Friday, June 19, 2015


So, I guess I need an update of sorts.  Not really much lately, worked on blankets, road trip North, etc.  Pictures tell a better story though.  
Weaving in the ends of the Vintage Stripe blanket took forever!  Since the weave is a bit more open and the color changes were so often, I had to be a bit more careful about where I was weaving.

Nearly done
I added a navy border, super basic, single crochet around and then a half double crochet around that.  Easy enough and wrapped up for a boy.

All Done and wrapped
Up next to finish is the corner to corner, which while I love the pattern and the yarn for this, I don't like that I didn't do a bit of planning with how the stripes ran through this.  Oh well, lesson learned and it's still lovely.
I do love my yarn bowl
Brandon and Patryce came down for a quick visit 2 weeks ago, well they actually came down to go to a concert featuring Brandon's favorite band.  Either way, they hung out with me!
he bought swag!
Did a bit of planting.
new succulents

my view while having coffee
Time to hit the road.  Brooke turns 7 and we gotta be there!  We left right after I got off work, so there was plenty of daylight to crochet, for awhile at least.

I like when I'm not driving

Selfies with Kid
On Friday we were off to the go kart track,  I forgot my phone and decided to play with Christopher's while he was driving.  What better way to play then to take selfies with your sons phone?
We had a busy Friday and ended with margaritas and Cards Against Humanity
Katlyn was tired :)
Saturday was all about the birthday girl!
selfies on the way to play

Christopher helping Brooke

Christopher and Katlyn

Brooke going up the wall!

Christopher at the top!

Titus in the ball pit

Brooke in the ball pit

Brooke and Titus 
We all gathered after the play place at Alysha and Christopher's for a bbq.   Had a family filled time!  Should have gotten my kids together for a photo, darn!
my Son Jesus :)
Whew, busy weekend...well 3.5 days!  Time to head home.
adding the border
It was hot on the way home.  102 degrees outside and while we were riding in an air conditioned car, the sun was blasting through the window which made the dogs too hot on their side of the seat, so I made them some shade with Katlyn's car blanket.  Max very much appreciated the shade. 
he's happy in his shade
Kid on the other hand just liked my lap!
lazy dog
So there we go, an update of the past 2 weeks.  Home this weekend with cleaning and crocheting to do.  I have the corner to corner finished, just need to get it measured and photographed.  I will be working on the lego blanket next.  It's small bits will not have to sit all over my lap which is good because the weather's going to be hot!