Monday, November 10, 2014

November updates

Trying to get back into things.  Working on it slowly and getting things finished up.  Of course the time change has now happened and that makes me very sleepy, very early in the evening....I can't wait to adjust to it so I am not going to bed at 9pm!  So now on with the few things I am doing or have done.
Seems innocent enough
unless there's yarn around

Katlyn and Kid (good thing she doesn't follow this blog)
The girl got a job and she's adjusting to standing on her feet for 8 hours at a time.
I'm kidding, she's really not a napper.  She's working hard though and loving having a steady paycheck.

I got to finishing up a couple of things recently.  After 3 (or was it 4) tries, I finally got the fox ears done well enough to satisfy Katlyn.  
Fox ears done and ready for attachment
I was asked by Katlyn to make a bunny hat for my Niece, not just a regular bunny hat mind you, but a very specific one.  A Louise from Bob's Burger hot pink bunny hat!  
Louise Belcher
 This was for Halloween and Katlyn picked the yarn and I got to making the hat.  Easy peasy of course, well except the yarn was a bit annoying.  Much too splity for me to hook with any decent speed.  
Vicki Howell's Sheepish in Hot Pink(ish)
in production
on the hook
Now that Katlyn has her fox scoodie, she wondered if I could make some fingerless gloves with paw prints to match.  Great except I didn't have enough yarn for 2 gloves.  Joann's didn't have any of the Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky I used for the scoodie, but we found Bernat Roving that matched nicely enough that it all worked out.  Too bad I never took a picture of the finished project!  
finished 1 glove, but ran out of yarn and had to start over
Bunny hat base done.
Christopher sent my a picture of Brooke carving her pumpkin.  I really missed not being there for Halloween this year!
She even drew a sketch!
I bought Katlyn her favorite wrestler for her birthday this year, ok not him exactly but a life-sized cut out and when they say life-sized they aren't kidding!  Dean Ambrose is 6'4" in real life, this cutout is 6'3" and is huge! And while Katlyn loves it, the dogs do not! 
Not his permanent home!
Kids is growling and Max is getting ready to bark
Now the ear portion of the bunny hat.  I thought I could do these, I really did.  I bought pipe cleaners (chenille stems) to use in the making of them since they were so tall.  Took a lot of finagling but got them done. 
getting them done
nothing bothers him
almost there
So got them done and worked on attaching them and guess what??? They don't stand up!!!  Nothing I do will make them stand up!  Never have I failed to badly with a project, I was so very close to tears when I gave up, of course this giving up in the day before Halloween and it is now too late to do anything about getting a replacement.  Katlyn comes home and asks me how I'm going to fix them, to which I reply "I'm sure you 2 can figure something out" she wasn't thrilled with that answer, so we think it over and come up with a possible fix. We have buuny ears from ages ago when she was a bunny and those ears stand up just fine, maybe I can do something with them!  Of course I work on Halloween, so I guess I shall haul everything in with me!
the ears...ugh!!
I get to cutting off the offending ears and trying to figure out what in the world I am going to do to get this done all in time for the girls to go out in costume! (while at work!!)
cut and remove
So guess what?  I got everything to come together and ears to stand up and FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!! I am the worst!  Anyway, did a bit a crochet magic and basically did covers for the bunny ear headband.  I folded the headband ears, taped them so they stayed and slipped a hot pink bunny ear ever the entire ear, times 2!  Halloween successful! (except for the lack of pictures, maybe the girls have photos...)

That's it for now, I have 2 other finished hats (with photos) ready to blog about and a couple of little things done.  Will work on getting another post very soon.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Here comes Fall, albeit rather slowly

I really need the weather to hurry up and become cooler!  I am so tired of hot!  I have never run my A/C more then I have this year.  At least being inside the air conditioned house I was able to deal with crocheting and having a blanket that needed to get completed by my Mom's birthday on the 27th.  Worked and worked and got it done!  Whew!  Don't have a full spread out looking lovely shot of the blanket, but have it in my lap while working on it and done a folded up with Max laying on top of it before I washed and wrapped it.
working hard!
A twin sized blanket which makes for a nice a snuggly lap blanket when sitting in her new chair while watching TV.  I used Red Heart Super Saver in Dark Orchid, Orchid and Soft White.  The pattern is from an old book of afghans I have had for years (which I cannot recall the name of said book) the pattern is called Coral Waves, (which is probably because of the colors they used) and super simple though looks fabulous!
Max likes it!
Brandon's requested scarf of many colors is coming along.  It's super easy peasy and portable for when I'm hanging out at my Sister's.  I just grab random yarns and toss them into my bag and crochet a stripe for a bit and then switch colors.  Just have to be mindful of yarn weight because even though I grab worsted weight when picking colors, they are not all the same when worked up and throws the scarf into a wonky spin of which I do not care for and have to rip out rows of work.  Normally not a huge deal but when I have a certain yarn I used waaaayyy back at the beginning and I thought I could get over it.....yeah nope couldn't and have to get rather creative with my ripping skills and then again with my repairing skills! 
progress so far
thought he didn't like me
Katlyn and I went to Disneyland
back at the happiest place on Earth
Halloween time again.  Enjoyed ourselves and the sights!
Halloween time again! 
This time we wandered around Downtown Disney and checked out the stores which we haven't done in the past.  Katlyn wanted to visit the Lego store that is there and she found Gandalf....this made her very happy.
Found Lego Gandalf
My Sister asked me to make her a large flower for a baby blanket she did.  She hands me the yarn and says make it big.  Done!
big fluffy flower
Working on Christmas gift ideas, Katlyn thinks I'm silly but hey everyone needs bath poufs and scrubbies right!  I was thinking and pouf, a couple of scrubbies and a couple of washclothes and a lovely bar soap all wrapped up together. I thought it was a great idea, but everyone made fun of the pouf so well then I'm not sure about this idea anymore.
Pouf (Katlyn says it looks like a brain)
Made a new dinner dish.  Chili and pasta bake!  Holy nuts!  So easy and so delicious!  Best of all I used chili that I stored in the freezer from when I made a batch 2 months ago!  Excellent usage of leftovers and tasty!
So we have come to the end of my ramblings for now.  I expect there will be more frequent ramblings with the cool weather least I hope it's coming, bringing out the need to play with yarn!  I'll leave off with my favorite weekend reading picture.  
 morning reading time
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rambling and pictures's a few things I felt like typing up.  Mostly rambling I think and pictures.
Got the baby blanket completed for my Niece.  Here it is with the border, I do love the colors.

All Done
Just a picture of my dog being a dork.

how we hangout
I needed a new work tote but haven't really found one that it the proper size.  Well a trip to JoAnn's found me in the tote aisle and I found a great size that I could spruce up!  The bag is black and I found some adorable bee charms while getting in line so I grabbed them up along with the tote. I worked up a trim in yellow cotton yarn, stitched it around the top of the tote and added a bee! 
black bag with animals....yikes
bee addition
I would definitely get more crocheting done if I stopped reading so much, but I can't seem to stop and my Kindle has entirely too many unread books for me to ever catch up on!  Now I normally buy my books for my Kindle because it just makes it easier for storage and I carry my Kindle everywhere, but when the price of a book is too ridiculous in Kindle version I will get it in print.  This is my newest.  I haven't read it yet because its a trilogy and this is only the 1st of the series, but since I love the authors past series (This Man) and it was out when I went to Target so I picked it up.  Now I just have to wait until November and February for the other 2! 

A new series to read
Ok as a geek and the Mother of a geek, we quite enjoy our anime.  Dragonball Z has always been a favorite and now Funko is coming out with DBZ characters!  Really do I need these little collections hanging around the house for me to dust off?  No, probably not, but dang....they are wicked cool!  I only ordered Vegeta for myself and Piccolo for Katlyn, so not too bad and really only brings my Funko collection up to 2, so not bad at all!

My Sister's friend's Daughter requested a floppy bunny ear hat from me in a thick yarn.  I ordered the yarn, Bernat's Baby Blanket and when it arrived I got to work.  It's terribly bulky to work with and after working up 8 rounds I'm not happy with it at all.  I'm going to rip it out and a rework it. 

hooking while watching Shark Week
I got this idea to make myself a bow ring, so I grabbed a couple of bon-bons and a hook and started working. 
the base
Sat at the table and played with some flowers too and got a bow ring and a flower ring done.  
Roman and Kevin help out
Katlyn and Julie both wanted a flower ring so I had them pick out colors and made them each one. 
Oh wait, I needed one as well!  

Then I though of another easy ring idea, buttons!  
button usage
different view
So now I have loads of ring ideas and if I could just put my Kindle down for a bit, I might be able to get them worked up!

On Sunday Katlyn and Julie left for Santa Rosa so I did housecleaning and while dusting decided my vase of branches needed some repairs.  Cats and branches don't always mix well.  Pulled out broken bits and tightened loose flowers and added a couple of new branches to replace the broken ones.  Added a few more flowers and it now looking lovely again.  I thought I had pictures of the finished product, but I think I just did a snapchat with Katlyn and well those pictures disappear after a few seconds.  I will have to get another shot.
repairing branches
Sunday evening I had Summerslam to watch and got working with some wool to see about a felted ring.  Not too sure about the results, well I'm sure that the felting process is cumbersome and didn't shrink enough for me, so back to the drawing board. 

Summerslam and felting
Oh and now we are at the end.  I guess that's all of my rambling for the time being.  Best get back to work!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

And it's July!

7 months into the year already, more then half way to Christmas.  Glad to have a 3 day weekend coming up, I can get some things done.  Ha, well not on Friday because it is the fourth and which of course means hanging in the pool!  Katlyn and I are making margarita cupcakes with a tequila lime frosting, and I am also bring a festive sangria, potato salad and deviled eggs.   Should be a fun day.
Baby blanket update,  nearing completion.  Had to go and get another skein of gray on Sunday though.  I had all of the stripes done and had a tiny little ball of gray left, but a border is needed and since the first color I started with is the turquoise and the ending one is white I thought it would look odd with either of those as the border color so another skein of gray I bought!
6.22 progress shot
Here we have our most ridiculous cat Stein, who has no boundaries with the home and pretty much thinks everything is his and has the attitude to back it up.

Stein....100% attitude!
I saw this vest thingy on pinterest the other day and thought it looked pretty cool.  It was knit and had no pattern to it, so I jotted down some notes and figured I give it a go.  All I could tell was that it was a loose knit and a rectangle.  So Sunday I finished up the last row of the striped blanket and since I required more gray yarn, I set it aside and went digging through my yarn stash.  I have a lovely black fancy yarn that I was looking for but came across this Bernat Mosaic that I bought on sale because I love the colors in it.  What the heck, let's try it.  Now I knew I needed a giant hook to get the loosey goosey effect I wanted, so I pulled out my big hooks and got to experimenting.  I first tried my biggest metal hook which is an M.  Did a quick little work up to get a feel for the gauge and decided it wasn't loose enough.  Next up I pulled out my beasty hooks and went with the plastic P hook.  Tester worked up nice and loose and so I got to work.  Now let me tell you this was a very interesting concept that I had not tried before.  Giant hook equals giant chain in which the stitches are not well defined at all.  The first row into the starting chain was a slow process, seriously took quite a bit of concentration to see the next proper stitch and to keep the chain from getting all twisted up.  Once I got done with the first row the stitches were much more defined and I could cruise along.   

beast of a hook and the first row done
Katlyn and I packed up to go to my Brother's for an evening of wrestling and since she was driving, I pulled out and hooked along.  Big hook means it goes super fast!

on the road hookin'
Settled in for wrestling with sangria and snacks and yarn in my hand (not all 3 at once)!  It's a good time! 

Money in The Bank coming up!
Monday morning and back at work, wait what's that I'm wearing.  Yes indeed it is my new vest.  Not perfect, but a great prototype that I can wear and see what needs to be adjusted.  I do adore the colors in this and I will have to get some actual pictures of the entire thing just for future reference.  It did not take the entire skein of yarn so that is a good thing to know.  The skein is 209 yards, so that gives me a good idea of what other yarns I have hanging about that I can use.  I will probably work on another over the weekend for sure.  Since I will be outside on Friday and it will be crazy hot, a nice cotton yarn will be just the ticket for the heat.  

all done
On the striped blanket I forgot that before I could add a border, I needed to get rid of all those ends.  Last night I got that handled and it's now all ready for the border.  Katlyn likes the stitch and asked that I make her one for her bed...her queen sized bed.  So not something that I am going to be working on in the middle of Summer, but I will get it started up and maybe get a good amount done by Christmas!   She only wants 2 colors though, Navy and White, so I will have to get some math worked out for that.  

Ready for the border
Alrighty then, I think that wraps things for today's post.  I'm sure I have more to share somewhere in my head, but for now that's all I've got!

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