Thursday, March 29, 2012

Something new

This was in my head today.  I looked around yesterday to see if I could find a bunny to make Brooke for Easter and didn't find anything I really loved so I sketched a rough looking bunny and put it in my book and forgot about it last night.  (Damn that Doctor!)  Well this morning while getting ready for work I was thinking that I wish I had know about my Son's girlfriend birthday sooner (it's the 1st) because I could make her something.....this monster idea popped into my head.  I grabbed a skein of a turquoise yarn and popped it into my bag this morning on the way out the door.  I know that everyone has seen them around, but I haven't made one before, so I searched around this morning and again couldn't quite find what I was looking for, I did see someone had made one with a pom-pom on the top of it's head (hair maybe) and the idea sprang from there....had to have a pom-pom haired monster!!  I drew the head a pom-pom hair and added the parts and edited the parts (notice the whiteout bits)  I chose the Cascade because it was on the gloves I was wearing and I knew I had leftovers of it and I like the green bits with the turquoise, so when I picked Katlyn up from class and dropped her at home, I ran in a grabbed the ball of Cascade to add with the turquoise.  So this is an extremely rough draft to the monster I have started, and by started I mean did 6 sc into a magic circle :) 
Mad art skills I tell you!
Color choices!  
The blue yarn is Vanna's Choice Baby in Little Boy Blue and the greeny one is Cascade 220 Quatro.  I can't wait to see how this develops, should be interesting.  I have made Amigurumi things before, so the concept is not new and really after the Bender hat, I am enjoying making things up.  Funny thing about that though is that I am usually a very pattern needing kind of girl, but since the Funky Gloves I made I am liking the freedom of just winging it!  I hope I can get a lot of this done tonight while watching The Doctor, we moved on to the 11th Doctor last night....interesting is all I can say at this point.  Nine is still my favorite :)

I mean come on!!!
That's all I have to say!

Listening to:  The Beat Goes On by Sonny and Cher

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