Monday, March 26, 2012

Many things and rain

I finished Bender last night and left him on the table with the blanket I am frogging.  This morning at the crack of dawn Max wants to go out, ok fine, I drag myself and him out in the morning cold and he does his stuff.  All good and I am looking forward to crawling back under the covers.  I walk in to this on the coffee table, kind of freaky having eyeballs staring at you when you walk into your house half asleep!  The dogs and I went back to sleep for a bit :)

Well the rain came this morning and with it the sunshine and overall light of the day disappeared, I tried all different ways to get a good shot of Bender, but it wasn't happening at all, just too dark and the flash wasn't helping.  I really should get on off the camera flash....hmmmm.  Anyway done!  Yay, I am quite pleased with it and I am sure my Son will be as well.  His eyes look a bit wonky here, but I have adjusted them and they are fine.  Katlyn even wore it around the house.

Side view

other side
Forgot about this blanket until I ran across it way back in my photo stream on Flickr.  the yarns came in a kit from Knit Picks and I thought they were very pretty.  I never liked the pattern that the kit came with which was a ripple of sorts, so I did frog it once already and started again, which was fine at the time (2007) but as things happen in life, it got put aside and then forgotten.  I know that one reason was that there was never going to be enough yarn to complete even a decent sized throw.  Anyway I pulled the bag of it out on Friday and left it out so I would remember about it and give it a looksy.  Looked and decided it had to have a new life.  When I finished Bender, I went and got the bag from my room and started frogging.     Some of the yarns really do take kindly to being ripped out, a bit too fuzzy.  I am doing the best to salvage all of the yarn, but I think some of the fuzzier ones are going to be difficult to save.  I'll just use the odd and ends for gloves.  I do like the colors of it, just not so sure how I like them together any longer.  Funny how our tastes change.
Tiny bit of green fuzzy so far
When you have a 4 month old puppy in the house and you are crocheting, never get up to go to the bathroom without checking to make sure you've dropped nothing on the floor.  This is the result of such an event!  Just look what he did in just minutes!  I had to use a nail file and sand the teeth marks down!  I have had these scissors for years and they are nice and sharp and are always in my hook bag (unless they are on my lap!) Oh the joys of having a puppy!

My poor, poor yarn scissors!!
Having finished up the Bender beanie, Katlyn declared she wants a new hat, specifically a Cartman beanie, (Cartman being a South Park character) I told her to go check my yarn stash for the colors needed and she found them and well off I begin on another project.  Simple beanie actually, I can whip them up pretty fast and actually almost have it completed.  With the nonstop rain all day I was able to get lots done before dinner and then I worked on it all evening while we watched Doctor Who.
Cartman beanie started
I started typing this Sunday since I had pictures on my laptop and now it's Monday morning and it's been a hellava day so far and it's only 11 am!
For some reason I couldn't seem to fall asleep last night and when I did sleep, I never stayed asleep for long.  Always weird because I rarely have sleep issues.  I woke up before just my alarm this morning and just got up because I didn't feel the need to keep tossing and turning.  My morning routines done early, sweet.  On my way to the kitchen to heat the water for coffee, I pass Moo's cage and she's laying all stretched out............CRAP!  She never sleeps like that, sure enough she's dead, WTF?  She was alive and now dead, ugh.  I go to the kitchen get the coffee press ready and clean up a pan I was soaking, decide I need to handle the bunny situation before Katlyn sees her sweet bunny dead.  Shoes on,  bunny wrapped and loaded cage and all in my car.  This is all before coffee.  Let me say this, bunny death is not the same as hamster death.  Moo was a big, happy and healthy bunny, I am pretty uncalloused on animal deaths as they generally have a shorter life span then we do and it's what happens and well being a Mom of 4 we have had plenty of small animals and I have had plenty of small animal deaths to deal with, so I just deal with it and move on, but I loved that bunny and I know that Katlyn adored her and is going to be quite shocked at the missing cage when she wakes up this morning (morning in a teenagers life usually equals 1ish)  Sometimes things in life suck.  It's got me a bit down today I can tell you that.

Cheerier note, the new Shinedown album is in on iTunes and it is downloading right now since I preordered the other day with a gift card no less, so I didn't have to wait until payday, which is 7 days away still and by my calculations we are at $9 a day for living on the next 7 days AND I need some groceries which will go over the $9 mark for today, sigh.  Wait what happened to my cheer???

Ok, that's me out of here.  I will go off and pretend I am working while listening to new Shinedown album!

Listening to: Adrenaline by Shinedown

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