Friday, October 26, 2012

ummm, yeah

So I guess this is my online journal at this moment...hopefully after vacation or even during I can post up pictures and get back into the swing of living again.  My cloud is a bit higher today, but still continues to hang over me.  I have a 400 mile drive later and will not be having a chance to read during that time so I am pretty sure my head with explode from not reading.  I have some movies on my iPod and of course Doctor Who episodes and that might get me through ok, but I am just so used to reading every chance I get right now.  It is the escape I need from all things, put myself into and new world and get lost.  Oh how dramatic I am!  Really though, alone in my thoughts I might go a bit mad, I do hope Katlyn is chattery tonight!
Still can't believe that my last child and only Daughter is going to be an official adult tomorrow!  Might have a bit to do with my emotions.  Reason number 178 I need a hand to hold......

Thursday, October 25, 2012

another day, nothing going on

My pit of crapness is still surrounding me, but I will be on vacation officially tomorrow at 4 so I might pull myself up and out of it for a bit.  I have no idea at this point, but I am going through the motions of normal so maybe I can fake it til I make it!  All about the packing and tidying up right now.  At work, clearing my desk and filing and at home getting things organized to be gone for a week.  My Sister is taking care of the animals that get left behind when we go on the road so I need to have things ready for her.  Pop into the market on the way home today and get a few things that we will need for tonight and tomorrow, on to home to get the laundry taken care of and get the car cleaned out.  Oh the packing is going to be fun...a week is a lot longer the the weekend in packing terms and yikes!  Plus I need my camera and cords and computer and charge for my phone and on and on and oh yes dog supplies and yarn!  Goodness what project am I going to take when I don't have to ability to pick up a hook right now?  I'm sure it will come to me....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

of course

Nothing just blows over....Can't just snap back into shape.  I miss my hook, I miss my yarn, but it doesn't matter, I can't seem to pick them up and move along.

I remember why I am alone, I am alone because I don't like getting hurt.  I keep everything guarded and locked away so as to not get hurt.  Too bad it really never works....oh I'm still all locked up and guarded but I still manage to get hurt.  Something that should hurt me has hurt me deeper then I expected and I am not sure about recovery any longer, I just don't even care.

Push and push and eventually everyone leaves.........

Sunday, October 21, 2012

wish there was more

I really do, but I don't seem to have it in me right now.  All I seems to do is read....reading is good it's an escape, but sometimes I fear too much of an escape and it takes over everything.  It just becomes all consuming and I slip into the fantasy world of fiction.  Sad though really because it makes me irritable when disturbed and I can't focus on much else.  I know it's a coping method I am using because I am feeling very down right now....unfortunately it's not helping with it at all and I actually think it's making it worse!  I tend to get thoroughly wrapped up in a book, in the characters, in the whole feelings involved in the book.  I fall in love with a character and then look around in my real life and come to the realization that no man will ever be good enough.  My life could be a bit a fiction itself anyway...last week I had 3 men tell me they love me......hahaha 3, I'm not kidding either.  Yet I sadly have no hand to hold.  I am alone.  Blah.....I best get to doing something else before I slip into a deep funk on this Sunday when I have other things to be doing.  Maybe I'll take some pictures and post a bit more later.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Had a busy weekend indeed.  Back to my Sister's Saturday afternoon for my Gran's birthday (which is actually today)  It was nice, a bunch of family there and hanging out.  The weather was on the bit too warm side but cooled nicely as evening came on.  Gran had a great time and enjoyed the day as well.  She does have dementia so it can be hard on her at times, but she did brilliantly!
86 years today
Worked on the gloves, though since we were outside I only did the working on them until the sun went down.  My sister is lacking in the proper lighting of the patio department.  Sunday was a day just to stay in and get the necessary things done!  Which includes breakfast for the Daughter, she likes french toast.  Spend the day reading and doing laundry, playing with the know weekend things.
Sunday breakfast
Now since I was gone both Friday and Saturday nights, that meant no Sherlock.  It's a show I really like to sit and pay attention to and the episodes are nearly an hour and a half long so watching at 10:30 at night doesn't really work for me, I am a true morning person, which means I am NOT a late night stayer upper!  I am sure midnight is not late to most people and while it's not really that late for me, I do get up at 6 am even of the weekends.  So Sunday evening was spent watching the last 2 episodes of Sherlock, whew....what an experience too!  I did manage over the 3 hour time period to get the second gloves finished up and ta-da!  I even remembered to bring them to work this morning for a quick photo shoot at my desk!
Much better left hand! 
The pair of them
So that's a wrap on the weekend.  Not sure what is next up though I have 2 purses to line and I have to find something to play with my giant hooks with!  I will do some digging though I think I may make my Aunt a pair of gloves in a nice earth tone color scheme, though I think she flies out tomorrow.

Listening to:  Rumours In The air by Night Ranger

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slacking no more

Truth be told I haven't really been "slacking", I am working on things.  I just haven't been blogging.  I have been reading and watching and hooking, just not typing!  So here is a little bit of an update.
My Cousin saw the red bow hat I made for myself when I posted it on instagram and loved it and  left a comment hoping that it was for a certain little girl cousin yet to be born....sigh I can't resist a girl in need!  Anyway I had leftovers of the red and set about to make a baby version.  Got it done and whipped up a little bow and hat done!

baby sized
bow bits
Next up, hmmm I got a new set of tools and really want to play with them, just haven;t picked out the yarn yet.  Plus I was trying to get the baby hat done and since I have started watching Sherlock (why yes it is more British television!) I tend to get all wrapped up in that in the evening.  Ok....actually I make dinner for Katlyn and I and we sit a watch an episode of Doctor Who (on the 11th Doctor now) and then she goes off while I watch an episode of Torchwood (again British telly) and then an episode of Sherlock.  Seriously Sherlock is just a joy to watch!  I laugh entirely too much at the show...laughing out loud, alone in my living I'm not crazy at all.  I haven't watched so much television in years, well technically I am watching Netflix but still.  So not a TV watcher, I don't even keep it on for background noise, but I have my own British invasion every night!  Of course the downside to all of this British show watching is that now I have raised the standard of which type of man I will date!  If he doesn't have a British accent...nope no chance and  he should be tall and lanky and well ok as Katlyn said, he should just be Christopher Eccleston!  So there you have it, my standards are entirely too high and I shall now be single for the rest of my days....oh well I have lots of yarn!

New tools
My Aunt is visiting from Tennessee and we went over to my Sister's for dinner last night.  Since I wasn't working on anything in particular and I hadn't decided what to make next, I grabbed a bag of black and white yarns and tossed in a pink skein and off we went.  I like to crochet while sitting and gabbing with people, everyone is used to it.  I decided I will make some fingerless gloves, my Sister had requested some last year and black so maybe these will go to her.  I had a tricky time trying to get a decent shot off, so I tried both hands.  I was using my right hand for measurements has I worked it up, so I think it looks better on the right.  Near done with it though and will start on the left and see how that works up.

right handed
left handed
Hanging out on the hat!
Gratuitous cat picture!
And there you have it, my quick update and way too much information on my man requirements!  Heading out today to hang out with the family, maybe I will get the other glove done!

Listening to:  Breaking Inside by Shinedown

Monday, October 08, 2012

2 completed projects in 1 weekend!

Oh wow, yep I'm shocked myself especially after completing the cowl and then proceeding to rip the entire thing out Saturday night!  It was not working for me at all and by not working I don't mean the crocheting part, heck the pattern is crazy easy!  I mean the fit, it was too big and just kind of hung there.  Now maybe this yarn is too thick for this pattern, I really don't kow based on the fact that I've never made one before.  I just went for a number 5 weight yarn as the original pattern had used, difference is of course I used Bernat and she used Patons.  It had no drape, none at all and really I don't still but it works better being done in a smaller circumference.  Katlyn thought maybe wrap it around twice but it wasn't quite long enough for that, so I ripped it out.  All the way back to the starting chain and then pulled out about 15 chains and started over.  So now the original pattern called for 9 rounds I did mine 14 just to give it that squishy factor and then just to squishy it up more I whipped up a little belt for it and added a button.  Ta-Da....So there you have it, my very first cowl.  I even wore it into work this morning as it was a lovely cool morning.  It is warm, just really not too sure how it looks on.  I will have Katlyn model it for me and see if I can show a better example  of the squishy bits! 
Squished up
flattened out
I love how fast this worked up and the look of it, just not sure if I can pull off wearing it well!  Alas it's done either way!

Listening to:  Frontside by Buckcherry

Sunday, October 07, 2012

and we have crochet!

Aaaah the weekend.  The weather has been mild and the cleaning has been good!  I got my red hat done and started a cowl.  New thing for me as I usually do scarves but couldn't resist trying one of these.  I went to JoAnn's Friday after work to pick up some bulky weight yarn (I looked through me stash first and didn't have enough yardage in anything) and found the selection to be difficult, so many lovely dilemma always! I finally settled on Bernat Chunky Softee in a nice neutral gray.  I of course wanted to go with a less then neutral color but fortunately I had Katlyn with me and suggested that since I had never made a cowl before and didn't really want to limit it to a specific outfit I should go with the gray.  So Friday night was for almost finishing up the hat and Saturday morning was playing with my new project.  I must stop starting new things before completing others!
Saturday morning!
So hat time, finished the body bits and just have to add the final bit.  Here we are hanging out on the head!  Took it outside and snapped some pictures.
I love the red and black!

Just playing with my macro
I worked a lot around the house yesterday too, redoing the mantle for Halloween, repotting a long overdue and overgrown plant and decluttered and even marketed!  
I might need some more Halloween decor!
I did proceed in making a mess of the patio when doing the repotting so that is on today's list along with laundry and a bit more decluttering around the house.  So far today I have accomplished a shower and coffee and some breakfast!  Oh wait I did sweep the kitchen and clean the floor around the animals watering hole!  Working on getting this cowl completed today which honestly could very well be a 1 day project if I just sat long enough and worked on it, but that rarely happens! 
Sunday morning
And my completed hat!  Yay!  I drew this up about a month or so ago, ideas sometimes pop into my head randomly and it's pretty close to what I had in mind, the only thing I would change is the width of the black, needs to be a bit next time I will add two rows to the black, but overall I like it.

All done!

Bow detail
I'm off to get the laundry started now!

Listening to: A Little Too Late by Toby Keith 

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Sweetness of Friday!

Just a quick pop in on this Friday afternoon to say, yipee..I get to sleep in until the sun comes up tomorrow!  Well that is IF the dogs let me!  The weather has been cooler the past few days and that is a wonderful sign that Autumn is rolling in finally!  We haven't set the clocks back yet, but the mornings are dark again and the sun is low in the sky on the way home lately.  Makes for a pretty picture though! 

Anyway on the crochet front I have TONS of things I want to do and will be putting together yarn for this weekend.  Here is the progress of my newest hat from the other night, I actually have it near done!  Should finish it up this evening.  

Nothing exciting I know, but it is Friday and maybe there will be an adventure over the weekend...who knows!  At least some new pictures, I found so many older pictures while cleaning out my flickr account and moving them to my other blog...I really want play with my camera again!

Listening to:  Love Of My Life by Queen

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Well I really have nothing to show for the last couple of days.  I am working on my red hat, but haven't taken pictures of the progress.  I am apparently rubbish at such things lately!  I did manage to finish up with the 10th Doctor and seriously cry all over again!  I have never watched a television show that has reduced me to tears so many times and even after repeating the episodes!  I didn't even cry this much at The Notebook!  Anyway, moved onto the 11th Doctor so it's a bit lighter, though I'm hearing that it is going to make me cry soon enough in the new series....trying VERY hard to avoid spoilers since we don't have BBCAmerica and won't be watching it until it pops up on Netflix!  It's ok though, I have my very own TARDIS now....ok well it is just a sticker on my car, but still!
On my car!
Now I was sitting and crocheting the other night at the table and Kid comes running in and jumps up on me with this wolf in his mouth.  Yep, that's an NWO Big Sexy wolf sans nose now.  I will do some repairs but I don't think Big Sexy will ever be the same!
Poor Kevin
All I've got for the day.  I am downloading and deleting picture on my flickr account and that's taking some time, though it would be so much easier to just upload them to my photo blog (nothing exciting, just pictures I've taken over the years)  from my flash drive where they are stored, but I'm at work and I don't have it with me.  Right, that's me off...I really must get some work done before the boss arrives from court!

Listening to:  Rise Above This by Seether