Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Really bad pictures, but a cute scarf!

Remember that yarn I got from Toni...the NuMei 2 posts ago? Well I worked it up and TA-DA. The scarf is done. Hey what else does one do when watching the first 7 Harry Potter movies in a row?
Terrible pictures taken this morning at work after attaching the flowers and fringe...yes 2 flowers are there I love how they blend in. Anyway the scarf is off in the mail so I am hoping she will like it. She doesn't even know I have it done so she will be surprised!

Nothing terribly new other that the scarf, I am planning out Christmas gifts...maybe if I can work out the idea I saw. I am going to attempt it tonight so crossing fingers that I can get it to work because I know people always like handmade gifts! Oh wait is that just me? Now if I just had a magic wand to get things done =)

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Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

whole lotta nothing

Yep I have gotten nothing done lately, nothing at all in the way of crochet, I want to, I think about it....but I never seem to get a hook in my hand! I went to JoAnn's on Saturday looking for styrofoam balls for a new project that I ran across HERE did you know that small styrofoam balls are not all that cheap!! I had to pay $4.49 for 12 balls about 1 or 1 1/2 inches diameter that's roughly .37 cents each, for something I was going to cover up with yarn. Sigh...I am too cheap for my own good at times. It really irks me the most because I ended up not even using them for this project because they were too big. My Daughter says "Mom, why don't you just wrap the yarn up from the beginning?" Good question, why don't I do that and guess what it worked just fine! So a wasteful trip to JoAnn's you might think BUT while there I did happen to stroll through the yarn section and found this
.97 cents per skien. Only 79 yards each, but it's wool and I loved the colors. Bought 2 of each color, they didn't have very much left in stock.
I yellow and the bluish/yellow one are the same colors but I used the one bluish/yellow one to make the above mentioned project. Ready???
sorry the pictures are so bad, indoors with an iPhone just not the best quality. Anyway, how cute are these yarn ball flowers! I am just madly in love with B. Cheniful! What a fun blog over there, click the link above and go check her stuff out! I made these with the new Baby Wool I got and I have this sitting on my dining room table where I tend to sit most of the time with my laptop open and they make me smile. My daughter thinks I'm silly =)
So that's what I've gotten done lately besides putting together my new bistro set for my balcony! It was a birthday present!
Ok I shall be gone now and cross those fingers I manage to pick up a hook tonight after getting off work and then going to the grocery store and then going to the reptile store and then cleaning up after a gillion animals....hook?? haha, we shall see!!

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Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac