Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3KCBWDAY3 - Your Knitting Or Crochet Hero

So today's topic as you can see from the title is about my Knitting or Crochet hero.  Wow, this could be tricky I think.  I don’t really have one specific person.  I do visit a few different blogs and always manage to find a thrill in how people’s work and colors choices can make similar items look so different.

I love Twinkie Chan!  I love her fun style in everything she makes, from super cool scarves to cupcake coffee cup cozies.  And of course she’s adorable!
How sweet is this!
Lucy at Attic 24 is wonderful!  I have made a few of her patterns and love all her stripy goodness and enjoyment of color!  Her blog is just such a happy spot to stop by!
Delicious colors!
Stix On A Beach  her color choices never fail to amaze me.  She finds inspiration in old movies and vintage wrapping paper!  Wonderful!

Just lovely!
Me! MaDonna! can't forget about her!  She is quite the fashionista and inspired my most favorite cold weather accessories!  Fingerless gloves in a variety of colors and textures and I am forever grateful to her for the simple fact that after whipping theses gloves together with no pattern, I found that I can actually work well without a pattern!  Yep I said it, I am a pattern follower and was (still kind of am) a big chicken about venturing out without a pattern, but have since gotten a bit better and made a couple pair of the gloves, a Bender beanie and some amigurumi.
Again adorable!
Thanks you ladies for all of your fantastic works and inspirations, you all rock!

Now of course there are many more wonderful blogs out there and I spend entirely too much of my work day surfing around to these blogs....shhhh!  I have found other blogs simply by clicking on links found on the blogs I do follow and that can set off a whole chain of blog reading!  And I won’t even get started on the wonders of Ravelry!  So I think you can see I don’t necessarily have one hero, but many of them!

Thanks for looking and you can find others participating in this week long fun challenge, by entering today's tag 3KCBWDAY3 into Google search! 

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