Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday update of sorts

Got more of the bag granny done, up to round 14 now and I do really like it, though to me it looks huge.  We shall see.  I do start on the next skein, which is the same colorway and after that it will be different, I like eclectic, so I am hoping for the best (I typed beast first, haha yikes!)  I think we are supposed to get rain this weekend, so not sure if I will be able to get any decent pictures in natural light, but I will be trying.  I got really lucky with the second skein of this yarn, the outside end was the same color as I was finishing up so I was able to felt them together and just continue on with no major change, nice when things work out.  
Round 14
I took pictures this morning of the Treasury yarn in Abstract and you can see the colors so much better in these, they really are gorgeous.  See how they look nothing like the website "swatch", so much better in person or in this case, my camera!

Considering this is a Friday and a normally happy day, I am in a foul mood.  I have people calling and bitching me out because their attorney is not in the office and as I have explained, I do not work for their attorney I merely answer his phone line if it rings thru to my desk.  I do not know when or if they are going to come in and since they don't let me know when they come and go, I don't even know if they are here or not until the phone rings thru!  Of course though I get to deal with the very anger clients because I have no answers for them, the abuse today in particularly bad and I am not amused.  I also paid all of my bills this morning leaving me with a huge amount of stress considering that payday was yesterday and I have to wait another 17 days until the next one, it could be bad considering I haven't grocery shopped yet or gotten gas in my car....crap, crap, crap.  I need to sell stuff, what can I sell off?  I have a million and one Hallmark Christmas ornaments that really need to go, but I haven't a clue as to how to get them sold, I guess I can try ebay.  I should talk to a friend of mine that sells his stuff on there, maybe he has pointer how to's that won't cost me a lot up front.  Enough whoa-is-me stuff, I need be happy....where is my yarn?  

Puppy training this weekend, he needs some serious reeling in! He is very needy and I guess that's my fault, we got him so young that I coddled him so he had an easier transition coming away from his mother and 5 siblings, I mean he was only 6 weeks old.  I moved my computer to the coffee table in the mornings and sat on the floor with him so that he wasn't alone and well I have just continued with that over the months.  Well I am not a spring chicken and sitting on the floor is becoming cumbersome (ok it's the getting up off of the floor that's the problem) so I moved my laptop back up to the dining table or kitchen counter and he wants none of that, just sits there staring at me!  With an occasional whine thrown in for good measure, I need to break him of that.  There's also the lease training, he goes on a leash but walking him is insanity, he doesn't mind the leash really, he just wants to run and jump on Max.  All he wants to do is play, that's it, everything is a toy to him and it's always play time.  He does sleep really good, all night in fact but during the day it's play, play, play with a nap tossed in every once in awhile.  I just need to get him trained so he's not so wild! I'm sure he will outgrow it too, but in the meantime! 

Right, that's it, I'm off to get my desk cleared off and wait for the work day to come to an end, soon very soon.

Listening to: Hard to See by Five Finger Death Punch

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