag myself and him out in the morning cold and he does his stuff.  All good and I am looking forward to crawling back under the covers.  I walk in to this on the coffee table, kind of freaky having eyeballs staring at you when you walk into your house half asleep!  The dogs and I went back to sleep for a bit :)

Well the rain came this morning and with it the sunshine and overall light of the day disappeared, I tried all different ways to get a good shot of Bender, but it wasn't happening at all, just too dark and the flash wasn't helping.  I really should get on off the camera flash....hmmmm.  Anyway done!  Yay, I am quite pleased with it and I am sure my Son will be as well.  His eyes look a bit wonky here, but I have adjusted them and they are fine.  Katlyn even wore it around the house.

Side view

other side
Forgot about this blanket until I ran across it way back in my photo stream on Flickr.  the yarns came in a kit from Knit Picks and I thought they were very pretty.  I never liked the pattern that the kit came with which was a ripple of sorts, so I did frog it once already and started again, which was fine at the time (2007) but as things happen in life, it got put aside and then forgotten.  I know that one reason was that there was never going to be enough yarn to complete even a decent sized throw.  Anyway I pulled the bag of it out on Friday and left it out so I would remember about it and give it a looksy.  Looked and decided it had to have a new life.  When I finished Bender, I went and got the bag from my room and started frogging.     Some of the yarns really do take kindly to being ripped out, a bit too fuzzy.  I am doing the best to salvage all of the yarn, but I think some of the fuzzier ones are going to be difficult to save.  I'll just use the odd and ends for gloves.  I do like the colors of it, just not so sure how I like them together any longer.  Funny how our tastes change.
Tiny bit of green fuzzy so far
When you have a 4 month old puppy in the house and you are crocheting, never get up to go to the bathroom without checking to make sure you've dropped nothing on the floor.  This is the result of such an event!  Just look what he did in just minutes!  I had to use a nail file and sand the teeth marks down!  I have had these scissors for years and they are nice and sharp and are always in my hook bag (unless they are on my lap!) Oh the joys of having a puppy!

My poor, poor yarn scissors!!
Having finished up the Bender beanie, Katlyn declared she wants a new hat, specifically a Cartman beanie, (Cartman being a South Park character) I told her to go check my yarn stash for the colors needed and she found them and well off I begin on another project.  Simple beanie actually, I can whip them up pretty fast and actually almost have it completed.  With the nonstop rain all day I was able to get lots done before dinner and then I worked on it all evening while we watched Doctor Who.
Cartman beanie started
I started typing this Sunday since I had pictures on my laptop and now it's Monday morning and it's been a hellava day so far and it's only 11 am!
For some reason I couldn't seem to fall asleep last night and when I did sleep, I never stayed asleep for long.  Always weird because I rarely have sleep issues.  I woke up before just my alarm this morning and just got up because I didn't feel the need to keep tossing and turning.  My morning routines done early, sweet.  On my way to the kitchen to heat the water for coffee, I pass Moo's cage and she's laying all stretched out............CRAP!  She never sleeps like that, sure enough she's dead, WTF?  She was alive and now dead, ugh.  I go to the kitchen get the coffee press ready and clean up a pan I was soaking, decide I need to handle the bunny situation before Katlyn sees her sweet bunny dead.  Shoes on,  bunny wrapped and loaded cage and all in my car.  This is all before coffee.  Let me say this, bunny death is not the same as hamster death.  Moo was a big, happy and healthy bunny, I am pretty uncalloused on animal deaths as they generally have a shorter life span then we do and it's what happens and well being a Mom of 4 we have had plenty of small animals and I have had plenty of small animal deaths to deal with, so I just deal with it and move on, but I loved that bunny and I know that Katlyn adored her and is going to be quite shocked at the missing cage when she wakes up this morning (morning in a teenagers life usually equals 1ish)  Sometimes things in life suck.  It's got me a bit down today I can tell you that.

Cheerier note, the new Shinedown album is in on iTunes and it is downloading right now since I preordered the other day with a gift card no less, so I didn't have to wait until payday, which is 7 days away still and by my calculations we are at $9 a day for living on the next 7 days AND I need some groceries which will go over the $9 mark for today, sigh.  Wait what happened to my cheer???

Ok, that's me out of here.  I will go off and pretend I am working while listening to new Shinedown album!

Listening to: Adrenaline by Shinedown

Friday, March 23, 2012

Always look forward to the sleep in on Saturday

I can't help it.  I don't sleep in that much really, I just like the fact that I am not startled awake by my alarm.  I still get up early to walk Max, because he has a teeny, tiny bladder or actually is a very routine oriented dog (wonder where he picked that up from!) but it's not the same and he usually sleeps until the sun has come up which my alarm does not!  Anyway.......

Since I finished my bag I figured I had best get crackin' on some other WIP's.  Katlyn and I decided to settle in  and watch a couple episodes of Doctor Who (just started series 4) and though it would be a good time to pull out the Bender beanie and see what I could create.  Beanie base has been done for a little while so I needed to get going on the details.  Now seriously, I am winging this entire thing.  I searched the internet for a pattern and though I found cool pictures, I found no pattern.  Here's what I got done last night, though did have quite of bit of frogging with each piece.  I brought it to work for pictures because it's too dark inside my house to shot without a flash.  I will add the black to the eyes tonight and get them attached and do a fitting with Katlyn as my stand in for my Son.  I need to see how it fits and where I want to add the ear flaps.  I am happy with how it's turning out, who knew watching a bit of The Doctor could produce such results!
Antennae, stuffing it was a challenge!

eyeballs just need the black dots (not final placement)

here they are again, white doesn't photograph well
So that wraps up my Friday, well except that I am at work and the day is crawling along at a snails pace!  I would rather be home crocheting today.  

Listening to:  Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A sense of accomplishment

I do love completing a project and especially one that I love as much as this bag.  Added a total of 9 flowers and even though Katlyn says you can't see them I am pleased with them.  So with this completed I guess I will have to move along to something else.  Can't finish up the other bag I started yet, since I don't have the yarn to complete it.  I do have Steven's Bender beanie to get finished, so I think that will be tonight project.  That will be good to get done too.  
This is just a quick post today, since I have done nothing except ramble on about this purse for days now and have really gotten nothing else done (crochet wise that is, but I am assuming that no one wants to hear about my board meeting or the bunny's runny eye issue, etc)

It is Spring though and that is FANTASTIC because all of the flowers and trees start blooming again and that gives me much happiness while driving to work in the yucky traffic filled mornings!

Ok work, work, work now!

Listening to: Making Love Out Of Nothing At All by Air Supply

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh yes!

Well I seem to have settled on a design that I like.  What do you think?  It makes me happy when I pop in here and see the polka dots so this may last for a good while. Now on with other things that make me happy.

Crocheting make me happy, duh....yarn makes happy as well.  Puppies playing in my yarn do not make me happy!  Grrrr, Kid thinks everything is a toy for him, mind you that little dog had PLENTY of doggy toys.  Unsupervised for a minute and he has torn the wrapper off yet another skein of yarn.  That dog always has something in his mouth too, most of the time a piece of paper that once was a wrapper on a skein of yarn.  This morning I removed all yarn from the bottom of the shelves I set up for yarn until he understands that is mine and not his!  Hahaha, I don't even know where that rant came from, just popped in my head as I was typing!  good thing for him that he's cute ;)

I have gotten 4 flowers done so far.  Pattern found here with tutorial.  Like I said I've done 4 already and being that said they vary naturally as I use up the yarn and I like that a lot.  
Done in Noro Silk Garden
I really needed to use this bag and I am adding the flowers as I make them, just randomally across one side which is now the front of the bag.  I switched up purses this morning and I am very pleased except for one tiny thing, there is no inside pocket for my phone and I do not like my phone roaming freely around my purse, (who knows what kind of trouble it can get into) so I am going to have to come up with a plan for a pocket. Here's my bag on my desk this morning after adding the 4th flower.
4 flowers on
and another shot of filled with my stuff, really not a full as it looks, it's just sitting on my desk kind of flopped, I don't carry that much stuff!

in use
I want to walk around with it and show it off, I want to make loads more in all different colors, I want to just sit and look at it.  Right!  Back to work now.

Listening to:  Idiot by Lisa Marie Presley

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love getting things done!

I cannot express how much I love this bag, I mean the excitement of a new bag is always good, but one that I made myself sends me bubbling over.  I love everything about this bag too, the colors rock and I love that it's a granny square and it makes me happy!  Sorry, gushing!  I have it 95% done, I want to add flowers to it and give it a bit of snazz!  I've seen many versions of this bag with no extra and it's still awesome, but the bag that I originally saw had LOTS of snazz and I fell in love instantly, so I'm leaning that direction.  Without further ado, here are some pictures that I snapped very quickly this morning at work.  My boss came in early and I was trying to hurry, I need to take it outside and get some better shots, but for now this is what I've got.
1 handle done
Did I mention I was finishing this up at my desk this morning :)
and here we are

Side 1
Not really a front and back kind of bag, just showing all the different colors.

Side 2
Off to work up some flowers!

Listening to: Separated Self by Saliva

Monday, March 19, 2012

a new week

Warning photo heavy today :)  I am really excited about this bag I am making!  The pattern calls it a Striped Bag, but I've seen it called a Granny Bag and a Fat Bottom Bag, which I discovered this weekend while searching YouTube and Google to try and figure out how in the world to do the edging!  The pattern itself gave me nothing and I couldn't find any picture of any bag in progress except for the granny square itself.  I am actually no help either since I didn't take in progress shots while doing up the sides...why?  I have no excuse except my excitement at moving forward with the bag and the fact that the one tutorial I found was based on the pattern I am using but highly modified.  Now I modified the pattern myself using a different yarn then what was called for and using only 1 strand of said yarn and using a bigger hook size to accommodate my yarn, so modifying a pattern that I had never made, I bring troubles to myself  :)  SOOOO, moving on, I used up all of my Noro Kureyon and grabbed the next skein to continue on thinking that it was Kureyon as well when in fact it was Silk Garden, oopsy.  I decided to use it anyway since I was trying to get to my 24" finished square (the pattern calls for the finished piece to be 30 rounds and 60cm.  60cm = 24") Well I got almost across one side and didn’t like it, too thin compared to the Kureyon so I ripped it out and took out the Kureyon back to a finished square, which wasn’t that far back anyway.  So I finished it off at 23 rounds equaling 22 inches.  Measured well since I needed to cut fabric for the lining and then using the Silk Garden and and H hook, I started the edges.  When doing the edges I used this tutorial for reference and modified it to suit my bag.  I played with it and did a lot of holding up and looking at my bag and deciding from my visual of what I liked.  I did right down the work that I did, so that I can reference it when doing another one
23 rounds total
22 inches
Remember what I said about getting decent pictures over the weekend and the upcoming rain?  Well the above pictures are the result, no sweet natural light and with a puppy running around I had to spread out on my kitchen counter as opposed to the floor for a picture, so it's a bit wobbly and even used my big girl camera too...I may need to dust off my photography skills!
We went over to my Sister's yesterday for my Niece's birthday party so I took my bag with me and that is another reason I don't have pictures of the sides, I was working on it there and there were people all about and 8 dogs!  Yes 8 of them, my Sister has 1, my Brother and his wife (that the birthday girl belongs too) brought their 1, my Sister's friend brought her 2 plus 2 puppies from Kid's litter that she had given away when they were little things, but had to be returned because the guy that took them couldn't keep them any longer (sucky, just sucky) and then we decided to run home and get Max and Kid to compare Kid to his brother and there you go 8 dogs!  Kid had a blast and ran tons of energize off playing in the yard with my Nephew and the other dogs.  Max is always happy over there because someone always drops food :)  
I managed to get all of the edges done yesterday and last night finished up while watching Once Upon A Time and then cut the fabric (black velvet that I got as a remnant a long time ago) and started sewing.  Lesson for anyone doing this, DO NOT wait to sew the lining, do it as soon as the square is done and measured because once the edges are done, the bunches make it extremely difficult to sew the lining in.  You sew it onto the square about 1/2 to 3/4 of the last round and it won't bother the dc's that you need for the edges and will probably make your life a bit easier in the end.  Now saying that I have not sewn much on a crocheted piece before, one time to be exact way back here but that was small and flat. (and still in use today!!) Ok on with the pictures!  Edges done and sewing has begun!
side 1
Oh how I love the colors!

One side of the front, longer then the sides because I need to fold over the bamboo handles.  Did I mention the colors?

side 2
adding the lining
Just the beginning, the fabric gets a bit wonky in there and I have to be creative with how it fits, good thing this is for me!
sitting up pretty
Just showing how it will look before adding the handles.  I am going to get them on there tonight!

Kid's sister
Anyone at all need a puppy?  She needs a good home and is 4 months old right now and has a brother too (besides Kid) that needs a home, he wouldn't stand still long enough for a picture, but he's solid black with Kid's facial structure.
Spring is coming!
It was cold yesterday, but the sun was shining.  Makes for a good day to have a birthday party!  Walked around my Sister's backyard while the dogs were jumping around and took pictures of the lemon tree coming over the fence from the neighbors place.  I do love the smell of lemon blossoms.

Gotta go finish my lunch while it's hot!

Listening to: Hate Me by Blue October

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday update of sorts

Got more of the bag granny done, up to round 14 now and I do really like it, though to me it looks huge.  We shall see.  I do start on the next skein, which is the same colorway and after that it will be different, I like eclectic, so I am hoping for the best (I typed beast first, haha yikes!)  I think we are supposed to get rain this weekend, so not sure if I will be able to get any decent pictures in natural light, but I will be trying.  I got really lucky with the second skein of this yarn, the outside end was the same color as I was finishing up so I was able to felt them together and just continue on with no major change, nice when things work out.  
Round 14
I took pictures this morning of the Treasury yarn in Abstract and you can see the colors so much better in these, they really are gorgeous.  See how they look nothing like the website "swatch", so much better in person or in this case, my camera!

Considering this is a Friday and a normally happy day, I am in a foul mood.  I have people calling and bitching me out because their attorney is not in the office and as I have explained, I do not work for their attorney I merely answer his phone line if it rings thru to my desk.  I do not know when or if they are going to come in and since they don't let me know when they come and go, I don't even know if they are here or not until the phone rings thru!  Of course though I get to deal with the very anger clients because I have no answers for them, the abuse today in particularly bad and I am not amused.  I also paid all of my bills this morning leaving me with a huge amount of stress considering that payday was yesterday and I have to wait another 17 days until the next one, it could be bad considering I haven't grocery shopped yet or gotten gas in my car....crap, crap, crap.  I need to sell stuff, what can I sell off?  I have a million and one Hallmark Christmas ornaments that really need to go, but I haven't a clue as to how to get them sold, I guess I can try ebay.  I should talk to a friend of mine that sells his stuff on there, maybe he has pointer how to's that won't cost me a lot up front.  Enough whoa-is-me stuff, I need be happy....where is my yarn?  

Puppy training this weekend, he needs some serious reeling in! He is very needy and I guess that's my fault, we got him so young that I coddled him so he had an easier transition coming away from his mother and 5 siblings, I mean he was only 6 weeks old.  I moved my computer to the coffee table in the mornings and sat on the floor with him so that he wasn't alone and well I have just continued with that over the months.  Well I am not a spring chicken and sitting on the floor is becoming cumbersome (ok it's the getting up off of the floor that's the problem) so I moved my laptop back up to the dining table or kitchen counter and he wants none of that, just sits there staring at me!  With an occasional whine thrown in for good measure, I need to break him of that.  There's also the lease training, he goes on a leash but walking him is insanity, he doesn't mind the leash really, he just wants to run and jump on Max.  All he wants to do is play, that's it, everything is a toy to him and it's always play time.  He does sleep really good, all night in fact but during the day it's play, play, play with a nap tossed in every once in awhile.  I just need to get him trained so he's not so wild! I'm sure he will outgrow it too, but in the meantime! 

Right, that's it, I'm off to get my desk cleared off and wait for the work day to come to an end, soon very soon.

Listening to: Hard to See by Five Finger Death Punch

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 in a row

Sad news...Joann’s did not have anymore of the colorway I needed for my bag.  I guess it’s going to sit it out for a little while whilest I work on a new one using the Noro I have on hand (which is what I should have done in the first place, since I am not supposed to be buying yarn for myself!) I did start the Noro bag last night, I took apart the little squares I did way back in 2007 and felted them all back together in the proper sequence of color changes, into a new ball of yarn!  The felting idea came to me because I didn’t want to waste 6 inches from each end of the square thus losing quite a bit of the natural color change.  I pulled out the squares, tied the matching ends together leaving about an inch and a half tail of each side and then twisted and needle felted away.  The Noro has lumpy bits already so the felted bits are completely unnoticeable and that makes me very happy!  I am loving this new purse already and the colors rock.  The pictures of the squares were taken in 2007, I found them in my Flickr stream way back when I started up on Flickr which I had started to join a crocheting group.  Now these little squares have a whole new purpose, to become my newest purse!
the beginning
This is what I did with the Noro originally back in 2007 
The beginning square is the first one I did and now the start of the bag, I just continued around from that square after felting on the next color.  So far it looks pretty good.  I have another skein of the same color and then I have different colors, so I am going to match them up according to the brightness and go from there.
So far this morning
I am quite pleased how it's coming out, a bad picture taken quickly at the office because the ones I took last night at home were quite off in the colors, it was very weird.  The brown looked red and the blue was way too purple, different lighting I guess.  I will be working on this as much as I can to get it completed, it's only 30 rounds and then 10 sc so I am hoping that I will have plenty of yarn to complete this one!

I didn't leave Joann's empty handed though, bad girl that I am supposed to be on a yarn diet....but I had a 50% off coupon!!  I mean come one!  One simple does not waste coupons!  I got this, which funny enough was the original color that I coveted when I first saw the yarn online.  I will take an actually picture later on, when my boss is not hanging about and post it, because even though this is off of the Red Heart website, this picture does not do it justice at all!   the oranges are not shown and the overall brightness of the yarn is not showing at all, it's quite stunning and well I bought a skein.... 50% off people and well I am weak :)
Red Heart Boutique Treasury in Abstract
I best get back to work before I need to take off to pick up Katlyn and go to the bank (Payday, woohoo!!)
A short lived woohoo because I have bills to pay with it and not much extra this month, one of the reasons I shouldn't be buying yarn!  

Listening to:  I Got A Gun by Brides of Destruction

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Things

As you can see I’ve been making changes.  I think change is a good thing, but I am not really sure where I stand in the changes I’ve made thus far.  I background might be too much, the header might be too little.  I am still working things out.  I do like the idea of my own picture as the background and not just a generic something, but I think I should do some toning down so it’s not so distracting.  I was unhappy with the way my header was looking because for some reason I cannot adjust it to fit properly across the top and align with everything else.  I will just keep playing with it until I hit the right combination of balance.  Stay tuned.....

Up next is my new bag!  Can I say YAY!  I am really excited to be making this bag and love the yarn.  I have used up the only skein I bought though and now have to go get another, hopefully they will have the color I need.  If not I will set in aside and start a new one :) I have a few skeins of Noro and love the color changes of it, so I will simply put all of those together, I have 5 balls total plus the squares I worked up from another ball of it, so that’s 6.  I am going to have this bag one way or another!  Heres' the progress so far.
13 rounds from the first skein
I think I will look for fabric to match while I am at Joann's tonight as well, though I don't know the finished size of the square so that would be a premature purchase.  I probably have some in the closet anyway.  Speaking of the closet, I need to whip up that project bag for my swap partner, better get that done because I like everything wrapped up and shipped by the 15th and yeah that's tomorrow!  I believe the yarn I purchased for her will be in the mailbox when I get home, silly me shipped it to my home address instead of my work address like I always do!

And now for somethings completely away from yarn and crocheting....
My alarm goes off at 6 am Monday thru Friday, I get up throw on my robe, fetch Max from his sleeping state and gather the necessary things to take him downstairs for a walk. (a flashlight is one after the time change this past weekend) anyhow, we wander out to the front of the complex so he can take care of business and I can start my day.  Well this morning we head out the gate and right in front, double parked is a police car, empty and dark....weird, but whatever not my business.  I take a couple of steps and notice 5 other police cars, all lined up, double parked, empty and no lights of any sort on.  Ok now VERY weirded out, telling Max to hurry up (yeah like he listens!)  I look up and down the street and nothing, no one at all...I am beyond creeped put now and hustle Max back inside the locked gate and go back to my happy place locked inside my condo!  We have been watching a lot of Doctor Who....things happen you know :)  Never did find out what was up, all cars were gone when I left for work a little before 8 and the street looked normal.  Who knows.
Along the Doctor Who lines, I got these for Katlyn.  She loves them and for a $1.25 made her smile big!
3-D Glasses
Can we talk about television shows for a minute?   Now we don’t watch much “TV" per se in fact there are days that go by without the television even being turned on, we do watch certain shows on Netflix but other then Once Upon A Time, there is no program that we watch on a regular weekly basis.  We watch anime series, One Piece is one that I get when the DVD sets come out in English.  We started watching Doctor Who from the 2005 revamp of the series and really enjoy it.  Now where is this going you may be wondering, I have noticed that watching this show is like having a major crush on someone.  It gets in you head, in your system.  Seriously I feel like I have some weird obsession and much as I try to keep it in check, I can’t stop thinking about The Doctor.  Is it just me...crap it probably is, I feel like some silly fangirl just typing it all out now.  I don’t mean thinking in a romantic sort of way either, it’s like I want to sit myself down and read everything and watch everything that happens in the show, it’s not a crush on David Tennant (we are on Doctor 10 right now and anyway 9 is my Doctor of choice) it’s more like a crush on the whole show itself.  I don’t know how exactly to explain it other then I am head over heels for the show right now and could easily be the crazy fangirl at any moment....oh wait, I think I may have crossed that line a bit just by typing this up!

Ok now that my crazy Tardis colored flag is waving for all to see, I better get back to work and try to pretend I'm normal!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

I love Mondays....just kidding!

Here we go a fantastic weekend round up!  Ok maybe not fantastic, but I do have pictures!  We wnet to Joann's on Friday night as I needed ribbon to use for drawstrings on the new project bag I am making for my monthly swap over at Ravelry.  Well Joann's has changed up the store recently, I mean changed it a lot, Katlyn and I felt a bit lost going into the same store we've been shopping at since 2001!  They moved all of the aisles, moved things to the front...oh I am not fond of change when I usually just walk right in and can go right to the ribbon section and get what I need.  The problems that we face in life! ;) Sorted out where the ribbon was and then went to see what they did to the yarn section....the horrors that could be waiting for me!  Found the yarn in pretty much the same area but low and behold, they branched out a bit AND oh my goodness....they have NEW yarn!!! Happiness, much happiness followed I can tell you!  They are now carrying the Red Heart Boutique line which I have seen online only (well except for the Changes yarn I've used previously for a hat for my Sister and hated!)  I had been looking for a yarn to make a purse (this purse to be exact!) and had seen this yarn online, but really will a million other ideas in my head these days, I wasn't in a rush, though to be honest that purse has been pushing it's way to the front for the last couple of weeks.  I'm guessing that fate intervened here because Joann's now carries this b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. yarn and they have 6 different color ways to choose from, oh the choices!  Katlyn helped me pick the color and it's gorgeous.  The yarn is 70% Acrylic and 30% Wool and is super soft and just works up nicely.  I am using a J hook, though the label recommends an L.  It is a roving type so I can't go too fast with it or it catches but I love it and will be saving my coupons for more of this yarn in the future!
Colorway is Tapestry, with greens, orange, purples and golds.

Now i shall come off my yarn cloud and show off the gloves that has been rejected :)  This is the first one I made for Katlyn as I explained in my previous post, she thinks it's off somehow, I think it lacks balance.
Glove 1
So I started over with a bit less white and a bit more texture....guess what?  She still doesn't like it.  Sigh...I'm going back to black and white for her!
Glove 2
Now up next is the black/gray/white square I have been playing with, I think that it will be pretty cool looking all together with the same squares.
Crappy picture, but you can see the idea.
Leaving you with a picture that I took while playing with my camera and the puppy...though there is no puppy in the shot or even close to it :)  

Listening to:  Fade To Black by Metallica

Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday and nothing to show for it!

I had my bag packed and ready so I could take some pictures and left it sitting on the couch this morning.  So I have no pictures and really nothing exciting even if there were pictures.  I finished up the one glove that was Tardis inspired for Katlyn and she has rejected it....said it's too boring and that she didn't want a Tardis, just a mix of the colors.  I have to agree with her, it's really not all that fabulous, just a bit flat I think.  I will take pictures though and show it anyway and maybe it will evolve into something different.  I also came up with a new square color scheme.  I have been playing with the idea of a black and white granny square since before Christmas and even bought a few skeins each of Vanna's Choice in black, white, charcoal and gray and they have been sitting in their respective bins waiting for me to do something with them.  I decided on a square starting with white, then gray, then charcoal and one final round of black for a total of 7 rounds.  Looks pretty good and I am thinking that they will look good grouped together.  Pity about the photos though...I guess I will dust off my camera tomorrow and make up for the lack of photos today!

I am in a weird mood today as well, can't really tell if it's bad or not.  Definitely leaning that way though, which is quite odd for a Friday.  I have had to deal with stupid people this morning at work and that never helps my day, you would think attorneys would be a bit nicer....oh wait, silly me I forget that they think that being nice to the person answering the phone is beneath them :)

I took some pictures at the office some there is something to look at!

This is what Kid thinks of the whole thing!

It's Friday and there's sunshine!

Only 3 1/2 more hours to go, I better stay busy I hate counting the hours!

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