Friday, November 23, 2012

Dream On

Thanksgiving has come and gone, there was food and family.  All in all a good day.  Really a bit warm for last November, but it is Southern California so we do what all good Californians do and hang outside in the sunshine!  We chatted, read the sale ads for Black Friday, and had drinks and snacks.  No Black Friday shopping for us though, I don't like the crowds and really there is very little (and by very little I mean nothing!) I need to get up at dawn to purchase!
Brandon checking the ads
Need to keep it cold somehow!
I worked on getting the hat done and ta-da....finally done with it!  Shipping out on Monday!

Yep got it done!
Now my Sister needs a beer run and since I had only just gotten to my first glass of wine it was up to me to haul myself to the market...oh yeah while I'm there see if they have cherry pies.  What a combo!
Beer and Pie run
I made my pumpkin pie as I always do, had a hard time finding pie crusts though, really know better than to wait until the last minute!  Oh well, I made my own.
Pumpkin Pie

The wait was worth it!

At last it's time to eat!
Friday morning, no work and nothing that needs to be done other than my sit on front of my computer reading and hooking!  Working on Katlyn's Sherlock-y scarf which is simple enough but I am going to have to block the heck out of it, for some reason the yarn is all wibbly-wobbly...driving me a bit mad really, but I've counted stitches and they are accurate, so blocking it is!

Sherlock scarf
Now on to today....being as it's Saturday I have to get on with my weekend chores.  Laundry, know the usual lovely things that prevent me from doing the thing I want to do!  So off I go, getting started on my day!

Listening to:  Tell Me What You Want by Zebra

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not strong enough

Well here we are the day before Thanksgiving.  I'm staying in town this year, though I miss the boys terribly! I am either going to have to move closer to them or have them move closer to me.  Both pretty near impossible, they have no desire to move down here and I can't simply up and move without a house or job and selling my condo would take time and money, heck even just renting it out would take money to get it up to speed.  Plus there are things that keep me here and I'm not strong enough to leave because of that.  I am not even sure why it's a big deal, but it always will be I'm sure.  Damn confusing indeed!  Ugh, my simple little life is so confusing!

Anyway, a picture less post because I have taken nothing lately, but I have gotten that green hat finally worked out and started on the blue rim.  I'm telling you that simple little hat has given me nothing but fits trying to get it right!  It's hard with no head to refer it to, so I'm in guess mode and I have to keep ripping it out to make it look the right size.  I will have it finished this evening or tomorrow, ok not this evening since I have pies to make tonight, but I am taking stuff to work on to my Sister's tomorrow since we will be there all day and she is having problems with a blanket she is working on and asked for my assistance.  So yarn and turkey, great combo!

Pictures will be forthcoming after tomorrow!  Good times....there should be wine in my future!  Hahaha, now that will make for some good pictures!

Listening to:  Wings Of A Butterfly by H.I.M.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Feel The Tide

And here we are back at Monday again, not all that fun but I guess we have to work through it to get to the rest of the week!
Katlyn and I went to Joann's on Friday to look for a couple of things, me for bacon colored yarns and her she was in need of beads.  We both managed to have success.  I found the perfect rust colored yarn and a cream for the bacon scarf and she of course found a giant container of beads that had the color she needed, when it's my money she always manages to found the biggest container!  Anyway at least I found the yarn I needed for one Christmas gift.

Bernat & Red Heart

Can you smell the bacon?
I got a new nail polish too, I saw this color when someone had pinned it on Pinterest and fell for it instantly and fortunately it is a current color, it's OPI's Skyfall line called Skyfall.  This is just one quick coat and still messy but gorgeous right!
I like my nails all girly
Rainy Saturday but managed to get a few things done around the house, which is always good when it's rainy outside and all I really want to do is cuddle into my bed and read or watch movies all day.  Sunday brought clearer skies and I went and did some marketing and got chores done around the all in all a nice relaxing weekend was had.  Now only a 3 day work week.

Kid is very needy in his sleep
Listening to: Heart Failure by Sixx A.M.

Friday, November 16, 2012

No Hostess?

Tragedy has fallen, Hostess is closing and I am more little donuts, no more cherry pies, no more anything!  My childhood has just been ripped away people!  A sad day indeed....

Now I have not done any kind of yarn work over the last couple of days, I tried really I have, but the draw of the written word is too powerful!  Oh yes and my room...lounging on my bed!  Oh yes good times indeed!
The dogs enjoy it too, they snuggle right up next to me, lazy buggers and they really like my I ♥ Bananas blanket.

Passed out and cozy
The weather has turned cooler so that means more tea.  After the coffee of course, tea cannot replace coffee for me in the mornings, but the afternoon holds tea for me.  I do enjoy it.
It's Friday again and I am happy.  It's supposed to rain all weekend and that's just fantastic!  Well other then the walking the dogs in the rain, but yay...wet weather usually means more crocheting to be done!  We shall see.  

Listening to:  Bleed It Out by Linkin Park

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oppsy, forgot a title

Oh yay a tiny little bit of progress!  Still very slow in the making though since I am still reading!  I really do need to stop with that at least a little bit.  Fanfiction can really draw you into a whole different world full of your familiar and favorite characters but taking them in a whole new way, it's quite interesting actually and honestly a bit r rated...haha ok some a bit more r rated then others!  Still really a great way to enjoy your obsessive need to have your favorite characters live on...or is that just me?  No it's definitely not just me, because there is a whole lot written out there in the big wide internet!  I'm thinking men should be willing to read some of these stories, you know the ones that just hit you in the right spot on your heart....oh well enough of that.

We went over to my Sister's Friday night and had a nice dinner and cupcakes for Katlyn's birthday and then again on Saturday night just to hangout with friends.  Enjoyable night with a fire burning in the firepit in the backyard and my favorite wine...ahhh good times!  Anyway there was a bit of knitting from one of the girls and I had my crocheting so it was nice to sit back and enjoy the evening chatting with friends.  I worked a bit on the baby hat, though pulled some out when I decided it was too big and got to getting the sides done.  I can finish it up fairly quickly if I put my mind to it, but that is a whole different thing now isn't it!  Plus I took the old TV from Katlyn's room and even though I didn't really want a TV in my bedroom I put it in there....mostly because the darn thing weighs a bloody ton and I did not fancy carrying it down the stairs and then there is the fact that Brandon is now occupying the space in the living room 99% of the time where I usually sit and watch TV and is watching his own shows at that, will it just makes sense that I put it in my room.  I can now watch Netflix and enjoy my shows while lounging stretched out on my bed.  Now I just need to get a better light in there to crochet by and I will get a lot more done, which with the Christmas season rearing it's ugly head I need to get busy!

A few pictures of progress!
Hat with the blue I will be adding
getting there
Started Katlyn's Sherlock scarf, well started is not the right word, I make a chain to the width of her liking and then did a quick second row of sc just to get it going.
Sherlock scarf started
Maybe the yarn was drinking wine too!
Fire and Wine
There we are a proper update, well semi proper anyway!

Listening to: Back Where You Belong by .38 Special

Friday, November 09, 2012

So here is the hat I started for my Aunt's Granddaughter.  She asked for olive green and blue, just happened to have a lovely Vanna yarn in olive for the hat.  I like that it matches my nails, but it's not for me.  I've had this is my stash for awhile though.  Anyway, the hat should be ready for shipping of Monday and hopefully I can get fingerless gloves worked up for my Aunt as well to send to her.  I have a long list of things to get busy with for gifts and Christmas seems to be coming up very quickly at least that what the stores are trying to tell me with all their Christmas displays out!    
Beanie in the making
I really have nothing interesting to share today...just getting on with life and getting ready for the holidays.  I will be organizing my house and pulling out yarn for Christmas projects all weekend.  Dinner at my Sisters tonight for a late birthday celebration for my Daughter. I will leave you with a picture of my dog who will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks lounging on my pillow!

Why yes, I am a sexy beast!
Listening for:  The Bleeding by Five Finger Death Punch

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday things

My aunt is the best, she made me fantastic tags for my crocheted items!  How cute are they!  Can't wait to actually finish something to put them to use!
Coolest things ever!
I haven't really gotten much done since getting home from vacation.  I did start a hat for my Aunt's Granddaughter and that's really the only thing on my hook at the moment.  Still trying to settle into a routine with an extra person in the house.  Plus the time change always messes with me for the first week.  Oh yes and the much reading!  It's become a very serious obsession, reading Doctor Who fan fiction...whew, said it aloud!  Ok really typed it, but still.  
My Sister came back from Vegas yesterday with these cool nail strips, I do love cherry designs and will be using these this weekend replacing my lovely green polish for a bit of time.  

I have nothing very exciting other then the above and even that's not all that exciting.... if you aren't me that is!  the week is crawling by very slowly and I'm not sure if it's because of vacation last week or the time change.  Ugh, really it just needs to be Friday afternoon already!  Things to do this weekend, lots of cleaning up and reorganizing for the extra boy in my house!  A very messy boy, but who did take out the trash and clean the dishes before I got home from work, I was a happy Mom!

Listening to: Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three

Monday, November 05, 2012


Ok some yarn pictures this time.  I bought 2 colors at Castaway while on vacation.  It really is my favorite yarn shop.  I had Katlyn with me, which is a first since she is always too busy for yarn shopping or just avoids it completely because it does not interest her and well I tend to linger over the yarns for a good long while....anyway.  I decided to hunt out the perfect blue to make her a Sherlock scarf.  Found it!  Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Navy, nice and soft and a gorgeous shade of blue, really if she doesn't like it then I will have no problem wearing it!
balling the blue
I have this new love for Olive Green myself and thought I might find something to match my newest nail polish shade.  Sure enough I found one quite close to the perfect shade.  
This will be my new scarf soon enough!
Closest I could get
Should be worried that the color is called Uh-oh, run down the window
But I'm not, I love it!
Another picture of Eligh, sort of wearing his new hat...he was trying to sleep and we were putting a hat on his head for picture time.  It's still a bit too big for him, but his Mom said that's fine because his other hats were too small already.
Sleepy boy
Now when we have to run an errand to Walmart for shampoo (yes I forgot to pack mine) and take a bunch of boys this is what happens, they all want quarters for the silly toy machines when we were leaving the store...yes they are all adults, some things never change though!  Steven got this silly frog and proceeded to smack everyone with it (did I mention that it was just like old times!) until it snapped apart so he put it up in my car and has been there ever since.  snap a quick picture this morning after pulling into work, made me smile!
My new passenger 
So that's it for now, I will be working on Christmas gifts and baby hats and scarves starting this evening so there will be pictures to follow.  Still a tiny bit blue, but I feel loads better then I have the last few weeks.  Probably spending time with my kids was just what I needed, though I did bring Brandon home with me and he's staying and I'm not sure how long my patience for my youngest son's slob like ways will last....just like old times!

Listening to: Touch Me by The Doors

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Vacation is over

Vacation in Santa Rosa means lots of kid time.  Plus the fact that it was Katlyn's 18th birthday and we had a party for her.  Good times!  Weather was great for a bbq and hanging outdoors for the evening.
Christopher bbqing some burgers
Steven enjoying the party
Brandon and his moustache
Katlyn got her first tattoo Saturday afternoon, a bow tie on her wrist....Bow Ties are cool!
Katlyn and Toni
the boys photbombing the girls
Toni photobombing!
Got all my kids in one shot
The whole gang!
Too much laughter
My cheeky Granddaughter
Got a tiny bit of crocheting done, made a hat for Eligh.  Just played around and got it worked up and wala!  Hat done!
I made a hat!
Got pictures of a tiny little boy and got lots of baby snuggle time!
Eligh wearing his hat
So there's a quicky update from vacation I have more pictures and stories, but it's Sunday and I have loads of things to do before getting back into the swing of the real world and work tomorrow!