Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MoMo 3!

Again I have made another MoMo this one is for my lovely daughter!
I used TLC Baby in Fizzy Print. I used 2 strands together for this guy because the patterns calls for Jiffy yarn and I was used baby weight. I think it came out well and my Daughter loves him!

Now before doing any other animals I will be finishing the baby blanket for my brother and his wife and finishing Brandon's blanket! I have a long list of projects for other people right now so I need to get on it!
I have been a little bit distracted of late so I really need to buckle down! I need to finish the baby blanket first though because that is done with a pattern and I have to concentrate with that one. All of the other blankets I just whip them out without thinking! This is what boys do to you!

Listening to: A Little Too Late by Toby Keith

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Long time no blog!

Ok I swear I am crocheting, just not as much as I usually do. The weather, the kids, the vacations, just life in general! Busy, busy, busy! Anyway I did do another MoMo for my sister as she liked the one I made for Danielle and wanted her own. Here he is in his unfinished mode:

And completed:

I ran out of the Turquoise yarn that I started with so I compromised and found some other turquoise yarn. I was trying to use what I have on hand (a lot of different yarns apparently!) and this is what happens! Oh well, my sister loved him anyway!
I have another one started for my Daughter and will post those pictures this week as well!

Listening to: Pity by Drowning Pool

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

He's Done!

MoMo is complete!

This picture shows his colors much better! I used 3 skiens of Jiffy yarn in Kitty Hawk. The pattern called for 2 but as I said in my last post he's turned out WAY bigger then he was supposed to! But I love him!! I hope Danielle likes him too! My kids love him and my daughter now wants one too. I guess I'll be working on another this weekend!
I will also buckle down and work on Brandon's blanket as well.
That's it for me!

Listening to: I Can't Tell You Why by The Eagles