Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rambling and pictures's a few things I felt like typing up.  Mostly rambling I think and pictures.
Got the baby blanket completed for my Niece.  Here it is with the border, I do love the colors.

All Done
Just a picture of my dog being a dork.

how we hangout
I needed a new work tote but haven't really found one that it the proper size.  Well a trip to JoAnn's found me in the tote aisle and I found a great size that I could spruce up!  The bag is black and I found some adorable bee charms while getting in line so I grabbed them up along with the tote. I worked up a trim in yellow cotton yarn, stitched it around the top of the tote and added a bee! 
black bag with animals....yikes
bee addition
I would definitely get more crocheting done if I stopped reading so much, but I can't seem to stop and my Kindle has entirely too many unread books for me to ever catch up on!  Now I normally buy my books for my Kindle because it just makes it easier for storage and I carry my Kindle everywhere, but when the price of a book is too ridiculous in Kindle version I will get it in print.  This is my newest.  I haven't read it yet because its a trilogy and this is only the 1st of the series, but since I love the authors past series (This Man) and it was out when I went to Target so I picked it up.  Now I just have to wait until November and February for the other 2! 

A new series to read
Ok as a geek and the Mother of a geek, we quite enjoy our anime.  Dragonball Z has always been a favorite and now Funko is coming out with DBZ characters!  Really do I need these little collections hanging around the house for me to dust off?  No, probably not, but dang....they are wicked cool!  I only ordered Vegeta for myself and Piccolo for Katlyn, so not too bad and really only brings my Funko collection up to 2, so not bad at all!

My Sister's friend's Daughter requested a floppy bunny ear hat from me in a thick yarn.  I ordered the yarn, Bernat's Baby Blanket and when it arrived I got to work.  It's terribly bulky to work with and after working up 8 rounds I'm not happy with it at all.  I'm going to rip it out and a rework it. 

hooking while watching Shark Week
I got this idea to make myself a bow ring, so I grabbed a couple of bon-bons and a hook and started working. 
the base
Sat at the table and played with some flowers too and got a bow ring and a flower ring done.  
Roman and Kevin help out
Katlyn and Julie both wanted a flower ring so I had them pick out colors and made them each one. 
Oh wait, I needed one as well!  

Then I though of another easy ring idea, buttons!  
button usage
different view
So now I have loads of ring ideas and if I could just put my Kindle down for a bit, I might be able to get them worked up!

On Sunday Katlyn and Julie left for Santa Rosa so I did housecleaning and while dusting decided my vase of branches needed some repairs.  Cats and branches don't always mix well.  Pulled out broken bits and tightened loose flowers and added a couple of new branches to replace the broken ones.  Added a few more flowers and it now looking lovely again.  I thought I had pictures of the finished product, but I think I just did a snapchat with Katlyn and well those pictures disappear after a few seconds.  I will have to get another shot.
repairing branches
Sunday evening I had Summerslam to watch and got working with some wool to see about a felted ring.  Not too sure about the results, well I'm sure that the felting process is cumbersome and didn't shrink enough for me, so back to the drawing board. 

Summerslam and felting
Oh and now we are at the end.  I guess that's all of my rambling for the time being.  Best get back to work!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

And it's July!

7 months into the year already, more then half way to Christmas.  Glad to have a 3 day weekend coming up, I can get some things done.  Ha, well not on Friday because it is the fourth and which of course means hanging in the pool!  Katlyn and I are making margarita cupcakes with a tequila lime frosting, and I am also bring a festive sangria, potato salad and deviled eggs.   Should be a fun day.
Baby blanket update,  nearing completion.  Had to go and get another skein of gray on Sunday though.  I had all of the stripes done and had a tiny little ball of gray left, but a border is needed and since the first color I started with is the turquoise and the ending one is white I thought it would look odd with either of those as the border color so another skein of gray I bought!
6.22 progress shot
Here we have our most ridiculous cat Stein, who has no boundaries with the home and pretty much thinks everything is his and has the attitude to back it up.

Stein....100% attitude!
I saw this vest thingy on pinterest the other day and thought it looked pretty cool.  It was knit and had no pattern to it, so I jotted down some notes and figured I give it a go.  All I could tell was that it was a loose knit and a rectangle.  So Sunday I finished up the last row of the striped blanket and since I required more gray yarn, I set it aside and went digging through my yarn stash.  I have a lovely black fancy yarn that I was looking for but came across this Bernat Mosaic that I bought on sale because I love the colors in it.  What the heck, let's try it.  Now I knew I needed a giant hook to get the loosey goosey effect I wanted, so I pulled out my big hooks and got to experimenting.  I first tried my biggest metal hook which is an M.  Did a quick little work up to get a feel for the gauge and decided it wasn't loose enough.  Next up I pulled out my beasty hooks and went with the plastic P hook.  Tester worked up nice and loose and so I got to work.  Now let me tell you this was a very interesting concept that I had not tried before.  Giant hook equals giant chain in which the stitches are not well defined at all.  The first row into the starting chain was a slow process, seriously took quite a bit of concentration to see the next proper stitch and to keep the chain from getting all twisted up.  Once I got done with the first row the stitches were much more defined and I could cruise along.   

beast of a hook and the first row done
Katlyn and I packed up to go to my Brother's for an evening of wrestling and since she was driving, I pulled out and hooked along.  Big hook means it goes super fast!

on the road hookin'
Settled in for wrestling with sangria and snacks and yarn in my hand (not all 3 at once)!  It's a good time! 

Money in The Bank coming up!
Monday morning and back at work, wait what's that I'm wearing.  Yes indeed it is my new vest.  Not perfect, but a great prototype that I can wear and see what needs to be adjusted.  I do adore the colors in this and I will have to get some actual pictures of the entire thing just for future reference.  It did not take the entire skein of yarn so that is a good thing to know.  The skein is 209 yards, so that gives me a good idea of what other yarns I have hanging about that I can use.  I will probably work on another over the weekend for sure.  Since I will be outside on Friday and it will be crazy hot, a nice cotton yarn will be just the ticket for the heat.  

all done
On the striped blanket I forgot that before I could add a border, I needed to get rid of all those ends.  Last night I got that handled and it's now all ready for the border.  Katlyn likes the stitch and asked that I make her one for her bed...her queen sized bed.  So not something that I am going to be working on in the middle of Summer, but I will get it started up and maybe get a good amount done by Christmas!   She only wants 2 colors though, Navy and White, so I will have to get some math worked out for that.  

Ready for the border
Alrighty then, I think that wraps things for today's post.  I'm sure I have more to share somewhere in my head, but for now that's all I've got!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photo heavy post

Well a lot of photos in today's post.  I went up North for Brooke's birthday, so I have pictures, some may even include crochet!
Actually the first one is a snap update of the striped blanket, I am further then this now but this was a quick shot from last Wednesday when I brought it to the office to show my Sister.  
Stripes 6.11
So I have a cat, a cat that loves chewing on cords.  We have now put all cords in our rooms for charging and Katlyn has even banned him from her room forever!   He hasn't bothered with my Kindle cord before, but when I attached my Kindle for charging before sleep it wouldn't show as charging.  I got up and checked the socket to make sure all was good and changing outlets thinking that must be the problem.  Fairly frustrated at this point, I finally see the issue....gah!  Damn you Stein!
they must taste good!
On with the road trip portion of our blog adventure.  Wait, the road trip was the adventure, not the blog.  I hit the road at 5:54 am on Thursday morning with the dogs.  All was good until the Grapevine.  2 hours stuck on the Grapevine with no where to go, can't get off, can't turn around, you just have to sit and wait!  Thank goodness that it was so early still that it was nice and cool, because sitting 2 hours in traffic is a bad thing, but add heat to that and it becomes a very bad thing!

unexpected happenings await ahead!
SO...anyway road trip had a few unexpected glitches.  3 times beyond the Grapevine the road was being worked on so they dropped us down to one lane and when I got to the Bay Area there was another nasty accident.  So 2 hours behind schedule, I finally get to Windsor!  

The dogs weren't bothered
Balloon Classic was going on Saturday and Sunday with the launch site at the park behind Alysha's so we have a wonderful view.  This picture was Friday morning at about 7:30 and while it's nice for me because I'm awake that early, Katlyn and Alysha were far from amused!

early morning fliers
Brooke's birthday was on Friday with her party set for Saturday.  So Friday was cupcake baking and jello making and getting things ready.  Movie day as well, though I had a headache and I didn't think sitting through a 2 hour movie in 3D was a good idea, so I stayed behind.

Kid hung with me while everyone was gone
We went to dinner that evening and then came back to the house and had ice cream cake, yummy!  We had a very happy birthday girl!

happiness on a plate
Saturday morning was prep time for all things party related.  Brook helped me by removing the jello "ice" from the pan.
she's a great helper!
Party was a success, and the kids all enjoyed a bit of science along with their beverage!

man, dry ice is fun!
Now for the pictures of kids!  The boys let me take pictures and of course Brooke mostly cooperated.

Birthday girl in her tutu
Brandon in his new sunglasses
Christopher, mid conversation
Steven with a smile for Mom
Eligh with cheeto fingers
Brooke and Grandma
Trip home was a bit trafficky...that's what happens when we leave on a Sunday though.  Katlyn drove for the first part and I did some hookin'.  It's coming along nicely, should have it done fairly soon.  

road trip hookin'
Now if I would stop getting ideas and starting them while in the middle of another project, which I did yesterday!  I decided I needed potholders and so does Alysha and Brandon just moved into his own apartment with his girlfriend, so potholders all around!  Didn't actually mean to get started on them last night, but I went digging through my cotton yarn just to see what colors I had and sat down and started working on panel up and then another and before I know it, both panels are done and I stitching them together! 

1 panel down and started the 2nd
Grabbed up some bits of red and green cotton for the cherry addition and got crackin' 
why yes, I am at work!
all done
Ok I shall get back to the stripes tonight and get it done soon because my new yarn came in for the next blanket!  This will be for a baby boy as well.  I also saw a family friend on Saturday who is expecting a baby in November so I have another blanket to work on just as soon as they let me know what they are having!  My Sister and I are going to open an Etsy shop pretty soon, so we need to work on stock for that as well.  

new baby blanket yarn
I believe that's all she wrote at the moment.  I have an idea book that is brimming with ideas and requests so I really must get working!  

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


So here we are again with more things going on.  I will start with hooking things since well it is a crochet blog....mostly.  Went on Friday and picked up yarn for 1 of the baby blankets I am making for my Niece.  This one is 3 colors, turquoise, gray and white.  Can I just say that I love this color combo!  The first picture doesn't really show the color well, since it was taken Friday night while watching Ghostbusters, so the lighting was not great.  Just wanted to get it started, so after doing the maths to figure it all out, I got started!
the start of a new project
Got working again Saturday afternoon, was excited to get all 3 colors worked up and I was not disappointed.  Not a huge mount of progress because I was cleaning carpets and doing Saturday chores and reading, but it's coming along.
starting again on Saturday
2 down
and all 3 together.
Very happy working this up.  I am using the blanket stitch for this which is seriously easy with no need to think hard as you go along, so makes for perfect tv viewing work.  Which is a good thing when watching wrestling because I tend to get overly animated while watching.  So anyway...the blanket, I started with 111 chains which works to about 32 inches across and mathed out a 3 color repeat 6 times.  So should be about 36 inches in length when done, without the border.  

stopping point when my Daughter called me to discuss wrestling
Got a bit more done before bed and hope to make good progress on it this evening as well.  
Monday night's progress
There we have it, all my crochet content for now.  I have 6 skeins of yarn on order for the second baby blanket I am going to do.  Joann's didn't have all of the colors I wanted in store so they had a shipping deal online and I actually saved money, because the yarn was on sale as well.  I'm sure it will arrive while I am out of town.  Leaving to go North on Thursday morning for Brooke's 6th birthday on Friday.  6, my little granddaughter is going to be 6, wow!  I'll be back to work on Monday so I'm sure the yarn package will be sitting on my desk when I come in.  
Now on to other bits of life.  I got a new phone when Verizon finally dropped the price to something that I could kind of squeeze into my budget.  Just so you know "free" is never free, but whatever, I needed one and got it while I could.  I chose the green one because it was available when I placed my order (so was pink, but no way did I want a pink phone for at least 2 years!)  turns out it ended up being an backorder anyway.  Oh well, I got it a week later and other then the fact that I have discovered my laptop will not read any USB ports so I can't have all of my music on it yet, it's great. (not my laptop, my phone)  I've named it Kermit, because that was the first thing that popped into my head.  I tend to name my electronics, my Kindle's name is Zsadist.  Makes thing easier when sharing accounts with my Daughter, especially the Kindles, she does not want my books on her Kindle!  Her Kindle is named Sherlock.  

yeah it's green...
My oldest popped down last weekend for a quick visit, he was actually dropping his Grandmother off at her Mother's house and picking up Katlyn to go up until Brooke's birthday.  I will be taking their Grandmother up with me and Katlyn will be coming home with me.  Always nice to send time with my boy!

Out at dinner
He was less to amused that he couldn't leave until after the wrestling PPV on Sunday though, but Katlyn told her Dad (who wanted her to visit) that she had plans on Sunday so he agreed to wait until the evening, how Christopher ended up doing the roadtrip is beyond me, but like I said I am always happy to spend time with my boy! 

Wrestling has begun!
My Brother and his girlfriend came over for wrestling.  We had a great time and Christopher survived the evening.  I made a huge batch of chili and served up hotdogs and fries with it, along with snacks and we spent a fun evening together. 

Kid less then impressed over the matches.
So now I have this gripe, it's about book prices in general.  I read 95% on my books on my Kindle.  It's easier storage wise and cheaper as well.  I also read a lot of self published authors that I wouldn't be able to find at the local bookstore, that is really not local at all anymore since they keep shutting them down and I have to drive further and further to get to one.  I read a lot, I'm not even kidding when I say a lot so I have a book budget, which I am very strict about staying on, because it's really easy peasy to one-click away and spend a stupid amount of money very quickly!  I keep track of my budget and if for some reason (books on my wishlist drop in price) I go over budget for the month, I take the overage off of the next months budget.  I had a bad run in March where the Black Dagger Brotherhood's first 7 books dropped to $1.99 each (normally $7) right at the end of the month when I was already over, so much so that I had no budget in April and May and restricted myself to only ones that dropped in price on my wishlist.  Ok so enough rambling about that and my insane book addiction.  What I started this paragraph for is about the books being priced too high for a Kindle book.  Now maybe it's just me, but $4 for a book that is less then 200 pages, in an e-file (is that the right terminology?) is so not cool to me.  Hell I didn't spend $7 for a 500 page ebook that I REALLY wanted to read!  Still won't, I will buy a print book first.  Ranting, yes a bit, but damn I get a bit disappointed at times.  Now of course it's my choice to buy or not buy just as it's the authors to set the price.  This is of course only my opinion which is not necessarily going to match with anyone else's, heck I've seen that enough in the books I've read where it gotten TONS of 5 star ratings and everyone is raving about only to read it and scratch my head wondering if I read the same book as everyone else did!  Lessons learned the hard way I suppose...don't buy the entire series of a book just because other people LOVED it.  Luckily I didn't have to learn that lesson over my Black Dagger Brotherhood purchases!  I loved those, so whew!   I could start my own book review blog, but there are just so many of them out there I'm sure it's not worth my typing.   Rant over now, and really you came away with nothing from that other then I'm crazy!

Stein, he is so weird!
Ending with a cat picture just solidify's my crazy level!  So there you go! 

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