Monday, April 23, 2012

3KCBWDAY1 Color Lovers...

And so it begins, Day 1 of my first ever Knitting and Crochet Blogging week.  It kicks off with colors which works well with me right now since color is a huge thing in my head lately.

I love colors every one of them, though I always choose red as my favorite I find I have a revolving love for each color!  I am currently infatuated with yellow (Katlyn says I am bee!)  Yellow has such a bright and cheery feel to it that just makes me happy.  Really there needs to be more yellow yarn in the worlds too, not an easy task to find it in anything other then worsted weights.  Ok moving on....
I am finding myself lately admiring how different the greens of the trees are.  I spend anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes, Monday-Friday driving to work in a tangle of traffic.  I learned a long time ago it does not help getting angry over that fact, so may as well suck it up and smile a bit.  I take surface streets to get to work so there are plenty of trees to see and they are all different.  Ok not all are different but there is a very wide variety on the streets of Southern California.  It makes for some fantastic colors while the sun dances on the leaves!  There is such a range of colors and I am always finding inspiration in these leaves.  Just this morning I saw a beautiful silverish green on one tree and a lime green on the tree next to it....hmmmm I do like lime green and with silver that could be interesting, maybe not but can’t hurt to try it out.  It is Springtime right now and the colors are popping and I am jotting down all kinds of color combos to try out.
I do find that I have a large selection of blues and greens when I look and my yarn stash and I do tend to get drawn to them when at a yarn store.  Since making Toni’s Monster I am finding that I get very excited for bolder colors whereas the past I have stuck with more neutral colors.  Neutral being a nice dark green or black or navy.  Even when I look in my closet at my scarf collection, they are pretty neutral colors, nothing just grabs me with color.  Don’t get me wrong I still love and wear them, but I find that the rainbow scarf I made jumps out and demands my attention.

a variety of green
green, silver, blue
My love for orange tends to flop around a bit, I guess it’s just one of those colors.  It goes great with so many other colors but I don’t have a large selection I noticed in my stash.  My orange selection is made up of Chicago Bears orange mostly, which I always pair with Chicago Bears blue (unless it’s for Katlyn and then it’s Denver Broncos orange and blue) I do love that nature reminds me that orange is gorgeous when the poppies bloom!  
Purple is probably my hardest color to love, weird I know.  I don’t have much on hand and don’t automatically reach for it at a yarn store.  I would lean more to the maroon end of the purple spectrum when given the opportunity.  Put it together with lime green and it rocks or in a rainbow of colors, but I generally don’t think I use that must of it.  
Red as I said is my favorite color and it has been for as long as I can remember!  When I was picking out my first car I really wanted red, but my Dad said it was a hard color to maintain due to the oxidation of the paint and I would be sorry in the long run, being a good girl ;) I took my Dad’s word and went with yellow.  I still to this day want a red car!  Red goes with every color, and has such a wide range of colors that it really is it’s own neutral.  I can pick up red yarn and pair it with so many things and that’s great.  
So I think that pretty much covers every color and my love for them all...wait what about pink?  Haha, I have loads of pink in my stash, all different shades of pink in fact.  Pink and black is one of my favorite combinations and am making a hot pink and black blanket for my Niece right now (well it’s in progress).  If I didn’t love red more, I would have a very girly pink bedroom!

against a blue sky
purple and lime love
red goes with anything
the happiness that is pink
Color doesn't just end with my yarn, I have pink hair as well...yep I do, have had it since 2008 and it never fails to make me happy, except when it's time for maintenance :)
Now I hope you've enjoyed my love of color exploration.  As I said at the beginning, this is a great topic for me since I have been very aware of colors these days and finding such love in big bold colors!  Tomorrows topic will bring even more pictures!  Stay tuned!

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