Monday, April 16, 2012

A Very Colorful Monday

I get inspired by the sunshine I think.  Even though it was a pretty wet week last week, I know that the sun will come out and that it will show all of the new colors of nature.  Profound, I know!  So as I had said previously I wanted some new color in my scarf collection, so we ventured to JoAnn's in search of some wonderful yellow yarn. such luck!  No one makes a yellow yarn apparently except in plain ole worsted weights!  Dang, I already have those, I was hoping for a nicer, bulky yarn full of yellow and texture.......nope.  sigh, fine oh fine.  I found one yarn that was bulky and a bit of yellow though I remember it having more yellow (or so I thought) Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky in Golden
looks a lot brighter in the picture.
I have used this yarn before and thought I had leftovers but since I couldn't find it I figured I used it all and would get more.  Again I really remembered it being more yellow then green, but it is still very pretty and it was on sale for dirt cheap so I grabbed a skein and took it home to find that it didn't "fit" well with the colors I had in mind for an all out rainbowy scarf.  Started stash diving and OF COURSE came upon the unfinished skein of the above mentioned yarn!!  I did mention that it was dirt cheap, right? Anyway moving along, I have Katlyn sitting on my bed while I pull out colors to make this scarf.  She yayed or nayed as I chose and at last colors were picked!
The green is very limey as opposed to being grassier
So here we are cruising along with a very colorful scarf.  I started Friday night and finished up Saturday night.  I love it and it brings a smile to my face.  It really is too long, but I like my scarves on the longer side so it suits me fine.  The fringe after careful review is going to be redone and will probably get done while here at work.  I am going to go with solid fringe to match each row instead of the mix up of colors I have now.  I over think everything and fringe is no exception!  All of the yarn I used was yarn I have had on hand for quite some time.  I loved the lime green and even though it's not a rainbowy color it needed to be included and Katlyn agreed and we tossed the grassier green aside.  Now the yellow I ended up using was just Simply Soft in Lemonade, it's nice and bright and worked in fine.  I don't have the other labels with me for this post and will post that later on.
Enjoying the sun!

Another view
Ok so my bright colorful scarf is done and Katlyn decides while looking through the yarns on Friday that she wants a striped scarf thought the stripes running horizontal and about yay wide, yeah she held up her fingers for measurement!  So I put on a movie (Sense and Sensibility) and started her scarf!  Doing a half double crochet, 25 stitches wide.  I move the used colors to a basket and then pull another randomly (just so long as it's not the same color group) she wants random and no repeats on the 16 colors she chose and then I will start them over, again choosing randomly and continue until the length that she wants it to be.  Now most of the yarn she chose is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes so it's fairly easy to keep a neat line, but the red one is Sublime and it's a bit thinner and then the orangey one is Vanna's choice and bulkier!  So far it's working out, I just have to be very consistent with my stitches, though thinking about it, I could change out hook sizes as I change yarns (again with the over thinking).  We'll see how it goes, so far it's going fine.  Weaving in the ends every couple of colors as well so it's not a giant mess of ends when I'm done!

There are a lot of red squiggly lines in today's post, I'm guessing spell check is not liking my made up words!

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