Friday, May 15, 2015

Quick update here

Nothing extensive going on, still working on baby blankets, though I really need to stick with one and finish before starting on say 2 others!  Yep, 3 blankets going at once.  First up we have the lego blanket.  I have a lot of red blocks done, found the green, blue and yellow and discovered I had no black yarn!  Well of course I have black yarn, just not a simple black acrylic to go with the blocks.  I ordered Caron's One Pounder...that should keep me in black for a bit! 
a bunch of red bricks
I forgot that I had ordered lovely bunch yarn for a baby boy blanket back in June.  I pulled all of those skeins out to start on a vintage stripe baby blanket.  Really easy to do, but being stripes of 7 different color means loads of ends to weave in, not a fun project when I already have the lego blanket working up with all of those ends too! 

the beginning of stripes
I love when the weekend comes around and I don't have a bunch of things to do.  I mean I always have laundry and those kind of things, but nothing major so that means more crochet time.  I do love a lazy weekend and as you can tell by the photos, so do the dogs.

Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
Worked on the vintage stripes, using 7 different colors in random order, I'm pleased with this one.  Not sure what I will do about a border yet, but I'm sure I will come up with something when the end comes.

love these stripes

boy blanket #2
Did I mention the lazy weekend?

Sunday morning
I went to Jo-ann's on Sunday morning because I needed some red yarn and didn't realize I needed it when I placed my order earlier in the week...sigh, I swear I only went up for 1 skein of yarn!  Of course being as it's Jo-ann's I need to wander the yarn aisles just a bit!  I found this gorgeous skein of Purl Essense in multi-citrus and immediately fell in love with the crazy fun colors of it.  Happened to see a sign stating the all Purl Essence was 50% off, oh my, 50% made this giant skein only $5...I bought 2!

just look at these colors!
I've been wanting to make a C2C blanket for awhile now, so guess what I'm using this delicious yarn for?

Sunday's table
So now there it is, blanket #3 in colorful variegated yarn that just makes me so happy!  I put them all together on the table for a group photo.

all three blanket wips
Mother's Day was Sunday and my Daughter brought me home flowers and an Amazon gift card, which added to the one Christopher gave me as his Mother's Day gift.  Happy Mom indeed!
Mother's Day roses
Pretty much that's about it, this weekend will be geared more towards cleaning.  I have to steam clean the carpets, I have to clean the leaves and grime from the balcony and repot some new plants that I've picked up over this past week.  I am going to be repainting the living room to go with the new couch and chair we just got too, so a trip to Lowe's to check out paint colors is in order as well.  Can't wait!

happy colors
New yarn arrived and so there's another project to get started on soon!
new yarn!
There it is, a quick update, hopefully I will be able to get closer to finishing 1 of these blankets over the weekend.

Listening to: Precious by The Pretenders

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

May has arrived

Been a busy bee and I like it.  I tend to come up with ideas all of the time, but of course I am always in the middle of a project when these ideas come to me which means I always have more then one project going on at any given time. Examples to follow because I've been taking pictures!  
I always see these fabulous granny square blankets on Pinterest and always want to do them, but of course they take time and planning and whatnot...but what if I did a scrap one?  Oh goodness the possibilities are endless but I really wanted random and simple.  I decided that I would make little one round squares in leftover bits of yarn I have.  Only requirement is that it's acrylic yarn and worsted weight so there is consistency in all squares.  I haven't much planned the size quite yet, but I have a good start on little squares.  They will actually be 2 rounds, random colors and a third round in mustard yellow.  I am looking forward to the finished product.
little squares
The 3 stranded baby blanket is coming along.  Works up pretty quickly and it's so squishy!  So easy to do.

a sea of stitches
This here is my random ball of yarn, did I post this before when it was much smaller?  Maybe back when I started it in matter, its grown!  I hope that I will be able to come up with some creative to use this on when it's bigger.
random yarn ball
So as I said in the last post I made a flower garland to hang above the fireplace.  Here are pictures of the flowers and one of the overall look.  I just switched between the red and turquoise and put them on a chain of white.  Took a few tries to get them all even, but got it done.  



strung up
Here is a photo of the beast hook in action!  3 strands and that hook!  
working away
Went on a road trip North for the gender reveal of my newest grandchild and this was one of my travelling companions 
smiley faced Max
Was a quick trip but Max got some snuggley time in with Brooke. 
Max and Brooke
So the gender reveal had everyone guessing and was a fun time at the park.  The cake was filled with the color to let everyone know and the box had balloons to match as well.
Patryce & Brandon getting ready
Patryce opened the box and Brandon didn't cut the cake, but grabbed the corner of it....he was very excited :)
Yay!  It's a Boy!
Boy blankets it is!  I also have a Nephew who is having a boy in July that has requested a blanket too.  Time to get home and get going on these blankets!
Decided while fueling the car I best get some snacks for myself because 400 miles without something to snack on is a shame.  I know this because I did it on the way up, only had a horribly crunchy granola bar and water.  The trip back I wanted to be prepared!

road trip snacks
So back home and finished up the 3 stranded blanket, really need to figure out my photography skills better for these blanket shoots, can't seem to get a decent shot off anymore.

trying to get a good photo
Now Brandon LOVES legos, always has and is super excited to have his child play with legos...of course this will be much further down the road then he thinks but he's still pretty excited about this!  I have a lego backpack pinned on my yarn board over on Pinterest that I would like to make for Disneyland, I thought this might be a great idea for a blanket too.  Hmmm, well the actually brick is easy enough to whip up, so I did 3 and outlined them in black so I could test them out and get a feel for them.  Turns out I like them, Katlyn likes them and Brandon is going to love this idea!  I did the measurements and the math and figured out I need 42 squares of each of the 4 colors I'm going to use.  Red, blue, green and yellow, basic colors all outlined in black and then I will put them together.  Yep a crazy hot mess of ends to weave in and yikes I'm feeling it already!
3 lego bricks ready for measurements
I came home with new succulents as well and did a fair amount of playing in my plants over this past weekend.  Got them cleaned up and watered and made a new planter out of some new ones.  Overall everyone looks good, I've had one plant that I got from Lowe's 3 weeks ago not do well at all, I don't know what happened but it just started dying, I pulled it apart and got the only bit left of it repotted, hopefully I am able the save it.  Also 1 I got from Home Depot in Windsor, Stein decided it looked like a tasty treat and I came home to bits of it all over the floor, stupid cat!  I hoping that it will survive as well.

updated indoor garden 

newest planter with the 2 struggling
I decided that my finished blankets need a bit of ribbon, but don't have any ribbon wide enough.  I do have a spool of white tulle that is 6 inches wide...scissors at the ready and tada!  Made a lovely wrapped up blanket.

all done and ready to gift
Since Saturday was all about plants, I made Sunday about crochet. So after running errands I settled on the couch with my coffee and yarn to work on things, I chose legos, that is until Katlyn got home from work and asked for some hair flowers for her coworkers. 

into my weekend!

a few hair flowers
Monday night I grabbed my basket with my Water Lily blanket bits and while watching wrestling got blue added to some flowers.  One day this will be a day!

a lovely sight
There we are, a proper update for the week and it's still early in the month!

Listening to:  Lonely Is The Night by Billy Squier

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mid month update's all done.  I do love the colors of this and it's super soft and snuggly and perfect size for a car blanket.  The girl is quite pleased as well.
hard to photograph with animals around
I had to fold it up because the dogs kept walking across it while I was trying to straighten it properly and get a good picture.  Colors are truer in the above photo.  Now that's off my hook I shall have to find a new project!

Surprise mail day!  Brooke sent me a present, I do love getting surprises in the mail! 

oh yeah!
So since I finished up the Spectrum blanket, having nothing really pressing to work on, I looked through my wips.  My Water Lily blanket has been sitting around for ages, so I grabbed the basket and sat myself down to see about finishing up the green round on the balance of the flowers.  

such a delightful basket of things!
Kid sat next to me while I worked on the squares.  I had bunny garland up for Easter but while cleaning the house I figured it was time to change it out.  Since there are no holidays upon us right now, I went with simple flowers in red and turquoise attached to a white chain.  I realized I have no other photos of the garland other then this when I saw this picture.  I will have to get something a smidge closer! 

plopped next to me
My new hobby....succulents!  I love them and when visiting up North, my son has an odd little plant he showed me called Living Stone.  I decided to look for one of my own and went to Lowe's and Home Depot.  Didn't find it but came home with all these guys!  I am having so much fun with these plants.  I have a Jade plant that I have had forever out on my balcony and decided it was time to do something with it since it's just a leggy mess.  I took cuttings from it and from 2 other plants I've had for awhile and have them resting up before repotting them as well.  

3 repotted, 2 waiting to be repotted
waiting for them to callous
So plants and crochet!  I love my hobbies!  My Sister is in the process of moving and gave me 2 big plastic bins of yarn, yes more yarn sorting for me.  Good thing I have a new grandchild on the way!  Managed between the plantings and reading to get the green done on all the rest of the flowers.  On to the blue!

all the green done
One last photo to show off the grow out progress of my grey.  I am pretty darn pleased with it (most of the time) and really love how it sparkles in the sunshine!

coming along nicely
I think that about wraps up for now, I have many other things going on right now so there will be another update fairly soon...hopefully less scattered about.  I'm going up North this weekend for a gender reveal party to found out what color blankets I can start making!

Listening to:  Bittersweet by Apocalyptica

Monday, April 06, 2015

April is here

I did a bit of this and that, but mostly worked on the Spectrum blanket.  I made bunnies as well...lots of bunnies.  Some for a garland to display over the fireplace and some for Katlyn to wear in her hair.
A few bunnies
Katlyn requested a Tri-Force, so I made an attempt.  
A Tri-Force for the hair
Since she likes to wear things in her hair, I thought I try my hand at other nerdy things.  I did a Master Sword...well more like "based" on, but it's still a sword.  
Now I hang out on Pinterest and find things all kinds of crochet things that I must make!  Well ok...usually I like seeing color combos that people put together,  I saw this gorgeous granny blanket done in different shades of green and thought it was a great idea for a gender neutral baby blanket.  My Sister says "I have tons of green yarn, come over and grab it."  I pop over to her house and we are out in the garage and she's tossing skeins of yarn me.  She decided I needed to take all kinds of yarns.  I walked out of there with 2 very full grocery bags :)
I set about sorting them into my proper color bins, which of course requires help from the dogs and a cat.  

Max over seeing it, Kid just kicking it and Stein right in the middle of it!
So a bit of stripe progress.  This blanket is very nice to work on.  Easy enough that I can read or watch TV without missing a stitch.  Of course it is Simply Soft yarn which does have a tendency to split more often then I care for, but overall it's a nice yarn and it is soft.

up to yellow stripes now
Had a very quiet and relaxing week, there was wine and yarn...always a great combo!   
Crochet and Wine
 My favorite thing about the weekends are the mornings.  After our early morning walk, the dogs and I get back in bed and snuggle in.  I read or fiddle about on my iPad and they of course sleep...good times!
Kid snuggled in
I have more stripe progress as well, I am excited to be so close to the end of this blanket.  Red will be the last color and while I don't have any pictures of it, I have actually started on the red stripes.  
only 1 color to go
Easter was yesterday and we hung out at my Sister's with a bit of wine and chocolate.

And just because it was on my lap and looking lovely I have another stripe blanket photo. 

close up in the evening
That's it for now.  I'm sure I will have more soon, since the Spectrum blanket is nearly done.  I also need to update my fireplace garland, maybe some bees...hmmm.

Listening to: I'm No Angel by Gregg Allman