Monday, March 12, 2012

I love Mondays....just kidding!

Here we go a fantastic weekend round up!  Ok maybe not fantastic, but I do have pictures!  We wnet to Joann's on Friday night as I needed ribbon to use for drawstrings on the new project bag I am making for my monthly swap over at Ravelry.  Well Joann's has changed up the store recently, I mean changed it a lot, Katlyn and I felt a bit lost going into the same store we've been shopping at since 2001!  They moved all of the aisles, moved things to the front...oh I am not fond of change when I usually just walk right in and can go right to the ribbon section and get what I need.  The problems that we face in life! ;) Sorted out where the ribbon was and then went to see what they did to the yarn section....the horrors that could be waiting for me!  Found the yarn in pretty much the same area but low and behold, they branched out a bit AND oh my goodness....they have NEW yarn!!! Happiness, much happiness followed I can tell you!  They are now carrying the Red Heart Boutique line which I have seen online only (well except for the Changes yarn I've used previously for a hat for my Sister and hated!)  I had been looking for a yarn to make a purse (this purse to be exact!) and had seen this yarn online, but really will a million other ideas in my head these days, I wasn't in a rush, though to be honest that purse has been pushing it's way to the front for the last couple of weeks.  I'm guessing that fate intervened here because Joann's now carries this b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. yarn and they have 6 different color ways to choose from, oh the choices!  Katlyn helped me pick the color and it's gorgeous.  The yarn is 70% Acrylic and 30% Wool and is super soft and just works up nicely.  I am using a J hook, though the label recommends an L.  It is a roving type so I can't go too fast with it or it catches but I love it and will be saving my coupons for more of this yarn in the future!
Colorway is Tapestry, with greens, orange, purples and golds.

Now i shall come off my yarn cloud and show off the gloves that has been rejected :)  This is the first one I made for Katlyn as I explained in my previous post, she thinks it's off somehow, I think it lacks balance.
Glove 1
So I started over with a bit less white and a bit more texture....guess what?  She still doesn't like it.  Sigh...I'm going back to black and white for her!
Glove 2
Now up next is the black/gray/white square I have been playing with, I think that it will be pretty cool looking all together with the same squares.
Crappy picture, but you can see the idea.
Leaving you with a picture that I took while playing with my camera and the puppy...though there is no puppy in the shot or even close to it :)  

Listening to:  Fade To Black by Metallica

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