Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update for today!

First off...I have the finished kool-aid yarn to show off.
It came out a bit different then I thought it would , but I really like it. It has a sherbet feel to it. Now to make something with it.
I pulled out all of this: yesterday so that I can make a ripple from it. The original pattern that I started and frogged was one from KnitPicks and while I didn't mind the pattern so much, it was ridiculously TOO much for some of this yarn. The Quarry yarn and the Suri Dream yarns are VERY fuzzy making stitch finding super hard!! I tried to work by feel, but every row was a joke and I had to add and subtract stitches each time. So I will be using it for a simple wavy ripple that I am trying to design as I swatch it. We will see how it ends up! I want to get the whole thing done in time to enter it in the Somona County Fair and I have until June 22nd to get it entered! EEEKKK...I haven't enter before and I'm a bit nervous. I will be entering the pig that I did for a birthday present and see how he does as well.

That's it for today, I've got to get going to work...14 hour day today!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Now you would think with the 4 days off I would have gotten some kind of post up! I was playing with photoshop and trying to get these pictures that I take with these crappy cameras to workout better, but I don't know I think if you have a bad picture to start, there is only so much you can do to it. I foresee a new camera in my future!

Anyway back to information! Not tons of crocheting done but I did get organized a bit, so that helps when I sit down to crochet. I managed to get the sunglasses case done though. I do like the way it came out even though my kids think it is too big!
I used Sugar n Cream yarns in Hot Pink and Lime and lined it with a pink Hawaiian fabric that I have. Now my glasses are safe and secure inside my purse.

I found a LYS this weekend that I did not know existed until Friday when I happened to drive past it and there were beautiful hanks of yarn hanging in the window! They carry fabulous yarns and I can't wait to spend my paychecks there!! Ok, maybe not my whole paycheck, but I do see a huge chunk going to that store!

Since going into the store I was inspired to dye my own yarn again.
This started off as an experiment with the tie dye dyes that I had left over. That didn't work, don't try it! All I ended up doing was turning the yarn a weird pinkish I broke out my trusty Kool-Aid! Always performs I expected. I used Orange, Grape and Cherry. the colors are usually a bit more vibrate but I think the over dying had something to do with that. I think I might make some wrist warmers with it now.

On Sunday we went to Bodega Bay to go Clam digging! Cold and muddy but we had fun!
I think that's it for today!
Sharon, thank you always for your kind words!
Listening to: And Love Said No by H.I.M.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Well I got a few things together, not accomplished entirely but I'm coming along! I started a quick project yesterday out of necessity for myself. I lost my sunglasses case and since I LOVE my sunglasses (Mother's Day gift, last year) and since I can't afford to replace them, I figured...what the hay!!! I can so make one out of yarn...anyway here's the picture: (please forgive the quality, I can not seem to find a camera that takes good pictures around here... I need my KODAK!!)
Notice how it is a lovely granny square. I am joining over with caution though, you will spend a lot of time admiring every one's work there! So I felt that I should use a granny for this particular project. I have a pink Hawaiian print that I will line it with and I will post pictures when I am done. Both of the yarn are Sugar n' Cream, the Lime is left over from Christmas potholders! I'm just making up the rounds as I go but so far the center is DC, the next 2 rounds are HDC, the 4th round is SC and then the last pink round (right now) is HDC. Nothing fancy just trying to give it a bit of stability!

Ok Daughter gets out of school early today so I am picking her up and then we are going to lunch and then off to find some fabric so she can start a purse that she wants to make!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick update

Here's a quick update for today! I was too busy fooling around with the colors and header of my blog and now I have run out of time for more then a quick post! This is the progress so far of my first Baby Snow Dragon:

There he is in pieces! I have a few more pieces to throw in the mix and then put him together! I have a 4 day weekend coming up since my car is now in need of major repairs and I will not be able to go down to Southern California and visit my family....grrrrrr. I guess that means I will crochet my days away!!! I am thinking of starting a stash busting ripple and join here to keep me motivated! I also want to make a Star Afghan in red & black for my son, but that will have to be done in secret! That might prove to be hard, but I can just work on it at work & keep it in my car trunk. TOO. MANY. PROJECTS.
Oh well, it keeps me sane!

That's it I'm going to work!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Back again!

I have been active...not enough crocheting but at least active! I did get exchange squares done and sent and started on my next set before I am late again! Working a swing shift really seems to mess up my day! It seems like a great thing...I don't have to rush with the kids to get ready and off to work, I get quiet time by myself in the house for a few hours and I can even get dinner ready before work, BUT getting home at 9 at night just has me catching up with the kids and going to bed with no real relax time. Plus on nights when I have my second job, well I get nothing at all done! I really need to schedule crocheting time! Ok enough ranting!

This is how my Mother's Day started out:

I don't recall why I needed to go to Wal-Mart...wait I think one of my boys wanted Hemp & Beads to make a bracelet...that's it. So off I went to Wal-Mart nice and early on Mother's Day to get my son something! I did get a little something for myself while I was there:

I'm going to make wrist warmers with the Red Heart and another Baby Dragon with the Bernet Softee Chunky! My first Baby Dragon is moving along, I had to put him on hold while getting the squares done, but I will pick him up today.

I got a kit to make your own tie-dyed scarf as well and had leftover colors so I was able to do a shirt for my son and a tank top for myself! My Son Brandon is a bit of a hippy and LOVES tie-dyed clothes!
So after Wal-Mart we went back top the house and did a little tie-dying and then packed up and went to the beach and while I won't bore you with a bunch of beach pictures I will give you these:

After the beach it was nap time and pizza for Mom!! Aaaahh Mother's Day!

That's it for now, I do have list of things I want to make and have even ordered and needle felting kit from here. I am going to try making an eyeball as shown on Monster Crochet and attach it to a felted messenger bag that I am trying to design, we'll see how that turns out!

Listening to: Lie To Me by 12 Stones

Saturday, May 12, 2007

How not to spend a Friday night!

Well the day started off normal enough. I got the kids off to school and did my regular stuff before going to work, I even gathered belongings to start my new project,
since I had completed the wrist warmers:

I took my project in my yarn tote to work with me and even got the head done while on break!

All is well a good so far...then about 8pm I get a voice mail from my Daughter stating "they are taking Christopher to the hospital" ...don't you LOVE those kind of messages! Anyway I call to see what's going on and apparently during his bike riding stunts, he fell! So I arrive at the emergency room to find this:

Nice right?! (He was quite thrilled to know that I had my little camera in my purse)
Handy little thing to have! Doesn't take the best yarn pictures but it's convenient in my purse!

Anyway after much waiting around, a CAT scan and Xrays, he's fine. Just a lot of road rash! Did not make him all that happy to sit there for 4 hours to find out nothing was wrong, but oh well! I did get to work on my dragon though since it was in my car, so here's the progress on that:

Head done, body 99% done! Now off to the drug store to get some Vitamin E so we do not have scarring!

Listening to: Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier

Saturday, May 05, 2007

This little piggy...

He's done and off living in his new home! She loved him and I am happy! People now want more! I'll have to see about that! Anyway here he is:
I used Bernat Satin to make him and I like it a lot, it's soft and easy to work with. Not everyone thinks he looks like a pig but oh well!

This is a close up (just because) of my current project...more on that to come!
That's it I'm off to crochet!
Listening to: Somebody Save Me by Cinderella