Monday, April 09, 2012

Weekend Monsters

Well here we are again, back to Monday morning.  I would be blue but there's no point.  Let's keep a good attitude about the day shall we...

I had a busy weekend, well not super busy but I did get things done and I always like that.  Katlyn and I dyed eggs on Saturday and that was fun, we got creative and the eggs came out pretty cool looking, which I would show them off BUT I left my camera at my Sisters house yesterday and the pictures are on it and not my phone this time.  Sure I break out my camera to use and then leave it sitting on her table!!  Ugh!  Fear not though, I took plenty of pictures with my phone, though just none of the eggs.  So moving along as there's nothing to see here....yet.

Now here is a hat that Katlyn asked that I make her, again a character's hat and again no found pattern for said hat!
Sgt. Frog
Keroro is the one in the front and that is the hat I am currently working on, though she did say she is going to want them all and since Kululu (the yellow one on the left) is her favorite, I am assuming his hat will be next up!
Progress so far
I have finished the base of it and adding the side flaps tonight and than the red star, hopefully won't be too difficult!

So this was Easter weekend and of course I really can't afford to go out and spend gobs of money for candy and stuffed bunnies and all that stuff so I thought I would make something for my Niece and Nephew since we were going to spend time with them, but I really didn't think I could get anything done in time, so I never started.  Well of course I woke up on Sunday morning mad at myself for not even trying and after making coffee and feeding all the animals, I grabbed a recently frogged thick/variegated yarn and a big ole hook and started making one of these, I had seen them before when looking for monster ideas for Toni's birthday gift and was thinking about them for Easter presents, but again just didn't think I had time to get them done. I really cannot tell you how simple they are to work up the basic pattern, I just added my own touches and yay!  So now you can see how I spent my Sunday morning!  Coffee and hook :)  My works in progress below!  I did clean up after each one.

I was pretty excited at how fast I could work them up and just had a blast doing them.  I finished up Riley's pretty quick since the yarn was a bit bulky and the hook was an L, added eyes and stuffed him up!  I was excited at that point because it took all of 30 minutes to get it done, So I went in search of yarn for Sam' camo it is!  Had some green felt that matched up nicely and yay!  Ok one more for Katlyn, I oulled out some Lion Brand Baby Wool I think it's called and you can kind of see the ball in the picture where the colors does change, but it never changed while working her monster up (well there are slight variances in the yellow, but not the blue/green that it changes to)  so anyway, Katlyn's ended up being pretty much just yellow.

And there you have the story of Easter Monsters, they were a hit!  Who needs a stinkin' stuffed bunny??

Since I couldn't be up in Santa Rosa with Brooke, they sent me pictures so I shall share :)
Christopher & Brooke

Just a very sweet picture
I think I have covered pretty much everything now and I will get myself back to work now.

Listening to: Throw Me Away by Korn
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