Thursday, February 12, 2015

February things

Of course most of the photos posted here today are not even taken in February, but on we go anyway.
I started Groot in the previous post and here now he has limbs and leaves, still no mouth yet nor is he anchored into his pot, but he's mostly finished.  No really sure why he's not done yet, I guess I feel like he's missing something.  I do know he's fatter then the pictures on Twinkie Chan's blog where the pattern is posted.  I'm sure he'll get done soon.
Groot progressing
So the mystery yarn I started playing with in the last post turned into a bracelet.  I worked up a wrist sized swatch and added some embellishments and a button closure.  Simple enough.

bracelet made with mystery yarn
Friends of mine sent me a gorgeous yarn bowl of which the below picture does not do it justice at all!  It is stunning and makes me happy. 

yarn bowl with heart yarns
I started a baby blanket for the same friends who are expecting a little girl this month.  Had a lovely idea to do a simple pink and black blanket, wide rows of pink with 1 or 2 rows of black in between and then border in black and add a pink bow.  Easy and quick....or so I thought.  It has turned into a major undertaking.  I bought what I thought based on past blankets, enough yarn.  I was wrong.  Since the only pink I really liked was Simply Soft, I switched to an H hook.  Smaller hook equals the need for a longer starting chain....again wrong.  Now at 4 rows into this I felt the need to rip it out and start over.  Maybe a bigger hook and a shorter starting chain, but I persevered even though I really didn't feel it.  

new blanket
February brings hearts and I ran across an adorable and easy little crocheted heart in my Facebook feed on day.  (Flamingo Toe's on FB)  I thought that they would look cute strung across the fireplace since it's been looking so empty since removing the Christmas decor.  Made about a dozen or so in different pinks and strung them on white yarn, and done!  Below is my yarn bowl that I used to toss in the hearts as I finished them.  I have also made some for Katlyn to wear in her hair at work since she normally wears the flowers I make.

bowl of hearts
Oh here's an updated shot of the pink blanket, this was before I knew I was going to run out of pink yarn.  I do like the blanket, I know it sounds like I don''s just not how I saw it in my head, well it sort of is.

growing blanket
So we finally were able to take a road trip to see Brooke and the boys.  Really hard trying to get the days off coordinated with Katlyn's schedule over Christmas and Valentine's is going to have her working long hours as well, so when she had a scheduled weekend off, she was able to extend it and off we went.  The fog was heavy and thick nearly the entire drive, that's what we get for leaving at 3 am.  Katlyn drove and she didn't mind the fog as much as I did.  

a foggy drive
With Katlyn driving so I read while it was dark out and started crocheting once it got light enough outside.
hooking on the road
Now we've done this trip up to the Bay area a lot.  We know the exits for gas and where the rest areas are pretty nearly by heart.  We also know that the Richmond-San Rafael bridge has a $5 toll in the North direction...guess who had no cash!  Yikes, I forgot to get cash!!  I always carry a bit of cash on our road trips and for some reason I forgot to get some.  So my plan, since Katlyn had no cash either, was to gather change.  She was not keen on this idea at all.  I managed to get the $5 together, in mostly quarters even but the girl was not happy still.  Ok neither was the booth attendant, me I was hysterical, I mean seriously people, it's not like I did it intentionally nor will she have to see the booth attendant again and we had the $5!  New rule, emergency $5 bill in the car at all times!

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
Arrived to a lovely Saturday in Windsor.  Everybody happy we're there and I got presents!  Christopher got me a crochet hook charm.  How cute is this!  I forgot my necklace at home, but it's flippin' adorable and on my necklace now.

tiny hook charm
I really wanted to go to the yarn store in Santa Rosa.  I hadn't been to the new location and was looking for red yarn. Christopher was not amused, but he went anyway.

Christopher not looking forward to the yarn store
So the red yarn....yeah the problem is that they carry so many lovely yarns and so many different reds that I didn't get any red at all, but I of course got some delicious Malabrigo. They will be a cowl as soon as the pink blanket is complete.

yarn purchases
I got to meet my Niece Danielle's son Titus.  What a sweet baby he is!  He had no problem with me holding him and even fell asleep for me.  We took selfies too!
Titus and I
The trip home started later then usual, since there was baby holding involved but it was a pleasant ride and I do love a good looking sunset!

Sunset on the way home
Superbowl Sunday, Katlyn worked, I went to my Sister's.  I found these little foam fingers at Target and had to get them as they were cute.  Made entirely too much food and worked on the pink blanket throughout the entire game.  

Tiny Foam Finger
Made these tasty treats with salsa and shredded lettuce on the side also did deviled eggs and brownie bites.  Much food was consumed by all and still had loads of leftovers!

taco cups
Car shopping is up next.  Katlyn has been using her Aunt's extra vehicle to get back and forth to work but of course being as she is 20, she really wanted her own car.  After a few false leads with other cars I called my Brother who I forgot actually works a car dealership.  Found out that he works for a Chevy dealer and that was that for Katlyn.  He ran numbers on different cars for her and found that with the down payment she had saved and a rebate, she could get a new car.  Monday morning we headed to Cerritos.  She test drove 2 models of the Cruze and they let her drive a Camaro (out of her price range but her dream car) and picked the Cruze she wanted.  2015 Chevy Cruze with 8 miles on it.  My girl is a very happy girl.  She paid for it all herself, I'm so proud. 
I took my yarn bag with me and hooked along while waiting.  My Brother laughed at me, thinking that I was silly for bringing yarn out but I got a lot done in all of that time sitting around.

while waiting
Here she is learning the radio and On Star before driving it home.  She is still ridiculously happy and can't believe she has her own car. 

girl's first car
So on now to a cat picture, because that's what we do.  Stein loves Katlyn, he will climb onto her lap no matter how she sitting or what else she happens to have on her lap, and plop himself down and get comfy.  

he loves her lap
I bought some orange cotton yarn to go with the red.  I'm thinking of making a Fire Demon...just have to work it out.  I'm trying not to crochet anything other then the pink blanket so I can get it finished up and shipped before the baby is born!  Katlyn just laughs and makes fun because according to her the pink blanket is still a rectangle.  It's not a running joke.  No matter how much I work on it, it is always a rectangle instead of becoming a square.  One day!

something of an idea
And that's it for now, I'd really like to get a decent picture of the pink blanket, but it's kind of large for photos I think, though spreading it out on my bed would work if I could keep the dogs from traipsing all over it!  I'll try on Saturday.  I'm going to get new tires on my car Saturday morning so I will take the blanket to work on while waiting, maybe I can get it finished this weekend!

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Friday, January 09, 2015

New Year

December was a busy hooking month!  Not just gifts either, I actually got a bit selfish and made things for myself.  Now there is a lot of pictures to showoff the silly things I whipped up, so away we go!
First up, a simple beanie that my mother requested for her rides in my sister's convertible, don't want to mess the hair when taking a trip to Vegas. 
basic beanie
Next up I decided I needed a new cowl.  Ok.... I actually really wanted to use some fancy yarn I had on hand.  I have a lot of miscellaneous fancy yarns but with most of it, I only have 1 hank which of course isn't really a lot of yardage generally.  Which leaves me the problem of what to do with these lovely yarns.  So driving home from work I was thinking about colors, something I do often...random color combos pop into my head I I go from there.  I had this hank of Noro Tanabata (middle in the photo) which had lovely oranges throughout so I thought it would look great with this super rich orange hank of Mulberry Merino by Plymouth Yarn Co.  Get home and pull them out...instant love.  what to do with them?  A simple cowl!  Just needed another color so I grabbed the Olive Green Lamb's Pride that was a giant mess of tangled yarn thanks to Stein and got to work...well first I have to untangled the green and then ball the hanks of the other 2 colors and then I got to pick up a hook!

just starting
The Noro had so many different color come out as I worked it up, a lot of pink and green along with the orange.
so bright and cheery
As you can see with the tree in the background, it's December....I did mention this was a look back post, right?
It's Christmas time!
Got it done and was able to wear it even though the sun was shining bright and I'm wearing short sleeves....Damn Southern California weather!
The nights were cold for awhile, hot chocolate was necessary! 
so tasty
Really the weather did get quite chilly for a couple of weeks and I made another cowl.  This time I did pink and gray.  I used Bernat Bamboo in Lotus, Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in gray (or color 15524 as stated on the label) and Sensations Beautiful in Pink.  Made it a bit shorter and I like it!  The yarns are all super soft and the colors are sweet.

another one
So at this point in the month I really, really should have been working on Christmas gifts, but lately just don't feel as if anyone gives a rats behind for handmade gifts anymore, so I decided to just be crafty for myself.  I wanted a snowman....I made a snowman.  Wasn't hard, just took a bit of creativity and out popped a snowman!

snowman #1
Katlyn felt Snowman #1 needed a hat, another comment after posted his photo was he needed a nose....ok let's try again.  Started making Snowman #2 while preparing dinner, so his head took a break.

waiting for a body
This time I did a nose and a hat along with the scarf.
Snowman #3
He was better received, having all the added parts.  I still wanted more, I liked the idea of the different colored scarves for them so I did another with a blue scarf and this time a fabulous complimentary blue beanie.  He's the favorite.  

Snowman #3
Friends of mine are having a baby girl in February so I did up a chunky baby hat and added a large button.   I really need to get a blanket done for them!
baby hat
Just a Saturday morning photo from my pillow of Kid, he wants to go for a walk which requires me to be awake.

view from my pillow
Ok Christmas gifts up next.  First up black and gray beanie for Chandler, pink and gray beanie with a darker Gray flower for Annabelle, black and pink coffee cozy Shaunna and an olive and gray cozy for Kiana.  I got the girl Starbucks gift cards to go along with the cozies and Chandler a Playstation gift car to go along with his beanie.

Chandler's beanie

Annabelle's beanie

Shaunna's cozy

Kiana's cozy
Cookies were up next, I got everything bought and ready and worked hard on Christmas Eve!  Dozens of cookies baked and ready to be eaten.

the beginning
I also whipped up some last minute gifts for the adults.  Votive candle cozies.  4 sets done, I even added candles.  

candle cozies
Katlyn had to go into work at 10 am on Christmas, so we went to my Sister's early so the kids could do presents.  Facetiming with Brooke so we could share Christmas together and a knock at the door reveals my Christmas surprise....Brandon and his girlfriend!  Yay!  Did I mention I love Christmas!
Brandon in his Grandmother's sunglasses
We had a great 5 days with Brandon and Patryce.  I love hanging with my boy.  
Katlyn has been wanting a viking hat for a long time and since I was done with Christmas and in need for something on my hook, a viking hat it is!  
shy viking
We are now in January and haven't had the desire to make much on my long list of things, so I started small, with Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy.  Twinkiechan has the pattern on her blog and it's adorable and easy.

Groot head
I have this Japanese yarn from Motoko's stash but know nothing about it, so I decided to play with it and make up a bracelet.  I will have to get a completed picture.  The yarn is lovely, but even after a google search I still don't know anything about it!  
unknown Japanese yarn
So that about covers it for now,  I though I had a gray hair growth picture for the month, but not sure were it went to but I am still sticking with it!  Some days not sure why!
That's me out....

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Roll in December

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are now in December, officially Christmas time!  My Sister asked for a headband in black and brown.  Man I love making these, they I super simple and I can whip one up in an evening.  This one was done in between pie making!  The only thing I don't care for is the band around the bow is not quite tight enough, I like the bow a bit more cinched.  My Sister liked it, so I guess that's all that matters.
another headband
Katlyn had to work on Thanksgiving until 6, so she didn't arrive until near dinnertime, but she put her turkey hat on so we could all giggle and take pictures.  Yellow flower hairpin is not attached, she wore it to work and left it in with the hat.
turkey hat in action
My Niece's son had his first round of shots and was a grumpy face about it, so I thought I'd make him a hat to cheer him up.  Just grabbed some yarn and took it with me on Thanksgiving.  
baby beanie
Thanksgiving over and I got the ham bone!  Oh sweet crockpot, beans, bone (with a substantial amount of meat still attached) and a bit of seasoning and tada...dinner is cooking!  I love crockpot cooking, so easy and the meal is always tasty!

using leftovers the right way
Made a cowl for Alysha's Christmas gift, or maybe her birthday, which is first and yikes in 6 days!  I best get it in the mail if it's for her birthday!
2 color cowl
Madison asked if I could make her a purple flower hairpin and since I didn't clarify what shade of purple she wanted, I made one in every bonbon shade I had.  Of course since Katlyn only had one purple one, I needed to make her some as well.  So a double batch of purple flowers was made!

a lot of purple
Had to buy more bobby pins to accommodate all of the new flowers. 

purple flowers
Katlyn then said she needed more, like one in every color I had....I have a lot of colors!  Guess how I spent my Black Friday??   Still in the making process, since I had to stop and make other things as well, but I have a whole card of bobby pins and I'm ready to go!

flower making
Other things I made in between flowers included, a coffee cozy (or 2).  My Son's girlfriend posted a picture on facebook of a coffee cozy with a heart that she loved, so I made one for her.  Another friend saw and loved it as well, so I made one for her as well.  I tried 2 different hearts out and played with the size of the cozy as well.  These were stupid quick to make up and I was able to pop them in the mail the next day.  

1st one
2nd one
Alysha and Brooke got their headbands and posted a picture for me to enjoy!  Yay, I like pictures of things I make in action!
headbands in action
Ok I think that about does it for now.  I have a few requests to get done and there will be more pictures soon.  Not sure how many people will be getting handmade Christmas items since I'm busy with requests right now, but I am enjoying the requests!

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