Friday, April 13, 2012

Wet and rainy and I should be crocheting!

It's Friday, Friday the 13th actually, not that I'm superstitious about it....quite opposite in fact.  Brooke was born on a Friday the 13th and since than I have had no bad luck issues relating to the day.  :)
I has been raining pretty hard today which for us Southern Californians means armageddon when it comes to driving!  Madness takes over and everyone forgets how to drive!  Ok maybe not everyone and honestly maybe I just notice the crazy driving more when it rains because I am on high alert for the madness!  I would much rather be at home sitting on the couch hook in hand than out driving I can tell you that much!  A couple more hours until that happens though!
Now I have been trying to finish up Katlyn's Sgt. Frog hat and did manage the base all fine and dandy but than came the side flaps....I frogged them (hahaha, I frogged the Sgt. Frog hat!  No, not funny?  Just me I guess) 3 different times after they were full size, I just didn't like them at all.  Of course I left the hat sitting on the dining table this morning without taking any pictures, but  I was pretty well annoyed after I finally got the flaps done and Katlyn is still not happy with it!  Told her I was done with it, going to rip it all out and start over, but first I was going to bed.  I woke up this morning to a note on the hat asking me not to rip it out and that she had ideas how to make it work. Cute.  I think I may block the flaps to get them to stop curling and I just need to add the red star, which I worked up last night but it proved too big.  Really never had a hat be so darn difficult!
I am going to start a new scarf tonight.  I need to add some new color to my scarf collection.  I am finding myself highly attracted to yellow right now (Katlyn says I'm a bee) and I don't seem to have what I am looking for in my stash, so we are going to go up to JoAnn's after work and check out what they have in the way of yellows.
So this is just a quick and nearly picture less post because I have not done anything except that bloody hat this week!
So on with the pictures I do have, only 2 but something!  The fiber is the fringe of the scarf  I am wearing today.  Have a great weekend!
Fiber Friday
A very tired puppy

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