Sunday, April 29, 2012

3KCBWDAY7 - Crafting Balance

Today is the last day of the week long blog topics, it's been a pretty great experience and I have found a bunch of new blogs to enjoy!
Today we are working on crafting balance, as in do I have any! I do not, not even a little bit.  I seem to have a mental block on learning to knit.  I do want to really I do, but I always find an excuse not to.  Yesterday's excuse was I really should just finish up the projects I have surrounding me instead of starting something new, which are of course always on going.
I am also a bit intimidated by knitting.  I mean where do I start?  What yarn should I use?  What size needles?  I really am pretty clueless when it comes to knitting and everyday this week I have seen so many gorgeous things done on other blogs and while I really want to do them too, I think that is holding me back as well.  I mean seriously, how am I ever going to knit such a beautiful sweater/sock/shawl???  Mercy my insecurities happen in my own house even!  sigh....I will keep trying to get the courage up to pick up the needles but in the mean time I will stay unbalanced.  I do love my crochet!
I love the quiet of Sunday mornings
Again I have picked up this Sgt. Frog hat for Katlyn, I am reworking the earflaps and then I can whip up a star and be done with it!

the flap that I am redoing yet again!
I did learn that my weaving in of the ends is quite masterful since I had no flippin' idea as to where or how to find the ends to rip it all out!  Grrrr, oh yes I think I forgot to mention....she hated the earflaps AFTER I edged them and wove the ends in!

It's getting longer!
The scarf is nearly done, only 5 more stripes to go and then on to blocking!

So that wraps up the entire week of daily blogging, I did run across some new blogs and will actually be hanging out reading many more today since Katlyn will be off spending the day and night at her Cousins house.  Nearly done with the laundry and then that's pretty much it for the day, I can kick back and crochet while doing some blog reading!
Remember, if you want to find other bloggers doing today's topic of this week long challenge just type in 3KCBWDAY7 into Google.

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