Wednesday, May 29, 2013

careless whisper

So had a lovely 3 day weekend in which I was a hermit and quite happy about that!  I read books, cleaned house and crocheted....yep perfect weekend!  Katlyn went out with her cousin and they hung out most all day and night so it was just me and the animals on Saturday, I whipped up a bunch of cuffs and wraps and read of course since I can't seem to not read these days!  I am starting to worry about myself!  Katlyn says I need to read some "smart" books for awhile, she suggested Macbeth.  
Getting warm in So Cal right now and I really need to come up with some recipes that are not hot and heavy.  I do like comfort food but they are usually on the heavier side and more in line with Winter cooking. Hopefully I can come up with something interesting and tasty!
comfort food at it's finest
Wraps and cuffs are making me happy right now so I'm whipping them up and wearing them all of the time.  The only problem is that they are all the same really, just different colors.  I need to get a bit more clever!

black wrap
When Katlyn is out the dogs tend to hang out fairly close by me.  Like sleeping at my feet!  Kid is especially clingy and plops right under my chair.  I moved and I looked up at me with his sleepy face on!  Can't resist a picture with that face.
Kid all sleepy faced
Brandon text me out of the blue on Saturday evening and made me laugh.  My boys are really good about texting me throughout the week just to say Love you Mom but he was a bit more detailed this time!  Always makes my day!
random text from my Son
Pulled out a stash of cotton yarn and buttons and started coordinating them.  I like the blue/turquoise with the white button. 
blues wrap
have had this yarn for awhile now.
And just because I think my blog needs eye-candy every once in awhile, I shall present David Gandy....yikes!  Really just too pretty, he should be illegal!  
this man is beautiful
Last night started a wrist thingy for Katlyn.  Bad phone picture making everything yellow tinted, but it will be 5 stripes of blue and white.  It's modeled after a One Piece character's wrist band, it just goes to mid forearm.
new project
Of course it's good to show the mess on my table and that I am creating things albeit the same kind of things right now!
mess of wraps and cuffs
There we are this weeks wrap up of things I have done.  Nothing terribly exciting but getting things done, even small things makes me feel good, which of course is brilliant!  

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Well now since making my cuff on Sunday and loving it on Monday I decided to try another bracelet for Tuesday.  I found went on a stash hunt and found Debbie Bliss Angora Cotton that just begged to be a bracelet.  Made a very long chain, attached a button and created a loop closure...ta-da!  Instant love!  Took me about 10 minutes in total and I am so very happy. 
wrap #1
Well being as I was so happy with my wrap I felt the need for another to match my Wednesday outfit!  Went through my cotton stash and did a blue one.  I'm sure you can see how this is going to go wrap or cuff for every day of the week!  Happy me!

Love the variations of blue with the silver button
It's a very good thing I have a large button collection.  I do really like the silver/metal buttons and I think my stash of those is going to be depleted quite rapidly at this rate!  My Sister wants a blue wrap as well, so last night I whipped one out for her, while reading a not so good story.  Why do I insist on finishing a story that is not very good.  Well not very fair I suppose, the story itself wasn't bad but the writing was killing me.  Honestly when the author starts using the same words over and over I tend to get annoyed and on top of that when the words "my lover" keep popping up, I get quite squeamish.  Maybe it's just me, but I really don't like the term lover, kind of creeps me out and ALWAYS make me think of an Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch where that is what they call each other constantly and while the skit makes me laugh, it does NOTHING for me in a romance novel.  Well gives me the heebeegeebees!  So I have a hard time enjoying the story.  Oh well, I digress, this is about crocheting which I did do!

Working on a new wrap for the Sister
I of course needed a new wrap to go with today's outfit.  Red of course!  Even though the picture looks orange, it is actually a very lovely shade of red.

yep Thursday's wrap
I think I will make a new cuff tonight once I get Friday's outfit lined up!  I really like the wraps though so we shall see!  Yep I'm a weirdo!  Tomorrow is Friday and we have a 3 day weekend.  Excellent, completely broke so no yarn or button but excellent to have the time off and get things done.  Katlyn needs a haircut and we are going to color her hair as well.  I do believe we are going to the movies as well on Sunday to see the new Star Trek, can't wait to see Benedict as the villian!  Even better is that I have a gift card for the movie theater so it doesn't cost anything!

Listening to:  Swing by Trace Adkins

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yankee Rose

Decided I needed to clean up and organize things this weekend so that's pretty much what I did, with the exception of reading 2.5 novels....I think I did pretty well!  First up my keys!  I had half of them on a lanyard so I could grab and go when walking the dogs and be able to separate my car keys from all of the rest because my Dad has it ingrained in my head that too many keys will pull out my ignition.  Anyway the problem was that my keys were constantly separated and that in itself was driving me crazy.  I sat down and put them all together with a hook on my car key to remove it for driving.   
I have too many places to get into
Started working on a new rooster.  I asked Katlyn to choose a color, she picked purple.  I dug out some purple and started working adding lime green for his plumage.   

new rooster
Now during my organizing I realized I had a sewing basket sitting around with stuff in it but nothing in it being used for sewing.  I cleaned it out and it is now used for my crafty bits....beads, fancy buttons, etc. and put those items into jars I had hanging around. It was a bit of chaos during the organizing, but I think I got it under control.
decided to organize
So the purple rooster got a name, Ramone and started getting himself together.  Well I kind of helped in that.
Ramone coming along
Ramone all put together though I think he is lacking something but can't figure out what he needs and he is not speaking to me. 

Ramone P. Rooster
Next up I finished my little pincushion that I started way back last May and never got around to putting together.  It just hung out in my project bag all crocheted up just waiting to be put together and stuffed.  While organizing I figured I needed a pincushion for my pretty little pins and grabbed it out of the bag and whipped in together and stuffed it!  Stuck some pins in and it's done!
Put together and finished
And of course since one can never have too many projects going on, I thought I would make a cute cuff that I ran across while checking out a link from pinterest.  The pattern is free from Lion Brand here.  The pattern calls for different yarn and a K hook and I of course being the rebel crafter that I am chose cotton thread and a G hook.  At bit of adjusting and experimenting and I got my own cuff.  Now of course I had to roll the hank of Tahki Cotton Classic Lite that my Sister had gotten for me awhile ago and I didn't have any ideas for it until last night. Got nearly done and then got a bit tangly.
so close to done
And it done.  Now since adjusting the pattern to my hook and yarn I also adjusted for two buttons instead of the one that the original pattern called for and dug out these pretty buttons to go along with my lovely new cuff.
made this
Busy is what I was this weekend I'll tell you!  Not to mention my regular chores that the weekend brings!  I feel very accomplished right now!   Wonder what I can get done this week?  And how many books can I read?  

Listening to:  Help Is On Its Way by Little River Band

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

cock of the walk

Sometimes I get creatively silly ideas either they pop into my head or I see a picture online and off my brain goes!  Well now this chicken, oops rooster came up when I was searching all things chicken related for a gift for my Sister.  I saw a couple different versions, both with patterns 1 free and the other not.  Now I do not have any problem paying for a pattern, none whatsoever in fact, but the pattern was pretty pricey for this little chic rooster and since I had done a taco bird a few years ago I though I would just do some creative adding of parts!
The bits...coming along
now of course I am always thinking of other projects when I start rolling and have to do a silly I drew out some coffee cozy ideas and we will see if they come out or not!
Again my fabulous drawings
Last night was all about the rooster, who for some unknown reason picked up the name Eugene while I was putting him together!  Why yes, thank you I am a nut!

Got Eugene put together and gave him some googley eyes and he is one happy rooster!
this morning
And now here comes the rest of my crazy confession....I crack myself up, I mean like really crack myself up!  Laugh out loud, alone in my car, driving to work kind of crack myself up!  I shall explain.  I decided Eugene needed a full name (don't judge) and proceeded to give him the middle initial J for standing for nothing at all just liked Eugene J. so what goes with that than?  Ok Eugene J. Rooster, perfect right...oh no wait here's the cracking myself up part, I changed Rooster to Cock and burst out laughing!  Good lord I am such a child!  So allow me to present Eugene J. Cock all complete!
Eugene J. Cock
My Sister loves him I think as much as I do and really I didn't want to give him away!  I guess I will be making another rooster for myself, who knows what name I will come up with next!

It is good to be crocheting again even though my reading has literally taken over my life lately!  I cannot seem to stop reading and the worst part is the books I'm reading are not exactly great literature...I mean entertaining to me yes and some even educational (haha, sex ed for sure!)  guilty pleasure indeed!  These small projects are my balance right now, read a bit and crochet a bit!

Listening to: Bad Motor Scooter by Sammy Hagar

Monday, May 13, 2013

Used to

Well now it has been a good while since I posted anything and truthfully I haven't really worked on a whole heck of a lot to post anyhow.  I made tiny flowers and still have some in the works, but truly other then my Mom's scarf...nothing!  So on with the latest....
I got the scarf finished up and figured I'd add a couple of flowers since it was a very simple and Katlyn suggested adding some flowers to add in a bit of green to give it a little something extra.  Of course she is the one who insists it looks like a strip of bacon so I had to add something to it!
a leaf
leaves and flowers
So added flowers, leaves and some fringe...a bit less bacony now and of course I gave it to her for Mother's Day yesterday when it happened to be 100 degrees out!  Gotta love California~
finished scarf
I decided my Sister needed a little something for Mother's Day as well and whipped up this coffee cozy for her.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  I haven't used my embroidery skills in many moons!  No pattern, just whipped it up and freehanded the embroidery.
coffee cozy for my Sister
I thought I would play around and try to make a chicken, a taco chicken actually.  I got the circle done, now I just need to work out the rest of him...oops, I guess that makes it a taco rooster because I need all the frilly bits that a rooster has!
things in progress
Now here's another little thing in progress, it is supposed to be a skull...a flat skull but I am having a bit of a hard time with it so we shall see if I get it done.
another project in the works
Mother's Day yesterday and it was HOT outside.  Katlyn and I went to the movies to see Iron Man enjoy the cool theater for a couple of hours and then we popped over to Target to get supplies for the week and well supplies included a bit of alcohol!  It was very refreshing on such a hot day :)
it was very hot yesterday!
We did go to Disneyland last week as well with Brooke...3 days in a row!  Yikes, that's a lot of Disneyland!  I cleared my phone of pictures the other day so I will post pictures later in the week!

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