Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 in a row

Sad news...Joann’s did not have anymore of the colorway I needed for my bag.  I guess it’s going to sit it out for a little while whilest I work on a new one using the Noro I have on hand (which is what I should have done in the first place, since I am not supposed to be buying yarn for myself!) I did start the Noro bag last night, I took apart the little squares I did way back in 2007 and felted them all back together in the proper sequence of color changes, into a new ball of yarn!  The felting idea came to me because I didn’t want to waste 6 inches from each end of the square thus losing quite a bit of the natural color change.  I pulled out the squares, tied the matching ends together leaving about an inch and a half tail of each side and then twisted and needle felted away.  The Noro has lumpy bits already so the felted bits are completely unnoticeable and that makes me very happy!  I am loving this new purse already and the colors rock.  The pictures of the squares were taken in 2007, I found them in my Flickr stream way back when I started up on Flickr which I had started to join a crocheting group.  Now these little squares have a whole new purpose, to become my newest purse!
the beginning
This is what I did with the Noro originally back in 2007 
The beginning square is the first one I did and now the start of the bag, I just continued around from that square after felting on the next color.  So far it looks pretty good.  I have another skein of the same color and then I have different colors, so I am going to match them up according to the brightness and go from there.
So far this morning
I am quite pleased how it's coming out, a bad picture taken quickly at the office because the ones I took last night at home were quite off in the colors, it was very weird.  The brown looked red and the blue was way too purple, different lighting I guess.  I will be working on this as much as I can to get it completed, it's only 30 rounds and then 10 sc so I am hoping that I will have plenty of yarn to complete this one!

I didn't leave Joann's empty handed though, bad girl that I am supposed to be on a yarn diet....but I had a 50% off coupon!!  I mean come one!  One simple does not waste coupons!  I got this, which funny enough was the original color that I coveted when I first saw the yarn online.  I will take an actually picture later on, when my boss is not hanging about and post it, because even though this is off of the Red Heart website, this picture does not do it justice at all!   the oranges are not shown and the overall brightness of the yarn is not showing at all, it's quite stunning and well I bought a skein.... 50% off people and well I am weak :)
Red Heart Boutique Treasury in Abstract
I best get back to work before I need to take off to pick up Katlyn and go to the bank (Payday, woohoo!!)
A short lived woohoo because I have bills to pay with it and not much extra this month, one of the reasons I shouldn't be buying yarn!  

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