Friday, April 28, 2006

WOOHOO it's Friday!!!

Yes, I never thought this week would come to an end! I will be cleaning house tonight and then crocheting! We have a Track Meet tomorrow so I will also be crocheting there as well. I am determined to get these squares done!!! I don't know how much of the orange I will make it through before running out because I could only find 3 skiens at the time I bought it and haven't seen it since. I might have to order it online.

I dyed some more yarn today and will probably do some more this weekend and then it's going to go up on ebay to see if I can make any money at this??? If not then I guess I will have to learn how to spin my own yarn! (that's a dangerous thought...another hobby!)

I 'm out of here for now, have a great weekend all!!!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Go Go Powers Rangers

Where are the Powers Rangers of yesteryear? The ones my nephew watches now are super silly! Ok, I know that the originals were silly too, but my boys LOVED them! Anyway...

I have another square done! That makes 2 of 20! I'm getting there!

I ordered this today to make The Sweet Pea Shawl in The Happy Hooker, I have been waiting for the perfect yarn to come 'round and this shall be it!!!I can't wait for it to get here to get started with it! That just might get me back in shape to finish up the squares! :)

Track practice tonight unless the rain actually shows up this time, can't make up it's mind!
Peace Out!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nothing for today!

I got nothing! Nada! I have the most boring life lately! I take my daughter to practice and go home. I get some crocheting done at practice, so I am hoping that Andrew's blanket will eventully get done. I have all of these great ideas to do but I am not good with too many WIP's so I have to sit on them, but my pattern collection is growing and my yarn collection isn't right now (that's a good thing, right?) I did add rounds of orange to one square last night...woohoo. I have two non crochet books to read and Animal Crossing to play and new magazines that are coming out again! I need more time!

That's it, I'm just wanking hard today!!! At least it's Tuesday and I can go straight home and stay there tonight!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

La di da

Well we have survived another weekend! We really only had a Track meet on Saturday and the rest of the weekend was free from commitments! Yeah! Housecleaning was the only thing that needed to be done and that was taken care of on Friday night and a bit on Saturday after the meet! So I got crocheting done. Ended up getting 9 inside squares done and now I will add the orange to those before moving on to the other 10 squares. Here's the stack of 9:
I have a yarn keeper that my sister got for me which works really nice for this project because the black skien of yarn tends to get all messy and the yarn keep has so far kept it nice and neat! Here's that baby:
Now I only have the one so I will switch out the black for the orange tonight. I would never have bought this for myself but I do really like it! :)

I made a flower (freehanded the design)for one of the bags that I did a month or so ago and felted it and attached it to the bag for a little extra something, something and here it is:

Well now I am full of pictures today! :) I have one more from my Friday purging, these are my first few pair of flip flops for the 2006 Summer season!

I LOVE My Old Navy flip flops! This is my summer shoe collection so far...they still have many colors that I don't have, so I will be adding more!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm the queen of laundry!

That is what I have been told! My 15 yo son thinks that I am a goddess when it comes to getting the stains out of his shirts! He's a slob & most of his shirts are white so I have to be a genius at getting out all kinds of stains! He has no idea about bleach pens though so I will continue to let him think that I am a goddess! :)

No crocheting again, we went out to dinner for my son's 14th birthday and that ran late, so I ended up just going home and going to bed. Maybe I'll try a little Amigurami animal for distraction and a fast fix to my boredom! They work up quick and are always fun!

We have a track meet tomorrow so I will be dragging some yarn out there with me as well and can get stuff done.

I have to clean my house yet again but fortunately I have nothing to do this weekend beside the track meet!

I'll leave you with 2 of my boys.
Mugging for the camera!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday madness

Well I skipped another day! I guess it really doesn't matter but I have a little guilt over not posting daily. anyhoo...

I have done no crocheting since finsihing that one square! I need to grab my hooks and get something done! I have been playing Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS and can't seem to put it done for a hook! Silly I know, but I likes me a little video game now and then!

Since I have no picture of crochet or yarn I'm sending out a picture of my 15yo son. This is the only shot he would give me so this is it!
That's it for me today!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WooHoo one done!

Here it is...finally the first one is complete! I now only have 19 more to do! If I keep at this pace I should have it done by his birthday next March! (just kidding) It really shouldn't take too long once I get my fingers flying! Let's keep those fingers crossed for that!

It's our night of no track pratice so I can get house cleaning done after work and get somethings taken care of around the house. Kids will be thrilled I'm sure! Oh well got to be done!

Brandon will be 14 tomorrow! egads! Cupcakes all around!!

Listening to Lady by Lenny Kravitz

Monday, April 17, 2006


Yes WOW is how my whole weekend went!!!! My ex husband came down to see the kids for Easter and arrived at my house before I got home form work! Yes always a thrill when you get home to find your ex there. He did at least bring my oldest son and stepson with him so that was good (and about the only good thing about his visit) Katlyn's track meet on Saturday arrived with a whole set of craziness as above mentioned EX decided that ALL of the kids must attend their sisters track meet! Now I know this makes for a SUPER long and potentially boring day and while I do ask the boys if they want to go I am not upset (nor Katlyn is) if they chose not to, but EX would have none of that. He made them all go and sit at the track for 6 hours with nothing to do except let me know how bored they were. That was so fun I tell you! Then we go back to my house and have to listen to him complain about the kids and their behavior...WOW! I bet you're all thrilled to be reading right about now! Now I have to figure out Easter plans that he can't make up his mind on and talk to my sister in between and let me tell you, sometimes there is not enough wine in the world!!!
Ok so finally Easter Sunday is here and I'm taking the kids to my sisters until he picks them up at 2 to go to his brothers for dinner...all is fine until my brother in law starts flipping out at my 13 yo son for something that he thinks that he did...doesn't know but lets just say that did not go very well at all! There was screaming, yelling, swearing (yes on Easter Sunday) and all hell broke loose, again not enough beer (it was a beer day by now) in the world to get through this crap!!! Ok done now with my rants! I have had better days but this too shall pass! :)

On to the topic of crochet I did get more of Andrews square done and I will post pictures tomorrow of that progress!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Another Rainy Friday!


I can not believe how much rain we have had lately! It rains, clears up and then rains again. Just so that I can't get my car washed. We have a long track meet tomorrow to make up for the one that was missed 2 weeks ago, so that will make for a nice long day! My poor house is so neglected! At least the boys are trying to help with a few things.

At practice I have been trying to get the handles done for my Well Traveled Bag so that I can actually use it! It is a very slow process! This is what I have so far:

I am doing 2 yards and I haven't gotten to the 1 yard point yet! I'm hoping that felting it will get rid of the white cord showing through. I want to get this finished and work on Andrews squares at the same time! This is why I can not have more then 1 project going! I wanted to make some little animals for the kids Easter baskets but I never planned that out so no animals for the kids!

I am trying to get a wifi connection to work for a Nintendo DS with Animal Crossing and for some reason it will not work!!! So that is another source for contention!

Okay I'm over that for now!

This is what I have for Andrews lone square so far, not very much done, but i am hoping to really get it going!

Have a GREAT Holiday weekend! We will be dying eggs (and maybe some yarn!) after the meet!

Listening to: Hard Headed Woman by Elvis

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Break!

Spring Break is not really a break for parents!!! I'm telling you my house is a disaster, kids fighting, food consumption in gigantic proportions! With the weather only just starting to get warm, they can't swim yet or really even play outside all that much, so indoor play is what they are doing, which in turn creates all of the above mentioned! And why is it that they play school when they complain about going to real school? What's up with that?

I bought a new pattern today for some underwater sea creatures from here and can't wait to try them out. Who wants an Octopus in their Easter basket?

Going home early today so I can get some food for the boys and then after track my sister & I are taking the girls out to dinner for a girls night out. My oldest son will be coming down this weekend so I will get to spend sometime with him as well! :)

Peace out!

Listening to: Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's a wild world!

I have felted Katlyn's tote...finally. It has been sitting on my desk for over a week just waiting (to quote my nephew, to shrink!) and I have finished it today.
Here it is drying in the window. Since it is Spring Break around here Katlyn is with me today and she loves it and can't wait for it to dry.

I have pulled out Andrews yarn to work on now but I do not have any rush feeling for this baby yet! Not to mention the skein is a mess! I have two different sections that have pulled out from the center and are a messy mess!

This is what I am working with today! Grrrr! I hate when this
becomes a crazy project! Oh well I guess I will muddle through until I get one square done and can remotivate myself for this project. I really, really want to make something to wear for myself, but I have yet come up with a pattern that is something I'll wear. I have a TON!! of yarn to play with but am in a slump! Again will muddle through until the feeling passes.

I have about 8 skeins of yarn dyed and we are going to list them on ebay, so that might help pull me out of this.

I have to start dieting yet again because my weight has been steadily increasing and I am suffering from heartburn because of it. This could also be a contributor to my slumpiness!

That's it for me!

Listening to: Crazy For You by Madonna

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Again I am day late!

Well I am just being a bad blogger! I forgot everything yesterday and never posted! I was a very busy girl all weekend. We had a Track meet on Saturday and the only crocheting that I got done was 4 rounds of the first granny of Andrew's blanket started. The track we were at required quite a bit of up and down A LOT of stairs for me to take pictures and I can't just stay down on the field taking pictures of the same events, I have to go back in the stands and wait for new events with different age up and down. Whew, I got a workout! Katlyn did great in her events, she did the long jump, shot put, the 100 yard dash and 4 x 100 relay. Here she is in between events:
just hanging out waiting, plus we were playing with the digital camera because last year I only used my Nikon and didn't know how the digital would take action photos. (It does very well!)

So I haven't gotten any thing other then that little tiny square crocheted in over a week! Slacking! Easter's coming up this weekend and another track meet on Saturday so again busy, busy, busy! I need to get my fingers moving!

I made this little keychain last weekend:
I made up a mini hank of yarn and put it on a split ring! It is completely usable yarn (albeit small) and very cute.

My nephew's party was a sucess, he was thrilled and played with the kids and ate. It didn't rain so the kids were in the jumper most of the day, always a good thing when the kids are occupied.

I guess that's what I've got today!

Listening to: Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana

Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally a Friday!

I am so done with this week! It seems to have taken forever to be over. I haven't done much crocheting this week at all. I have some pictures that I took of the yarn that we got from Knit Picks for some more dying, but I don't know how much I will be getting it any done because I have a busy weekend already. We have a track meet on Saturday and then my nephew's birthday party on Sunday and those will pretty much take up both days so my in between time will be house cleaning and such. I just don't know when I can get any dying done! Well I will have Andrew's squares to work on at the meet so I'll have crocheting to do in between my team photographer duties.

Here's the yarn:

It's their Wool of The Andes - natural just for dying.

And here is my spool knitting project:

Hopefully one of these days it will actually turn into a cord for my well traveled bag!

That's it for me...I'm wiped out this week!

Listening to: baba O'Riley by The Who

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The sun has broken through!!!

Yipee the sun is shining today! We will be having picture day for track today and then taco bell for dinner, that will make the kids happy.

I finshed Katlyn's tote, I just have to stitch it up. I got black yarn for Andrew's blanket and will start that at the track meet on Saturday and just have to finish the cording for my well travelled bag for that to be done! I have quite a few red yarns of different textures that I would liketo try to make up a shawl with as well. Maybe I'll have to have a couple WIP's, uh-oh. I did want to try making some socks too...hmmm too many ideas, I might need to get some more hands for this! I think I saw a book on crocheted socks but I'm not sure.

Listening to: Wings of a Butterfly by HIM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WOW it's Wednesday!

What the heck happened to Tuesday??? Oh well, this time change has made me all sleepy, plus the fact the it won't stop raining, well I might as well just stay in bed!!

Yesterday was my nephews 4th birthday and we made a huge day of it for him, we took him to breakfast for his favorite, bacon & parsley (yes my nephew gets a plate of parsley at ihop, he's very strange, but healthy!) and then we went to toys'r us so he could pick out a present from my sister's friend ans then came back to the house to spend the rest of my time here putting together Batman Legos! Oh man, that is a serious chore! I had to take the biggest part home for my 13 yo son to put together because I was worn out! His party is this Sunday so I do believe there are more Legos in my future!!

I'm now catching up on laundry and household things. Track practice has been cancelled yet again for tonight so I can get all of this laundry put away as well. Normally Wednesday night we run through Taco Bell for dinner on the way home from practice and run in the house just in time to plop down for America's Next Top Model, Katlyn's and my favorite right now! I for the record actually hate reality TV but for some reason this show has me hooked!

On the crochet front, I did get a spool knitter on Monday and have been working on the cord for my Well Travelled Bag and I have almost finished Katlyn's little tote. I will be starting Andrew's squares this weekend at the track meet.
Here's my track star last year! (no pictures from this year yet because it won't stop raining!!!)

Listening to: You Got No Right by Velvet Revolver

Monday, April 03, 2006

Click Click Boom

The title has nothing whatsoever to do with the post but since my last 2 post titles were song titles I just figured I'd go with it!

Uneventful weekend. Rained all day & night on Friday so track meet cancelled on Saturday. Daughter disappointed, especially since from about 8:30 am on it was nice and sunny! Unfortunately we have a dirt track so it was no good for use after all of the rain.

I got this much done on my daughter's tote:
this is done with her Easter Egg yarn that she helped me dye. I can't wait to see how it felts, it should be interesting with the striping! I dyed another hank of yarn yesterday using kool aid but I tried a different method. I laid the yarn on plastic wrap and used a spoon the "paint" the colors on and then wrapped it in the wrap and popped it in the microwave!

I used 3 colors (blue, olive green & pink) but ended up with about 6 or so different colors from the running together and the application process. This yarn is truly one of a kind! I'm thinking of making a hat with it. I love how it turned out, I added the color willy nilly so there is really no sort of pattern but I think it came out great! I was a little scared putting it in the microwave because the liquid ran together so I though for sure it would just be some yucky mess coming out but I was pleasantly surprised! Ok I'll stop tootin' my own horn!

I made and felted a flower for my tote and I am going to go to Joann's on the way home today and get a pretty button WITH a shank ( I have a million buttons and not one has a shank!!) so I can attach it nicely to the tote, and use it plus I want to get a spoolknitter.

Listening to: Broken by Seether & Amy Lee