Monday, March 05, 2012 we go!

Here I am, feeling almost 100% again, though my nose still has lingering issues I can once again breathe and smell and walk around normally, well as normal as one can be!  Now I have nothing fabulous in the way of crochet reporting (I have managed a bit) I did find my pink haircolor!  Yes I am super happy about this fact as the last time I did my hair it was a bit of a disaster and since have not repeated the same error, so needless to say my hair has not been looking so mighty fabulous these day and the underneath color was a faded mauvey color and quite hideous actually.  I looked online to where I got the last one since, but no luck, the one place I did find wanted $8 shipping....ummmm no!  Bright idea I FINALLY get, look for another beauty supply in the Valley (not Sally’s, they don’t carry it.) I find 1 that is close to home at the Von’s I sometimes go to, so I figure I’ll check it out when I get a chance.  Still with me, this is a novel!!!  Anyway, I get up to go off a do marketing on Saturday morning, because we have really no decent meal making supplies in the house and other than hot dogs in the freezer, no meat!  Head out to the market, and they are working on the roads with a closure that there was no signage up until you were right there!  Now with gas being over $4 a gallon, I am not driving all over the place to find my way around to the market that is generally easy to get to, so instead I turn around and head of to the other Von’s...highly annoyed at this point!  Fortunately I remembered that the beauty supply I wanted to check out is in the same center.  Things are looking up!  Walk into a Beauty Supply/Gift Shop thinking there is no way they are going to have what I need, but the lady points me in the right direction and they have my precious bottle of color!!  Day much improved!  Purchase color head to the market yay!  Spent a small fortune at the market, but we got meat :)
Home, groceries away, get a bit of housework done, Katlyn wants to go shopping. For clothes.  With her own money!   Can’t pass that up, off to Kohl’s.  I love girly time with the girl :)
I did buy a skirt, don’t know if I will EVER wear it, but it was cute and only $8 and I did say I wanted to dress more girly.
Well now if you’ve stuck it out this far I shall provide and bit of visual stimulus now! 
The finished set.  Katlyn has taken them over until I finish a pair for her.
This was taken while girly was in the dressing room trying on her fabulous finds

Saturday night dinner, just the veggies, the steaks were in the broiler already and I loved this green!

Started Katlyn's gloves Sunday morning and snapped a picture with the sun streaming in.  At first she couldn't decide colors and then we were going to do black and white and then she changed to a Tardis inspired color scheme.  I hunted my stash for a lovely Tardis blue and though the picture doesn't do it justice, it looks to me a pretty close match.  It's Vanna's Choice in Colonial Blue.  I have made progress on these, added a round of black, a large chunk of white and more black and well my idea was to do the rest in the blue but of course the girl had other ideas!  When I showed her the nearly finished first glove, she said no, she wanted a mix of yarns like the ones I've already done, not a Tardis, just Tardis inspired....sigh, what was I thinking?  rip, rip.  Now tonight after work I will be adding some other blues to compliment what I've got already.
A new set, the sunshine gives the yarn a bit of sparkle.  Supposed to represent Tardis blue.
I think that nearly covered the weekend with way more information then anyone wanted to know, but hey I have fantastic hair again and that makes me happy, which is good because I have been down lately.  Aside from being sick, I have money stress and just the blues in general.  I am realizing that I spend entirely too much time on the internet looking for ideas and pinning things and yet never doing them....hmmmm.  I work at a job that just barely covers expenses and I should get a new one, but I have a lot of freedom here at work...I can blog, bring Max to work, leave for nearly 2 hours and pick up Katlyn from class twice a week, wear jeans and flip flops to the office and hell I'm almost 50 and do I really want to start over???  See...blues!  Oh well C'est La Vie it will all work itself out as it usually does and I will recover soon enough!
I'll leave you with a picture of Kid and his lei.
Just because he's so cute :)

Listening to: Patience by Guns N' Roses

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