Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It's been awhile now and I really don't have much to talk about.  Having finished the corner 2 corner I am struggling to pick up my hook.  Don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm trying.  Got a few things kind of going, but I can't seem to find the proper motivation to do anything about them.  It's pretty much like that in all areas of my life right now too, so something's off.  Can't quite put my finger on it though.  Maybe it's menopausal related, I really don't know.  I have gained weight that is making me unhappy, but I again lack the motivation to do anything about it and the problems that are coming with the extra weight is causing me issues.  So I'm really in a catch-22 right now.  My body hurts so I need to do something about it but I don't have the energy to do anything about it because my body hurts, which I'm sure is caused by the extra weight!  All of this is causing my mental health to decline a bit.  Ugh!  

Anyway on with things.  C2C blanket...done BUT I did manage to run out of yarn.  So annoying considering I had already ripped out so much of it to correct this issue already, but since I really didn't want to do another rip of it, I decided to go with what I had.  I'm sure the baby won't mind in the least.  While I love the colors of this blanket, I'm really not 100% pleased with the overall finished product.  Now it is my first C2C and I really had no plan for this, but I really, really need the stripes to be a bit more organized.  Next time I will plan much better with the stripes.

finished minus the weaving
Now seconds after I snapped the above picture, Kid jumped up on my bed and proceeded to plop down and sleep! Weirdo dog!

Kid thinks it's his
Got it out from under the dog, wove all ends, folded and wrapped it up. That's 2 done for my new Grandson, done a whole 2 months before he's due even!  

wrapped & ready
And that's it, my hook is floundering about!

Did manage to get a not great growth shot.  It's Summer. In Southern California. This is my current hair style to survive!   8 months of growth for the grey, I am still pleased.  Trying to decide if I want to keep my bangs or grow them out.  I'm not a fan of my bare forehead and my eyebrows are nearly all grey too so it's an odd look.  Man, I'm an old woman! 

8 months strong
Speaking of old, I added another year to my age this month,  53...that means a 53 year old body, that gains weight like crazy, has aches and pains and really bad knees!  I guess you can see why my mental health is down!
My Boss bought me a massive chocolate cake, seriously this picture does not show how massive this cake actually was! 

office birthday cake
I also got a surprise on Thursday evening.  (the day before my birthday)  My oldest child walked in my front door!  Christopher, Alysha and Brooke drove down to spend my birthday with me. Yay!  We ventured out in the blazing hotness to get things I needed the Fourth of July BBQ and decided Brooke needed a haircut while we were out.  We did a bit of shopping, went to dinner and had a fabulous day.

someone got a haircut
Katlyn got me a tattoo for my birthday.  She set appointments for after dinner and we went and did that.  It makes me super happy!  My Kids are awesome!

my new tattoo

Katlyn's Sunflower
Brooke helped me make cupcakes on Saturday morning for the BBQ at my Sister's new house.   We made a mess but got to taste a lot of cupcakes!
cupcakes for the 4th
Ok, they look better online.  They tasted good though!

burgers or cupcakes?
As I said already, I haven't been doing much crocheting.  Actually no crocheting at all until I started this.  It's supposed to be a mandala in memory of Wink over at a creative being who sadly passed last month, but I am not doing a very good job of it. 

Katlyn appears to be the animal whisperer around the house.  Don't mind the layer of cat fur that is covering the top of the cushion!  Prue has made that her spot and she is the top shedder in the house!  I could make a blanket (or at least another cat!) from the cat hair I clean off of the couch near daily!

weekend life with animals
I figured since I wasn't crocheting at least I could organize some yarn mess I had in my room.  I found these parts in one of the bags I was going through and put them aside.  Always a need for parts!  Of course my lack of creative juices is hindering the idea process, but we'll see.

found parts
So after some pondering on Sunday evening I thought of something, at least for the head.  A voodoo doll.  Fingers crossed that it turns out, but I mean it is a voodoo doll and I don't think there's an exact science to them.
something new
I ordered some new yarn from Lady Purl. I can't help myself when said yarn is called Shark Bait.  I swear I resisted for a whole week but then she went and put a 20% discount up in her Etsy store and BAM...I'm like, it's a sign!  I'm going to make a light shawly/scarf thing with it!

new yarn
Now this last picture is from last night.  I'm sitting on the chair working on the parts, doing some sewing together and things like that and Kid decides he needs to sit next to me, doesn't matter that I have yarn, scissors and parts next to me, he wants to be there.  

he's a chair hog!
So that's it, hopefully I will pull out of this funk I've got going and get on with things again.  

Friday, June 19, 2015


So, I guess I need an update of sorts.  Not really much lately, worked on blankets, road trip North, etc.  Pictures tell a better story though.  
Weaving in the ends of the Vintage Stripe blanket took forever!  Since the weave is a bit more open and the color changes were so often, I had to be a bit more careful about where I was weaving.

Nearly done
I added a navy border, super basic, single crochet around and then a half double crochet around that.  Easy enough and wrapped up for a boy.

All Done and wrapped
Up next to finish is the corner to corner, which while I love the pattern and the yarn for this, I don't like that I didn't do a bit of planning with how the stripes ran through this.  Oh well, lesson learned and it's still lovely.
I do love my yarn bowl
Brandon and Patryce came down for a quick visit 2 weeks ago, well they actually came down to go to a concert featuring Brandon's favorite band.  Either way, they hung out with me!
he bought swag!
Did a bit of planting.
new succulents

my view while having coffee
Time to hit the road.  Brooke turns 7 and we gotta be there!  We left right after I got off work, so there was plenty of daylight to crochet, for awhile at least.

I like when I'm not driving

Selfies with Kid
On Friday we were off to the go kart track,  I forgot my phone and decided to play with Christopher's while he was driving.  What better way to play then to take selfies with your sons phone?
We had a busy Friday and ended with margaritas and Cards Against Humanity
Katlyn was tired :)
Saturday was all about the birthday girl!
selfies on the way to play

Christopher helping Brooke

Christopher and Katlyn

Brooke going up the wall!

Christopher at the top!

Titus in the ball pit

Brooke in the ball pit

Brooke and Titus 
We all gathered after the play place at Alysha and Christopher's for a bbq.   Had a family filled time!  Should have gotten my kids together for a photo, darn!
my Son Jesus :)
Whew, busy weekend...well 3.5 days!  Time to head home.
adding the border
It was hot on the way home.  102 degrees outside and while we were riding in an air conditioned car, the sun was blasting through the window which made the dogs too hot on their side of the seat, so I made them some shade with Katlyn's car blanket.  Max very much appreciated the shade. 
he's happy in his shade
Kid on the other hand just liked my lap!
lazy dog
So there we go, an update of the past 2 weeks.  Home this weekend with cleaning and crocheting to do.  I have the corner to corner finished, just need to get it measured and photographed.  I will be working on the lego blanket next.  It's small bits will not have to sit all over my lap which is good because the weather's going to be hot!

Friday, May 29, 2015

End of month

And yet another post in May!  Wow, it's a miracle!  Anyway, on with the show!  I have slowly (very slowly) been cleaning off my balcony, but we had a heavy bit of rain on the 14th, like crazy downpour and I unfortunately discovered that the rain gutters were in severe need of cleaning!  My balcony flooded with water nearly coming into the house, yikes!  Aftermath of that was a soggy mess of leaves, a wet box that was tossed out there for recycling and a lot of empty pots of dirt from plants that USED to live out there.  So it was time to kick it into gear and get the balcony clean and shiny again.  So you may be wondering why after writing that paragraph am I posting picture of granny squares first thing....interesting story.  I figure, a clean balcony means I need a new blanket to have outside. Right?
Really it was a great excuse to use up some old exchange squares I have had forever.  I gathered all the larger ones (about 8 inches) and set about trimming them in white.  Now this of course was in between cleaning the mess that was my balcony.

stack of squares
I did both the balcony and the squares over a few days and really enjoyed the progress of both.

adding an outline

evening table
When I had the balcony done and set up, I was able to sit outside with my work and enjoy the bees in the trees and the hummingbirds clicking about.

working outside
I joined the squares together as I went along so the process was less tedious and even did the weaving in of ends as I went.  I added a simple border to it and viola..done!  A nice lap blanket for the cool morning or evening.

Great way to use up things I had on hand already and makes a lovely splash of color for the balcony!

it's own spot
So my house is clean and my balcony is clean and it was a 3 day weekend.  Good times!

lazy dog
I worked on my corner 2 corner blanket which grew nicely.

c 2 c
35 inches
Until I realized I made a huge mistake in yardage calculations!  Damn!  Ripped out a ton of my work, like a whole skein plus of work....did I say damn?  I am still working on it but don't have any new post frogging pictures yet.  Mostly because I need to finish up the baby blanket for my Nephew first and this is for my Grandson.

I ordered some stork scissors from Amazon with my Mother's Day gifts and I love them! They're so shiny and sharp! 

new scissors
I did some plant potting and some redistributing of plants around the house.
new plants

all clean
Found a nice journal to keep record of my crochet projects, since I am forever forgetting details!  Now I have notes on yarns used, sizes and hooks.

weekend table
So my Monday off consisted of crocheting and generally crocheting more!  and of course hanging out with the dogs, who are always happy when I'm crocheting in the chair.

this dog...

Max needs a haircut!

Like seriously happy, they love this down throw that I keep out for them and as you can see it's not just the dogs!  I move for a minutes and they crowd in, I literally have to climb back in to get my space back, which I of course accommodate them anyway. 

sigh...I got up to get a drink
I worked up the striped blanket and got the stripes all done and forgot I need to weave in ends before adding the border.  Oh man.  So that's what I'm working on and should have done this weekend.  

so many ends!
A hair update as well, here we are after 6 months.  I started this no color adventure in November and still sticking with it in May.  I may cut off a couple of inches this weekend if the mood strikes me.  I belong to a group on facebook, where these lovely ladies show off the progress they are making and some cut the color out, but I don't think I'm quite ready to go that short yet.

6 months
Friday afternoon and with less then 2 hours left of work...yay!

Listening to:  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons